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  • Soo... we get 50% more CC if we top up now, that's good and all, BUT.

    We're given no information whatsoever on 3.0. We don't know when it's coming. Or IF it's coming at all.

    I would top up if I knew 3.0 was coming soon.

    Plus, we all know the playerbase is low. Like, extremeeeely low.

    Many SOLO enjoyers have this nagging thought: It would be reassuring to know the game won't shut down anytime soon.

    What's the point in spending money if there's zero communication from the publishers on future plans? The game may well shut down after we've spent all our money on the Black Friday Sale, for all we know.

    Your lack of communication is unsettling your small, but loyal playerbase.

    Please, communicate. Communicate even if it's bad news. Communicate even if you yourself don't know yet what you're planning. Communicate especially if your future plans hinge on the success of the Black Friday Sale.

    That's my wish, anyway.

  • Well, the lack of an official statement is shocking. Just kidding, of course. This is Gameforge after all.

  • Another Crimson Coin discount? If only you could see what people say about Gameforge on private Discord Servers :D

    Here's my personal opinion: If you want my money, you better prove first that you're worth it. Right now, you're not. Reasons: see above.

  • i Totally subscribe to OP 's statements.

    As someone who knows little of this and little of that about PR & public communication i can say that Gameforge's LACK of ANY policy regarding communication in relationship with their customer is a rare sight, a rara avis and totally not understable.

    Under no circumstances and under no future in/development or changes , be those changes to company's status (maybe..Gameforge itself is closing business as publisher ..who knows?) or changes regardind the commercial status with (any) SOLO developer should a decent company keep such a horrendous silence .

    Despite the bad reputation that the company has accumulated over the years, as a publisher of various games, there were still players, including me, that gave them (we don't want to learn a lesson, right?) yet again, an undeserved vote of confidence when we bought this game, before it became f2p .

    I remember the hype before 2.0 and f2p, all the streams and various info about future development, road maps and excitement for this game.

    Maybe 3.0 patch was/is not even scheduled to be deployed on EU/NA servers in 2022. And surely was/is not, given that there are less than 2 weeks before Christmas Holiday comes and along with it, a long vacation for GF employee .

    But why keeping this horrendous silence about it ? I see many of GF's people on Solo Discord, yet not single word .

    Tldr; i would have gladly spend some RL money for those 30-50-xx discounts but why would I , why would we do it ?

    So , as i see this, is like this : they have a chosen business model, to which we have but 2 options : either accept this fact and play the game as it is , or ...just leave and search some other time consuming activity .

    Regards !!

  • Hello dears,

    this is not a new topic, it has been discussed at least once on Discord.

    I have known Gameforge for a decade and therefore know other times; times when they were more communicative. I also miss the communication a bit. But I can understand why they act differently now. Even if I am working here as a moderator, I would like to give you my own personal point of view about that.

    It all starts with the fact that some people do not understand announcements the way they are really meant. An English friend of mine once said that the German language is "easier" because we have more words. Therefore, we have more options how to express something, which is not the case in English.

    In announcements that the maintenance "could last until [time]", many people complained that the server maintenance was not already finished til then. The expression "could last" should actually make it clear that one want everything to be done by then,

    but it could still be that something comes up that causes the maintenance to take a little longer than planned. There was already no understanding for this.

    In the same way, there was also no understanding when, for example, a large patch was announced that it would come for Christmas, and then it did not. Reasons could be, for example, the illness of many QA staff, so that the patch could not be looked through for serious problems until then and could go live - despite minor bugs here and there. There will be always some complains about minor bugs ... we all know that. How should it be with serious problems then?

    Back then we had separate forums for each community. For SOLO that would be if we had four forums, each one for EN, DE, FR and RU. In the case of another game, there was a community where their Coma posted advance information. The community knew some more details about what was coming or not, how far this and that would be changed ... and all the other communities did not have this knowledge. I think you can imagine how the other players felt.

    And the last thing I have also experienced is being pissed off at GF when a Coma writes that there are no news. The communication would be there but not what is expected. It is like asking someone to marry one but not being able to take a 'no' for an answer. Why asking then?!

    Because of all this, I can personally understand that there is not much to communicate at the moment, especially when it comes to the topic patch 3.0. But yes, of course, I can also totally understand that you would like to know whether it would be worth buying Crimson Coins or not.

    This should not be taken as an excuse. As I mentioned in the introduction, I just wanted to share my experience, because I see that GF is in a dilemma; how to treat everyone equally and how to satisfy everyone.

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  • Zhirelia it doesn't really help either when people are confused and concerned that they're spending money on a game that may just shut down, while in silence (which let's be real, is a pretty common occurrence) and yet while other staff have said:

    "There will be an announcement about 3.0 in the foreseeable future."

    and you yourself replied on Discord to the players with this concern with,

    "I don't know if it helps, but I think to myself: In China there is all this content that we do not have just yet. There is a 50% chance that we'll eventually get it... or there'll be an announcement that the servers will be shut down. But there is hope."

    You cannot come here and tell people to be understanding and to say that announcements can be misconstrued, while you yourself here are saying that you have had experience and have worked with GF as a Mod, and yet you're telling people that there definitely is a chance for the servers to shut down amidst the confusion and concerns that keep growing. Obviously there's a chance servers can close, but if you are trying to calm the community and this is your way to handle the PR side of things, I think you should have followed suit and not said anything.

    Players simply want to know, is the game going to keep on going or not (for another year at least)? That's it. Nothing else, nothing more.

  • Hey,

    I am glade that you replied to my post, so that I can take the opportunity maybe to clarify some of the misunderstanding.

    My gut feeling is telling me that you did not really understand my post ... and my old Discord message at all because you connected then together which may should not.

    Yes, whether it is here in the forum or on Discord, the main topic was about 3.0 and the thought that the game might be shut down.

    On Discord I just wanted to make clear that there is always a chance that the game is going the shut down by some day. This is not what I am wishing but still it is a realistic thought I guess? And if my memory does not failed then I also mentioned that GF will always announce a shut down in advance and they also did that in the past. Maybe it was not clear enough but actually I wanted to cheer you up not to give up on SOLO. Yes, there is a chance of a shut down. But maybe it would help a little not always think about the worst but be positive not to read such an announcement and to play a great game even if we are far behind China's content level.

    In my previous post I was not referring to any shut downs nor did I mentioned it once. In that post I was just telling you my experience what happened in the past when it comes to telling little "secrets" (or not), which might lead GF or the Comas not being that open as they were.

    Yes, the Comas wrote that there will be an announcement about 3.0 but I have the strange feeling that the majority is expecting this is done before Christmas. Maybe you can explain to me why so many people thinking that because no one exactly said that there will be an announcement to Christmas.

    But this was my example about; when there is an announcement or in this case it was a Discord message of a Coma (?); the problem is not the misconstrued of sentences. I was talking about words being used that have actually a clear meaning and still there are too much interpretation made.

    To be honest I did not wrote that to calm down everyone. Not that I did not wish to do so. In fact I can never do that and yes, maybe it is better to not write anymore in the future because of the misunderstandings and to be unable to comfort you all. The only calm would be the announcement about 3.0 update start on [date], I know that very well.

  • Yes, the Comas wrote that there will be an announcement about 3.0 but I have the strange feeling that the majority is expecting this is done before Christmas. Maybe you can explain to me why so many people thinking that because no one exactly said that there will be an announcement to Christmas.

    Well, imho i think THIS is exactly the difference between a good comm and a bad comm. I think of an engineer (precise and exact comm) and a consultant (blabbering around and full of variables comm) : the engineer says " this bridge will be 8 m high" . It is a fact. The consultant says " oh..well..dear see..ahem ahem ...well this bridge will have a foreseeable height enough to ensure a good circulation" . Words. So if the bridge will have 7 m , well, the man didnt say at all it will NOT be . Or that WILL be :D idk if i am clear enough .

    So , yeah.

    But hey, thank You anyway Zhirelia for coming here and exchange few words with the few people that are (still) browsing the few posts on this forum :)

  • Where are our expectations coming from, you ask. Well, 3.0 was originally scheduled for Q4 of 2022.

    The expectation of any kind of communication is not unreasonable. The game's been at a complete standstill for a few weeks already.

    Meanwhile, we keep getting discounts on CC.

    Gameforge's basically saying: "We don't want to tell you anything about the future of this game, but please give us money."

    To me, that's ridiculous.


    Woher kommen unsere Erwartungen, ist die Frage. Naja, 3.0 war ursprünglich für das vierte Quartal 2022 geplant.

    Die Erwartung, dass irgendeine Art von Kommunikation stattfindet, ist nicht unangemessen. Das Spiel steht schon seit ein paar Wochen komplett still.

    In der Zwischenzeit bekommen wir immer wieder Rabatte auf CC.

    Gameforge sagt im Grunde genommen: "Wir wollen euch nichts über die Zukunft des Spiels sagen, aber bitte gebt uns Geld."

    Das finde ich lächerlich.

    Übersetzt mit (kostenlose Version)

  • Well, 3.0 was originally scheduled for Q4 of 2022.

    I might be wrong, but I never read on official GF website that this ETA for 3.0 was available for EU/NA.

    Afaik , this Q4/2022 , or 3rd of nov. was a post on Discord, from a regular user and not from any official / coma / mod / etc from GF .

    Therefore, many players, including myself , expected the 3rd of nov as salvation day in form of 3.0 .

    What is annoying tho is that GF never bothered to come upfront and make an official statement (or maybe they they and I didnt read it) in which they clearly and without any doubt or foreseeable w/e state : 3rd of november WILL NOT bring 3.0 on EU/NA. That date is for MY/CN server !!!

    As simple as that. But they didnt and so many SOLO-ers were left in believing that 3rd nov. will also bring 3.0 in EU/NA.

    Further more, all this time, between big dissapoopment of 3rd nov coming and go without any 3.0 for Eu/NA and present day , GF nourished the same uncertainty about future road for SOLO but did what they know best : CC discounts, old fashion discounts, endless BP season (what was even the reason for not resetting BP previous season and start a new one , for those who were still actively playing ? ).

    As I mentioned before, me myself (and I ) would've invested some and take advantage of every CC discount , stash them CC for (hypothetical) new character/class - archer - but as there was no guaranteed future for SOLO, I ... I ..just didnt and surely, never will .

    Greetings !

  • Just my 2 cents from someone who is not playing anymore atm because of said "standstill"

    One reason I was quite disappointed was what Blue said, that on said 3rd Nov the battle pass originally ended. It was just extended for more than a month without any notice or whatsoever. I mean yeah, I can understand that a big patch takes more time. But then also think of something to cover that time and not just extend whatever is there, which was basically already finished for most ppl. Since this is basically my first game with Gameforge I can't really judge them. But atm it feels a lot like one of those relationships with partners that never talk to each other about important things. I mean yeah, when you talk, there might be a reply that you don't like but at least there is communication and not this uncertain feeling that keeps growing and growing.

  • This thread is only confusing and misunderstandings could occur. I hope this statement will provide clarity for the time being, the moment we have more news, we will let you know, the rest is just speculation.

    As we mentioned before, we currently have no new information yet, neither on upcoming events, nor on a 3.0 exact date.

    We are aware that you guys are anxious about the update, we are reading your comments daily and forwarding them to the team, but we really don't have something new to share for now.

    Thank you for your understanding and for the patience shown.

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