Feedback and suggestions for Beta 2

  • I'm back again for beta 2, loved beta 1 so much so i had to come back for more.

    1. Dungeon/ Instance queues - oh dear lord... I can't put it into words how bad this is. Here's what happened: I queued for a dungeon for a few minutes still nothing popped so I start a team recruitment. Someone joined my team recruitment. Then the role confirmation popped up. I clicked the role confirmation and was auto-teleported into the dungeon. The party in the dungeon didn't have the player that joined my team recruitment instead after awhile the player that joined the recruitment was messaging me in the party chat and asking where I was a few times. After completing the dungeon I was teleported out of the dungeon and was then in the party that initially had the player that joined my team recruitment. You can see the confusing and frustrating this situation was. Please fix this so that queues are stopped when you start a team recruitment or stop recruitment when the queue pops.
    2. More dungeon queues problems! - When putting team recruitment for normal or hard difficulty and putting them on auto join invitation instead of manual invitation... the system invites non-max players. I mean I got a lvl 13 join a frostbite normal difficulty team recruitment. The auto join invitation does not filter out players that are below level requirement.
    3. Leisure minigames can play only at schedule times? - I mean it's leisure so it should be done at your own free time but with a schedule then it's not really doing it at your own convenient and at your own free time. I understand if it's an event or tournament but just minigames that should be available at anytime you want to play it. It's basic feature for this game and should not be behind a time lock. It's like telling players, you can't use waypoint to somewhere unless it's a certain time or you can't private message a friend unless it's a certain time.

    Keep up the good work and I look forward to the release of this game :*