Divine Feathered Outfits

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    The shop is filled with a gentle, scented breeze – pick up feather-light robes, feathery emotes and soft silver wings to soar into the heavens.



    Feather-Light Offers

    Let your soul soar with our great offers for airborne adventurers. Between 17th and 24th November 2022, the following items are discounted in the Crimson Coin Shop:

    Costume Variations Make appearance like a shimmering cloud with these silky costumes. Dress in white and light blue outfits and soar into the stormy heavens!

    • Light Blue Feather Outfit (Robe/Headgear)
    • White Feather Outfit (Robe/Headgear)

    Using the Traceless Feather emote, you can conjure up a feather with the aid of a mysterious crow, which after a moment on your hand, rises into the air and flies away.

    Mount Add magical Silver Wings to your back and fly away to new horizons!

    • Silver Wings