Black Friday Sale

  • Soo... we get 50% more CC if we top up now, that's good and all, BUT.

    We're given no information whatsoever on 3.0. We don't know when it's coming. Or IF it's coming at all.

    I would top up if I knew 3.0 was coming soon.

    Plus, we all know the playerbase is low. Like, extremeeeely low.

    Many SOLO enjoyers have this nagging thought: It would be reassuring to know the game won't shut down anytime soon.

    What's the point in spending money if there's zero communication from the publishers on future plans? The game may well shut down after we've spent all our money on the Black Friday Sale, for all we know.

    Your lack of communication is unsettling your small, but loyal playerbase.

    Please, communicate. Communicate even if it's bad news. Communicate even if you yourself don't know yet what you're planning. Communicate especially if your future plans hinge on the success of the Black Friday Sale.

    That's my wish, anyway.