My Thoughts on the Game after Beta 2.

  • So my thoughts so far after the Beta 2 phase :

    The Good :
    The Graphics are amazing.
    The Combat is great.
    Housing is very fun.
    Not Pay to win. (the only stuff you can purchase with real money are cosmetics) - lets hope it stays that way.
    The Gameplay in general is fun.
    The Photo mode is very good.
    The Game ran smooth and stable.

    The not so good:
    Its still too grindy, some "mechanics" that were ported over from the Chinese "pay for time" model should really be changed.
    Some Item prices (in game currency - not "real money buy able") are too high. (designed for the "pay for time" model that wants you to spend a lot of time gathering them)

    The Bad:
    The Translations - (I understand they are not all done yet, i am referring to the ones that are done.)
    Explanations are not very good. (might fall into the translations issue)
    Not being able to open world (for the story line quests until you reach student 1) team up with friends.

    Lets start with the inability to play / team up with your friends until you reach Student 1. Reaching Student 1 took me about 30+ Hours (i think it could be done in about 18) and
    imo that is just a long time to be not able to play with friends. I don't expect to do dungeons before then with friends, but in the open world doing the story quests it would be nice if you could team up earlier. In other MMO's you can start teaming up with friends after about 2 - 5 Hours of playtime. I don't truly understand the necessity to lock it here until Student 1.

    On to the Translations, and oh my, thats a bad one.The Story line (which is amazing in the original) is so horribly mangled by bad translations that you cannot truly follow it at all.
    Some things are translated one way here and another way there and there is no coherence. That is probably not big deal for most mmo players since the story is not relevant to many people.
    A big deal for everyone however is that the same translation errors are done in quests and descriptions, so sometimes you have no clue what to do or where to go because the map says one thing and the quest another.
    (an example would be in some instances grasslands (on the map) is references as plains in the quest description - thats a easier one) (a bit harder is where in one quest it says "use greet from the v menu" and it actually ment use your class greeting and not the normal "greet" which actually exists)
    and maybe its just me thats a bit stupid but it took me a very very long time to figure out that "can be obtained by purchasing" in the items descriptions is the sell price of the item. (And after about 60 hours in the game there are still things in menus and skills i honestly have no clue what they are supposed to mean)
    When it comes to explanations of certain things, they are sometimes hard to find other times non existent, for example i still don't truly know what i can do with my login points - the only place i could find to spend them was in blueprint crafting for housing where you can buy a thing for price x and the same thing with (item) behind it for price x + login tokens, not sure why i would pay the same price + tokens tho for the same thing)
    The translations need a massive overhaul but are fixable.

    Let's get on to the grind, and yes i understand that most of the time-wasting mechanics make absolute sense in the original "pay for time" model the game uses in China.
    But they should be tweaked down a lot for the western version.
    The pickup times for items should be reduced imo by about 50%, the auto travel (ALT+G) should be at least double the speed it is now (i had multiple times that auto travel took 5 - 6 minutes and that is just way too much)
    The Item prices reflect that as well, it takes way too long to gather the resources needed for some items, in a "buy to play" game, they should be adjusted slightly down. (i think some were and others weren't so maybe the plan is to adjust the higher cost items as well)

    Overall i think the game has great potential if the Problems (especially with translations and explanations) are fixed at launch.
    The Beta ran mostly smooth (i hard crashed 3 times in 60ish hours - which imo is not a lot) and had very few actual gameplay issues (in a dreamworld "Heavenly Ridge Memory" it said at the end of he quest(that should return you to the normal world): "The server isn't open yet" and you were stuck in that place with no portals, i used the cirrus drive to get out, which caused some problems)

    In other Quests you had a "Incorrect format in translated rich text, skipping quest dialog!!!" error that made the game flicker for a moment. And one portal didn't open to some palace even tho a quest said i should go there.

    That's not a lot of problems for a beta 2 in my opinion, so i am looking forward to the game in the Summer.

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  • I'd like to thank you for your time to post this. This, along with other threads with feedback should help the devs if they truly are getting communicated over. Though I think it may be easier if a single thread titled "Feedback/bugs" were introduced and pinned. That way there aren't a million different threads that the "GF employee's" have to click on. It'll also be easier for players to search as well. Is my observation.

    Also, I'd like to add that the volume for the cinematics/cutscenes is tremendously louder than the rest of the game. Whenever one is triggered, it Automatically jerks the volume up 100 fold if not more. It's annoying.

    Someone else's opinions or how many likes I can receive will never go into consideration before I press submit to any of my posts.

    Ignorance remains forever ignored.

  • Lets start with the inability to play / team up with your friends until you reach Student 1. Reaching Student 1 took me about 30+ Hours (i think it could be done in about 18) and
    imo that is just a long time to be not able to play with friends. I don't expect to do dungeons before then with friends, but in the open world doing the story quests it would be nice if you could team up earlier.

    You can team up with friends when it comes to over world questing though. What makes you think you can't? Is it because you sometimes won't be on the same server? Because that's caused by not letting the party leader go first into new maps. There are also some isolated instances for the storyline that are singleplayer, but those are few and far between. So I don't know if you experienced them and thought they were the norm when they aren't.

  • Thanks for your post.

    I agree with what you said overall , except for the Grindy / Pickup time / Autotravel, I think these are fine.

    Yes there is a bit of grind, but this is an MMORPG, and tbh, it's not that bad, dont expect to get everything in 3 days but it shouldn't take you years either. The grind balance is fine imo.

    Pickup time (I'm assuming you mean gathering and not picking up loots), I do agree it's a bit slow, but it's not a big deal at all imo. Speeding that up can alter the game systems internal balance so I think it's good as it is. just chill around while you're gathering, dont try to speedrun it XD.

    For the autotravel, I dont see any issue there, you can go from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world in less than 1 - 2min if you move by yourself. Autotravel is for people who dont even wanna bother moving by themselves and just afk instead, convenience kill MMORPGs, having an autotravel is more than enough already imo, no need to speed that up.

    And finaly there is one thing in "The bad" that you didn't mentioned : The game engine is outdated and run very bad even with a good config. Please gameforge, once china release Unreal Engine 4 version of the game try to import it ASAP in our version and not wait we get the corresponding content patch.

    Bad "optimisation" and poor translation/localisation job are the two very bad points in this game that absolutely need to be fixed.

    One rely mostly on the devs (optimisation/new engine), the second (localisation) is fully in your hand gameforge, so PLEASE focus on it as much as you can until game release, and even beyond that.