Interface customization

  • I love the fact you can customize so much and move everything in the UI, but it needs to either have an alignment grid, some kind of snapping, or anchor points to choose from.

    It's quite weird that you have all this you can do with the interface but nothing to help with it. It can be solved by using third-party programs then forcing them to render on top with a custom grid but that is way beyond the average user and shouldn't be needed.

  • A grid would be really awesome! I tried half an hour to get the Skillbars really aligned with each other.

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  • That sounds after a great idea!
    I was very impressed when I saw the freedom of putting anything you want wherever you want but something like a grid would help a lot, dealing with this. ^^



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  • Zhirelia

    Added the Label Game
  • i wanna hide:

    -the upper shadow bar and and text within

    -exp bar

    -right bellow interface icons

    -chat/item-acquired-hide-icons (the thing that shows up when u hide those things)

    yh im a minimalist, those things are super annoying to me