Shimmering Snowflakes

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    As the snowflakes sparkle and the stars twinkle, wrap yourself in the aura of a winter wonderland with some glorious costumes, magical accessories and frosty footsteps!



    Magical Offers

    Shimmer like a snowflake or shine like a star in our winter offers, with the following items discounted in the Crimson Coin Shop between 24th November and 1st December 2022:

    Costume Variations Wrap yourself in frosty robes and become a master of ice and snow!

    For men and women:

    • Frostlight Hegemony
    • Evenshine Hegemony
    • Dreamfire Hegemony
    • Winterstar Hegemony

    Let glittering snowflakes fall on you with the associated Snowstruck emote.

    For girls:

    • Cosmic Peach
    • Cosmic Crimson
    • Cosmic Cerulean
    • Cosmic Cobalt

    With the associated Prayer of the Eternal Stars emote, you cause a magical glittering firmament to appear behind you.


    • Thousand-Year Star Stream


    • Frost Raker