Gameforge and Steam cross platform login question

  • So..I totally lost track of time and I forgot about the betas. I missed both of them lmao..Anyways I see that there's a demo running from yesterday and for a few more days. Im currently downloading that but I got some questions. I read on the info that we can't link our steam and gameforge accounts so that question is answered. However what I'm not sure about is..when I log in with my steam account for SOLO would I be using the steam username or would I be using my gameforge username? I don't know how the interface is for steam so I'm pretty clueless..maybe I just log in automatically? I'm a bit reluctant in downloading 80gigs worth of demo just to erase it and download the gameforge version again. So I was hoping that maybe would it be the case that I can log in with my gameforge account in the steam client? I want to make sure because if I log in with the wrong account I won't be getting my collectors edition or whatever it is.

    Btw Lost Ark is awesome...

    Edited once, last by Tomotomi: NVM I just realized that it says "DEMO" I know that I'll be playing a demo but it didn't click yet. I'll be getting a demo client and not the real client so it doesn't matter. I was irritated thinking that I'd have to download 80ish gigs again and was hoping that I can log in with my gameforge info when the games go live since I'll have it on steam. Apparently that doesn't seem likely to be the case. ().

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  • For the most part, yes. I kinda figured that would be the case since that was a beta. I didn't even bother downloading that one and just wait for the official release. Thank you Zhirelia.

  • Just for future reference to Steam Users:

    On Steam, I followed these instructions from a previous forum thread here -

    Steam reinstall skip

    basically I just removed the " demo" from the game file title and hit install. I had about 50-something-ish GB that didn't need to be re-downloaded, but still had the remaining to download - still, it saved me a great deal of time, since my DL speed is really bad.

    Afterwards, I have 80.5 GB in my Steam SOLO game file.

  • It should be pointed out however, that this method might cause problems later down the road. If you got the download speed, I'd still prefer the whole re-download. For whomever this method works, all power to you tho (: