How is this game?

  • Hi,

    I am debating pre-ordering this game and trying the beta. Based off the trailer and reading about this game and such it looks/reminds me a lot of a game in a Chinese drama on Netflix I've watched. I just want to know what are some opinions on the game. How does the game run? How are the classes and community? Just want to get an idea of what the game is like before I pre-order.

  • We only have the beta to go off of, but I'll be honest. So far the community is looking as if it'll go down a toxic sludge-infested wormhole. Even in CBT1, People were already making requests for how good your gear should be before they invited you into the group. You get pve and pvp sets of gear. If you ever played a game called DC universe online, Think of that type of community. The players are likely to kick you out of the squad if they don't like the way your performing.

    But please keep in mind, None of this has happened to me before. But I personally see the potential is very high for it. All are just my observations. Hopefully, you don't make your decision off of just one random forum user's input.

    Someone else's opinions or how many likes I can receive will never go into consideration before I press submit to any of my posts.

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  • Personally for me it's the best bet of MMORPG (my fav type of game) since gw2 (aka about 10 years).

    Tho I have a lot to critique still, I can deal with it (so far).

    Based on my experience in FF14 tho, I can also see that it will indeed go an "elitist toxic" route. Let me give an example:
    2h after new dungeon is released: LFG: You have to have seen the guide video, else kick!" or "One dead = kick" kind of recruiting.

    There will probabily also elite/hardcore alliances, who will be selling Ini-runs (aka loot) or so.

    If you have static groups/enough friends/allience on the same wavelenght or so this should not be a problem tho

    Visually it's stunning and it will be even better with the planned Engine update <3

    If you are into Xianxia, and like gaming, I say it's a must, in this otherwise bleak land of chinese games in the west.

    If you are interested in Lore/the world etc. I recommend playing Gujian 3 (1 and 2 sadly don't have a translation)

    Personally I just love Xianxia so much, I will devour all kinds of media/content I can <3

  • So much pessimism...

    I really don't see things going that way myself, mostly because the most competitive people will run in static / guild groups.

    At any rate, the game itself is great, though obviously not perfect. All we can rally advise you is to try the beta and make your own opinion.

  • I'd like to point out that since it's CBT the representation for the more casual side of the community is skewed in dungeon finders. I did see what the two people above me have talked about, but truth be told not only do we have a small sample of players, but for a lot of the players I know (I'm a semi-casual player in most games except GW2 and that's the sort of guilds and friends I meet through mmos for the most part) they either waited to buy it till they've seen how it goes after the BETA or weren't *that* interested/leveled enough in trying out the hardest dungeons. Since you can do the lower dungeons with Companions (I did only the first three dungeons, two with friends and one with Companion. Dunno if the higher dungeons that were being advertised could use them.) you also wouldn't see a lot of advertisement for the lower tier dungeons.

    In short, as with many MMOs with stringent endgame, it definitely has the potential to turn elitist to the point of toxicity, but I'd suggest waiting for a couple months after BETA to decide on getting the game if you are concerned about this particular issue rather than going solely by the CBT.

    There is also the fact that even in mmos with a lot of elitism you can find guilds or groups that work for you and that gearing (again, CBT) doesn't seem as horribly grindy as a lot of other MMOs. The elitism is also mostly reserved for lategame to endgame content in most mmos so if you aren't looking to do the endgame content, it will affect you far less.

    As for the game itself, it's based on Wuxia/Xianxia lore which is probably why you find it familiar and as a fan of the genre. As someone who has watched/read their fair share of shows/novels and played a few mmos in the genre I think it does a pretty good job of utilising the setting. If you are looking to play it for the setting I'd definitely recommend it.

    There are for now only six classes, but iirc they will add more - not sure how many though. This may be a problem for variety for some. I found the Bard suited me quickly into the game so I never felt that way. The combat feels fluid and fun, each class has two different builds as of now which imo is great for swapping in and out when you either need to fill a specific spot in a group or want to change up your playstyle a bit without leveling a whole different character. Gear sets for both builds are different, though.

    Gearing so far seems to not be too grindy but not so easy either that it becomes trivial. I did hear that there is rng on gearing (not enhancement rng, thankfully, but stat rng) but I haven't reached that point yet.

    In the end, of course, what's good to me might not be as good to you. Take all of what I said with the knowledge that these are my feelings from CBT. I think one good thing about the game is that you can look up the future 'roadmap' of sorts by looking at the content and gameplay from the CN server. If you want to wait to get a better feel for the community, I would strongly suggest waiting for a while after CBT to see what sort of casual-semi-casual community has formed. If you're a hardcore player, you can probably take a look at the Guild Recruitment section and get a feel for some of the guilds that have already started advertising there.

  • Even in a game like GW2 that is widely regarded as the most friendly MMO of all, there are toxic and elitist people. Anywhere you can find humans, you'll find toxic, so I wouldn't take that aspect into consideration on whether you should pre-order or not. If you couldn't play in either of the beta tests, watch the videos from the official SoLO YouTube channel, they're very informative, with game footage, and as a bonus the two German guys are a lot of fun to watch :P

    There's reportedly a graphics upgrade on the way which will make the game look and run better. A positive factor I'd mention beyond the fluid and stunning combat system is the variety of activities in-game, like mini-games and the rich housing system. Last but not least, the b2p model and friendly cash shop!

  • Have to agree here with all the above comments. Every single mmorpg I've played since the internet first arrived have had their toxic parts of the community. I do one thing first when playing these games....turn off world chat. It makes for a calmer and more friendly experience. In other games I've always run guilds who are for the "more mature" gamers who more than likely have family and jobs as their primary concern, that way you get to play in a friendly tolerant atmosphere. This time around I have joined a guild with that same outlook, we will do stuff together, probably wipe loads of times and have great fun doing it :)

    One word of advice, be very careful of some of the guilds advertising on the Discord guild channel. They sound wonderfully relaxed and "harassment free" "mature" etc. but in reality are....toxic. My friend and I know, we fell for it and joined one and left within 10 minutes :p Rather, find people you like to play with in game, you will come across them as you play, and either join their guilds (alliances in this game) or make a regular group with them. A game is what YOU make it :)

  • 9/10

    - no p2w or p2fp

    - Level system is for story

    - if you are slow: 15hours for max level

    - good Endgame content

    • Housing system which is pretty huge, the best I in my opinion
    • PvP system: You got many different battlegrounds, Battleroyal, Arena PvP with ranglist/elo
    • 100v100 is coming with the update when the guilds are integrated into the faction system
    • Dungeons 5-10 Player, Raids 10-20 Player ( they will get harder the more are in the party )
    • life skilling and jobs

    - No RNG factor on eq

    - Difference between pve and pvp eq

    - cosmetic only skin which is nice because there are account bound, not charakter bound

    for example: If you buy a female costume, every female char on your account can wear it. If you buy a weapon skin you will get the skin for every class. Mounts too.

    - BattlePass with cosmetics is coming

    - Summoner is the best