Breakdown of in-game stats.

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    Basic Stats And Main Attributes

    morrhHF.pngThere are six basic attributes:

    • Vitality
    • Luck
    • Strength
    • Agility
    • Skill
    • Mind

    According to the different classes and specializations, the system will select one of the four - Strength, Agility, Skill, or Mind as the main attribute.

    The value of the main attribute will be converted into different attributes according to the type of specialization, meaning:

    • Damage specialization will transform the attribute into - Attack, Durability, and Critical
    • Healing specialization will transform the attribute into - Durability, Critical and Healing Effect
    • Defense specialization will transform the attribute into - Attack, Durability, Critical, Vitality (HP), and Hatred Effect (Aggro/Threat)


    Attack Attributes

    1. Physical/Magical Attack: Affects the basic damage of skills
    2. Physical/Magical Power: Increases the attack by x%
    3. Mastery of Specialization: Has an impact on specialization skills
    4. Critical Rate: Affects critical probability and damage
    5. Attack Concentration Rate (Hit): Affects the probability of landing an attack on the target - Hit.
    6. Haste: Reduces skill cooldown time, shortens the continuous damage interval
    7. Final Physical/Magical Attack: Physical/Magical attack x physical/magical power percentage
    8. Hatred Effect (Aggro/Threat): Increases the basic hatred effect of the skills
    9. Healing Effect: Increases the basic healing effect of the skills


    Defense Attributes

    1. Physical/Magical Defense Level: Reduces the physical/magical damage received by a percentage
    2. Additional damage reduction: Additional reduction of damage from non-players by x%
    3. Critical Resistance: Reduces the probability of being hit by a critical hit
    4. Foresight rate: The probability of seeing through the opponent's skills
    5. Foresight effect: Reduces the damage received by x% when seeing through
    6. Healing effect: Additional x% of vitality (life) will be increased when being healed


    Critical Hit Resistance - Generally, when monsters of the same level attack the player, the probability of a critical hit is about 8-20%, and the rate of critical hit resistance is to reduce the rate of being hit by a critical hit.

    Note that the foresight rate and hit rate are independent attributes. This is different from other MMO's, and the hit rate is only for the PvE setting. The skill probability of seeing-through monsters does not take effect in the PvP environment.

    Foresight Rate - Refers to the probability that the player sees through the target's skills when the target attacks the player, which can reduce the damage done to the player.

    Foresight Effect - Reduces the amount of damage done to the player. This attribute is only affected by the effect of foresight and has nothing to do with the attack concentration (hit).

    Attack concentration rate (hit) - PvE damage x%. When hovering over the stat you will get a breakdown of how much damage you deal to the monsters that are a specific level above your own. Mobs of the same level will receive the amount of damage shown on your character panel. An ideal case scenario would be at least 100% here.


    Specialization Attributes

    1. Defense Enhancement: When the player is in a defensive specialization, the physical/magical defense power is increased by x%
    2. Attack Enhancement: When the player is in a defensive specialization or healing specialization, the physical/magical attack power is increased by x%
    3. Hatred Enhancement (Aggro): When the player is in a defensive specialization, the hatred effect is increased by x%
    4. Healing Enhancement: When the player is in a healing specialization, the skill healing effect is increased by x%

    Generally speaking, the specialization attributes are useless for the damage specialization. They're only effective for defense and healing specs. The two attributes of defense enhancement and hatred enhancement are made to highlight the specialization characteristics of the tank from the fundamental design. When a player is in a defensive spec, he already has 3 times the hatred and more than 20% damage reduction.

    In the same way, the healing enhancement is able to strengthen the specialized characteristics of the healing spec. The attack enhancement is only to make up for the problem of the low attack attributes when being on the defensive/healing specs.


    Combat Attributes - Only on PvP Equipment

    1. Tenacity: Decreases damage incoming from players by x%, and direct hit damage by y%
    2. Hundred Slashes: Increases the damage of attacking players by x%, and the effect of healing players is increased by y%


    Look at those stats this way - In order not to allow PvP players to wear PvP equipment and efficiently perform well in PvE, the basic attack attributes of PvP equipment are lower than the PvE ones.

    Correspondingly, in order to highlight the role of PvP equipment in PvP environment (and not allow PvE players to wear PvE equipment to PK players efficiently), the Combat Attributes are designed.



    Look at this stat as something that is completely useless in boss fight drops, but is efficient in the open world. Meaning - Let's take the gathering as an example, in addition to the gathering of five types of items, there are also five types of auxiliary materials that you can gather.

    So luck represents the extra materials obtained, and it doesn't only increase the drop amount of the items, but also increases the drop rate of these items.


    Status Effect

    1. Root - Unable to move. Can perform basic attacks and skills
    2. Silence - Can move, can attack, but can not perform skills
    3. Continous health loss (the loss of health at regular intervals) - Affects the duration of the effect
    4. Charm (attacking of teammates) - Affects the duration of the effect


    Monster Status

    1. Incentive: 20% attack and 30% defense of all monsters within the red circle, can be superimposed
    2. Toughness: Increased physical resistance
    3. Solidity: Increased magical resistance
    4. Cunning: After a certain period of time, the current hatred (aggro) will be cleared, and one DPS or healer will be randomly attacked
    5. Corruption: A purple poison ring is released under the elite monster's feet, which explodes after 1-2 seconds. The person who is affected will receive a blood debuff. Healers can dispel it.
    6. Wraith: Releases a blue poisonous ball (floating very slowly) to the farthest player. If the ball hits the player, it turns into a blue poisonous circle. The poisonous circle will continue to cause large amounts of damage to the players.
    7. Recklessness: The lower the monster's HP, the higher the attack power
    8. Decay: Players hit by the damage will get a continuous debuff, causing reduced healing and HP loss
    9. Freeze: Applies a freezing effect to the target
  • "Attack concentration rate" is pve dmg%. When hovering over the stat you will get a breakdown of how much dmg you deal to mobs that are 1,2,3,4,5,6 lvls above you. Mobs of the same lvl will receive the amount of damage shown on your character panel (Should aim for at least 100% here).
    You can't miss attacks unless you aim your camera the wrong way :)

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