Masked Panda Mount?

  • While I cannot answer this definitively. I would say that because you had to wash your hands in the fountain for 3 days straight during Beta to get it upon release that it would be exclusive. But, your guess is as good as mine though.

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  • Was the only way to get this mount was to play during Beta? For those of us who weren't around then, Is there any way to get it after release? Will the SteamPass thing allow us to get it?


    You will not be able to earn the items from The Beta Event in the Steam Next Fest demo, these items were only obtainable via CBT1 and CBT2.

    You will, however, be able to get an unmasked Panda from the Point Store in-game after spending Crimson Coins. While they haven't specified specifically that the Masked Panda is exclusive, you shouldn't expect it to see some time soon.

  • so at soooooome point we should be able to obtain the masked panda? I’m all for timed exclusivity like say they hold onto it for a year before putting it in the cash shop (or whatever the ingame store will be ) but it would be nice to have some confirmation. Is there any equivalent on the Chinese side?

  • For me it was actually bugged during CBT 1 and 2, i got the talisman but didnt got the mount, and i got the icon but it dissapeared and i couldnt use it, its like i never received

    That's a known issue, you will still get your panda on launch:

    Known issue:

    Some of the items from various collections are not visible:

    • Some skins from Crimson Coins Shop (workaround: you can still apply them using an entry in the Crimson Shop menu)
    • The level 19 box skins
    • Avatar and avatar frame from the Beta Event (it will still count for the event)
  • Thanks for the info! had seen this quote from Celes, thanks a lot!

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