Marvellous Mounts

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    Over hill, down dale, and even through the clouds, your mounts carry you bravely and safely to the most secluded corners of Shenzhou. In this shop update, we’re putting the very best on show. Treat your current mount to some well-deserved R&R or simply add another fine beast to your collection!

    Plus save when you visit the Crimson Coin Shop – everything listed is discounted from 16th March to 23rd March, so don’t hang around!






    Mysterious wings, mythical creatures and cute rascals – we’ve got something for everyone:

    • Falcon Wings
    • Little Chick Su
    • Blackflame Qilin
    • Ice Moon Qilin
    • Black Swallow
    • Silver Wings
    • Fuzzball
    • Icy Whale

    Festive Clothing

    Mesmerise the other residents of Shenzhou by donning one of these elegant cloaks before you leap abreast your new mount:

    • Regal Phoenix Cloak
    • Ice Dragon Cloak