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    Yes, you will be able to ask for a refund until the game officially releases. As for how to ask for a refund, are you using Steam or the Gameforge Client?
    If you're using Steam, go to and you can ask there.

    If you're using the client, go to You'll need to create a support account, since it's a separate account from your normal Gameforge account. You should, however, use the same email you used for your Gameforge account.

    We apologize for the wait time with our Support; since we launched today we have had a lot of reports. We apologize for the wait and thank you for your patience.


  • Zhirelia

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  • what happen to the keys ? actually i give mines to a random streamer for the giveaway , so need to know if those key will lose access to cbt1 ?

    that's stoping me to get the refund lol.

  • just made a ticket also to refund. Couldn't even install the game with the client. Wasted 5 days trying to install and get it working. Probably going to be the same stuff next beta with the way they answer tickets and or support. First game i've ever refunded without even getting a chance to play it.

  • I have tried to refund multiple times now, I had problems running the game on my pc but when I went to login to the account I created on the website that was sent earlier in the thread it would refuse my login, then I had them to send a new password and it continued to refuse to let me login even with the new password, what do I need to do. I am doing this on the gameforge client site because that is where I

    bought it.

  • Hello !

    I've been one of thoses people that didn't liked the game on the bêta phase, i asked for a refund, then my account got blocked.
    I've seen that only today, as Aion 8.0 is up now i was going to give it a try, unfortunately i can't.

    First thing first, how does my account get locked after cancelling a pre order ?

    Here the message from the support:

    "thank you for your ticket to the billing support.

    We are sorry to hear, that you do not like our game.

    We will now refund the pre-order of the game to the used Payment method. This might take some time to reflect on your chosen Payment method. Please note that the game account can't be used any more.

    Should you like to order the game again in the future you need to create a new Gameforge account.

    Best regards,


    Gameforge Billing Support"