Charge fair price for cash shop currency, or let us link Steam to GF.

  • If you can't let us link our accounts, you NEED to stop charging extra to buy cash shop currency for those who bought the game from Steam. IDGAF if Steam takes its cut, other games charge the same across platforms - after all Steam is popular and being there gets you more customers who might otherwise shy away.

    But honestly, it should be pretty trivial to link your steam account so you can buy from GF directly...don't have any coders that aren't interns? even an intern should be able lol

    In fact I see that it used to be possible, but isn't anymore.

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  • I think the problem OP's talking about is that Steam applies a tax on things devs sell, and GF decided to increase the cost of items (or maybe coins) so that the tax is effectively paid by the player.

    I'm not playing with Steam here though so I could be wrong.

  • No, because it wouldn't be the same account, there's no link between the two (at the moment anyway).

    And I suspect it would be against Steam regs. Not sure how it works exactly for BDO for example…

    you can buy PSO2 currency from either MS or Steam when linked. I don't think it breaks any rules. But the price was the same if I recall, for that game.

    There is no way to link your Steam to any manner of gameforge account, nor log in to the forums from it even. Of course, you probably can't buy currency with no way to indicate where it's even going.

    I didn't try to buy any in the beta, but people mentioned it.

  • Great, another thread to make some fuss on this. We still have no official response on this matter, so here's a friendly bump to keep the topic alive and heated.

    Like OP said, the ability to link the accounts together and access the store to top up on their website would be an acceptable workaround.