[EU] Application Declined | PVX | Semi Hardcore

  • Application Declined

    Server: EU
    Focus: PvX
    TL;DR: Semi-hardcore with relaxing atmosphere and progression focused mindset.

    We are a guild focused on having a relaxing atmosphere but with a competitive mindset. We're looking for like-minded people who want to clear content and have a good time. Our main goals will be clearing PvE content, competing in PvP and to push each other to do better.

    We will prioritise clearing larger content such as raids, guild events etc during the weekend with dungeons and hard mode dungeons being done during the week.

    What we expect from members:

    - Willing to be open to criticism.

    - Willing to research their own class to perform on a proper standard.

    - Personal responsibility is important we're all willing to help but cant hold your hand

    - No toxic attitude, We all wanna have a good times so we will not accept that kind of behaviour

    What our guild offers:
    - A progression focused mindset when it comes to clearing content in a timely manner

    - A friendly and supportive team of mature players with experience in MMOs

    - A comfortable and relaxed environment where we can all have fun and enjoy games


  • I just wanted to add that this guild was founded by a lovely circle of friends a few years back in wow. Since then, we been playing all sorts of games together, always happy to meet new people and make more friends as we go! I am quite excited to finally play a proper mmo again and looking forward to all the funs together ^^ lets goo!

  • Slowly growing with a great bunch of people!

    Recently had a fun Jackbox night and we are still looking for more people to join us for SOLO, so if you're still looking for a home, feel free to hop on our discord and ask us anything ^^