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    Tenacious Gamers

    Tenacious is a multi-gaming community that has reputable gaming experience, presence, respect and skill while valuing our members gaming experience at the heart of it all.

    Founded in 2009 we have been always held to our to a common phrase, "Hardcore at Heart, Casual by Nature." We are a large well respected, skilled group that values teamwork, where we value guild success over any 1 member.

    While we do not openly grief/kill players, holding to our true nature and respect of others, we will stand up to those who openly grief others and retaliate in full force for those who mess with our Alliance!

    What is our goal in SoLO?

    PvX initially - While we understand all aspects of SoLO will not be available at launch we will work together to defeat PvE content while having casual matches and work towards arena/battlegrounds. With having a diverse community, we will have PvE, PvP and PvX leaders established to plan events for all our members to be a part of!

    • PvE - We will have PvE leadership to work with the overall group and plan static days of PvE focus. Ensuring we progress in harder content, while having casual day/time set to help those freshly hitting Student 1. Being Casual by Nature, doesn't take away from our Hardcore at heart in that we strive for harder larger group content, just won't be world first... and we're quite good with that if we do it as a community!
    • PvP - We will have PvP leadership set to to plan PvP focused battleground and later faction war events. Early on setting up PvP 5 man teams for arena's and helping facilitate in match making, observing via Discord to provide insight and improvement for our overall PvP focus as a guild. As SoLO continues with anticipated Faction/Territory PvP we will practice and plan with all members to showcase our power as a unified force!
    • PvX - We will have leaders planning all things housing, crafting and occasional events to bring fun to the community. This game has a beautiful housing system, cosmetics and well, having so many members... we want everyone to take it in and enjoy!

    Expectations of all members

    Have a great time, be active and involved! Our community isn't for those looking to join just for gear from our raids, or an easy leg up on PvP focus. We have drive and thrive on the involvement of all our members. Whether your schedule allows for casual or highly active support in our more serious PvE/PvP groups, if you're about people > game, we want you!

    Communication method

    We utilize Discord for comms and encourage all guild members to remain active. Discord is required during events to ensure overall success, however why wouldn't you want to always be there to enjoy the random chat, fun times and shenanigan's.

    Check us out and Apply!

    Here's our website: Tenacious Gamers to take a sneak peek in our current activity, current and upcoming games, members and what we're all about in the CHARTER section.

    If you feel we're the right fit for you, apply in-game and join our Tenacious Discord and an officer will be with you shortly to get you in!

    Thanks and we look forward to you joining us, and we'll see you in game!

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  • Having been with Tenacious for 4 years, I can tell those who will join us that you will have the ability to create lasting relationships and if you are looking for a place where people are all about respect, having fun, and where drama doesn't rule supreme (that gets nipped in the butt real quick hahaha!)Tenacious is definitely the place to be! Exciting time! Hope to see you soon! ♥

  • I joined Tenacious community when RO was a thing. I have been a member since then and now (recently promoted) is a recruiting officer/community officer for Tenacious. The community definitely there to stay and to connect each other not just virtually but also in real life. We do a lot of fundraising each year and we used to meet up in real life before Covid sucker punch us. Some of us have been friend for over 16 years and is going strong. We have whole family who join Tenacious, and we have see a lot couples meet in the community and get marry. That's being said, it doesn't mean we don't have our own little corner for thing that isn't PG-friendly, of course we keep it to respectable level of acceptance and respect of one another. Overall we are a community that here to stay and support each other through real life, and in-game. We aren't looking for a pass-byer but another members to welcome to our big (sometime dysfunctional) family. Also, I'll kidnapped you if you also a yaoi fan! >D:*

  • Thanks for sharing your stories Serenaelia and TaintedTg! In similar fashion I'll go ahead and share mine!

    Joined Tenacious in December of 2017. Prior to that I was an officer in a long time alliance guild Sinister Swarm for many years. Prior to that, a hardcore gamer/raider. One thing they all had in common, they had a great time as a community, getting things accomplished and progressing while having fun with a bunch of great people.

    When I came to Tenacious I had my prior experience in leadership, however life at the time included a newborn and a toddler. So it was life balancing some game time with great people. While I didn't want to overdue it and jump into a lead role prior, this game just did it for me. Add hype and what not and I can't help but want to make Tenacious have a big impact in this game.

    You won't regret joining Tenacious Gaming, not just for the AMAZING time we'll have in SOLO, but the many years you'll have post this game down the road with just a great community. So apply, join the discord and we'll see you around! ;)

  • WE heading off to very good start for release! Currently we have 80 prospect members with a prediction of possible 150+ members joining us for release! A good core of our members is long time members/returning members of Tenacious! You don't have to worry about us dying off randomly during your gaming time :D

  • I have been playing MMOs since Ultima Online/EQ. Join Tenacious Gamers in 2015 to play Skyforge. Noticed right away that Tenacious is more like a large family. A place you can go and have fun. It is a community of games where there is always something to do. It always amazes me the amount of teamwork that is done in the community.

    I ended up helping in leadership with Skyforge and the next big game was Revelation Online. I helped initially as a vice guild leader and moved into guild leader. We had a huge launch with the max guild. We had a tremendous amount of fun in all areas of the game (PvE, PvP, Guild activities, etc..). One of the things we did was crush it timed guild boss time. It became a challenge for us to break a new time. There wasn’t a huge reward other than we worked together. In the end, we had it down to 2:09 which was a world record(it might have been even lower). Most were doing it in 7 minutes.

    If you join Tenacious you will build friendships and memories that will last a lifetime.

  • I couldn't ask for a better community to join than Tenacious! This will be my 4th MMO in 7 years with Tenacious, and every one of them has been a blast! Definitely consider checking us out if you are looking for a community that focuses not just on the games, but on the gamers playing them.

  • RO player as well here returning after several years. c: To those who are reading this and considering joining this community, I can attest to the fact that Tenacious Gamers have always held itself to the highest standard of maturity, organization, and of course, the fun. I know those things will hold true as we move into SOLO and we'd love to see new faces to make more memories with. This is a wonderful community to be a part of and please don't be shy to reach out via Discord or in-game if you're interested!

  • Hey all, thanks and keep the posts coming. Quick apologies to those who checked us out and likely got an error on the Discord Join. Feel free to hit us up, pop in and ask any questions to ensure we're the right fit for you!

    We're a great community and here for the long haul in SoLO and in our gaming lives no matter how old we get. ;)

    Tenacious Discord

  • Hey All! Paradigm here ....

    I've been a member of Tenacious Gamers for 12 years now, one of the original founding five. I've been witness to the astronomical growth of our community and the legendary & epic launches we deliver for major MMO's. No one launches a large MMO quite like Tenacious does. And there have been many ... Aion/Rift/TERA/SWTOR/Neverwinter/Archeage/Skyforge/BDO/Revelation.

    Tenacious seems to always be able to do what others fail at miserably ... we stay together. Through good times and bad, through gaming peaks and gaming valleys, we're always here hanging out with each other.

    Now after a long 5 year wait for a major MMO title, we're about to get back to what gave us one of the most well respected names in the genre ... large scale, full inclusive, member drives and epic MMO launches.

    If you're looking for a community where you can run as fast or walk as slow as you'd like ... if are tired of being judged, if you are just ready to play real games with real people ... really good people ...

    That quit reading this, and just sign up already. I mean, duh, this is the easiest decision you'll have to make this week!

  • I joined Tenacious Gaming for Tera Online's launch in 2012, and is one of the best gaming communities I've had the pleasure of being a part of. We have people that enjoy every style of game play; from the hardcore PvPers to the Hardcore at being super casual home builders/crafters, and everything in between. So no matter your play style will probably find some others willing to run with you. Only thing ever really expected of you in Tenacious is just have fun doing what you want, and if you need help there is a bunch of people willing to step out and lend a hand.

    So if you are looking for an amazing and easy going community that caters to almost all playstyles that is going to be around for the long haul, you going to be hard pressed finding one better than Tenacious Gaming.

    Added bonus; TG has people playing a large variety of other games also, an dis always looking at others so if you just aren't feeling SOLO that day, but want to play something else there a good chance you will find others playing also to hang with. =D

  • Mishi checking in!!!

    I've been a part of Tenacious for years. Actually came into the community, and found a family who puts up with me saying "Anyone want to PvP" daily when in a game, or if Im having a bad day I can tlak to friends in the community. I've been able to make some great friends who actually care about me as a person, and not a number for a guild. (Heck even had a few toasts with some at the beach.) Another nice thing I've found about Tenacious, is we aren't just another "One game guild" and are here for the long run as a gaming community. Members from all walks of life, to all kinds of play styles are welcome, and we like to have fun.

  • At the end of the day, we just want you to be a good person. Be the best version of yourself that you can be and we will support you.

    If you can just be yourself, and understand that we look at the person first and the gamer second, then you already know what it's like to game 'The Tenacious Way'

  • I have been with Tenacious since around the beginning of the community. It's been a totally wonderful experience and it's not just about the gaming. These are a great group of people in and out of the games we play. If your looking for a great group of wierdo's come over and join us. We always treat everyone as family.


  • I love Tenacious! For all of my mmo journey, Tenacious has always been there leading with excellence and high standards. This community is amazing and committed on giving everyone a unique and spectacular experience. The people you meet in this community will be your friends/family for life. Tenacious will always be there for you. Come join us in this new adventure and have the time of your life! :thumbup:

  • Started like one Ally and now a Tenacious Gamer. We really going to make history playing SoLo, the nice community and the beloved,dedicated and adicted people in Tenacious,make this new chapter one amazing experience. Thank you all !!!

  • Been around the community of Tenacious since 2014, coming from another group that used to be an ally in the past. I worked with Tenacious back in TERA and AA. After having helped in a few past chapters like RO, or lead big parts as an old ally. It's always great to be around and do things apart in Tenacious.

    There's always people of the same type and mindset that you can fit in with :) Give Tenacious a chance. Everyone is fun here.

    [ Ninja Fox ] [ Tenacious ] [Art @blpartst on Twitter]

    Feed me cookies and we are fine :3


  • I joined Tenacious during ArcheAge's launch in 2014, later becoming a community officer. I've had the pleasure of playing with some AMAZING members in many games and mmos. Definitely hyped to see what we can do in SOLO!

    Tenacious is a large community that has never lost its heart. It's made up of a bunch of gamers who've become friends, and have continued to game together throughout the years, adding new friends with each game launch!

    Whether you're looking for a fun place to hang out, or to find a group to grind out few levels, stop what you're doing, and check us out!