Gear Sets and Weapons Preview - Reaper

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  • Either you get them by (main story) quests, some you can buy from NPCs, others you get through Instances (Raids and Dungeons) and weapons shown there you also get in the CC shop.

    Specifically one class outfit you can get from Cystal Dust shop.

    Also i believe not all of those shown here are in game yet

  • Outfits for only Reaper are not sold by NPCs (but weapons, which is obviouls yreaper only XD)
    yea rest reaper only sets come from Crystaldust and story/quest stuff

    Ah and also the um... the sets you get for completing the blue/purple/gold stuff, it already reset once, so we are on the second set of that (like the set you can see where also the daily/weekly quests are and the scedule etc)