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  • Is there a guide for the game that explains how to do certain things? Players will definitely create a wiki, but perhaps someone can just point to a CN game wiki and we can then try to determine with a google translator what's what. At least a guide for all the main game mechanics. For us western players, there is a lot in SOLO that just isn't very intuitive and in some cases completely different to what average western gamer is used to. I mean an average western gamer that doesn't have much exposure to Asian MMOs. I like the Wuxia atmosphere and enjoyed my CBT1, but the learning curve outside of just running through main quest, it was not easy to understand what am I supposed to do. I got to level 25 and game tutorials didn't introduce me to all the game mechanics and content yet. Will the main quest on the rest 10 levels take care of introducing me to all the left out game mechanics? :?:

  • The most important guide on this forum is the levelling and endgame guide. Until endgame, you do the main quest, the side quests, and a little bit of filler when quests run out at a couple points.

    In game, there are a ton of tutorials on all of the mechanics. There is a big red blob in the top right corner - that is your cultivation icon. You use it to start tutorials on all the life stuff - fishing, housing, all sorts of things.

    The Cultivation Icon also shows you your daily and weekly events - some of which you have to do a tutorial quest first.

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