Death Incorporated [NA] Adults, PVE

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    TLDR: Adults, Relaxed Atmosphere, Dedicated Raid Team, Social Nights, Smaller Tightknit Community


    History / Rules / Policies viewable on discord. Jump in and say hi. Brief overview below.

    • We are here to play games with adults who want to set aside the real world and slaughter piles of pixels for a couple of hours a night.
    • We want people we can laugh and talk shit with, while respecting each other. No, we don’t want to hear about your political blogs or your religious endeavors.
    • But we are real people too. Did your pet pass away, or was your boss a real piece of shit today and want to vent a little? Yeah, we’ve all been there.
    • If you aren’t part of the dedicated raid team, no worries, you are still a valued member of the community. We value community over the game content.
    • However, as part of the raid team, we won’t tell you exactly what class to play, but we will ask that if you’re participating in end game group content (raids), you pick a role and build for it accordingly. While xXMtnDewGod420Xx’s wonky “meta” guides work for their guilds, there’s no guarantee it’ll work for ours.
    • So, don’t pick a DPS class and show up to a raid saying “I’m half DPS, half Heals while wearing tank gear because the guide says it works.” We do what we do. We do what works for us, not them.
    • Ultimately, we are here to have fun, burn down content, and see all that there is to see.
  • I joined this guild, and they reversed my male pattern baldness, bumped my credit score up into the 800s, and got me laid. I didn't even to sell steak knives or scented wax door to door, like some of those others out there want you to do.

    We have always been a "real life comes first" kind of group. Can't make raid night because your cat is sick? Have to leave early because your kid needs something? That's totally fine, we aren't going to yell at you that a video game needs to be your first commitment or anything borderline psychotic like that.

    There are several guilds advertising here that say they want to chase server first clears and top the leaderboards in every category. That's totally fine, people can play games however they want. But if that's not for you, if you're someone who wants to see all the content but do it at a more leisurely pace, without making the game a second or third job, then come on down and try being a Dinc today.

  • Death Incorporated is not just a guild, but a lifestyle. A lot of members have been in the guild for over 10 years and have come to know each other well enough that we can talk about our real lives as well as slaying pixelated enemies. It's also great guild for couples, as there are many of us that play with our partners.

    It's a very relaxed but dedicated guild who usually aims at taking down end-game content in our own way. However, as was said before, real life always takes priority.

  • Been playing with these guys for what, at least six years now? Excellent management, and fun, stable, and mature membership.

    If you're looking for a gaming guild that is serious but casual, and respects the needs of adults with families and jobs and such, check us out.