Secure Your Character Name

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    It’s not long now until Swords of Legends Online opens its gates to the world of Shenzhou! And shortly before release, players who pre-ordered SOLO can secure the names of their immortal heroes!

    Your Benefits

    If you pre-ordered the game, you can choose a name for your hero between 2nd July (2 PM CEST) and 5th July (2 PM CEST).

    But even if you haven’t pre-ordered Swords of Legends Online yet, you still have time to take advantage of this chance to secure your exclusive character name. Simply order the game now on our website or via Steam!


    If you’ve pre-ordered, you can also pre-download Swords of Legends Online, allowing you to get access to the character creator ahead of other players. You can start pre-downloading from 30th June (7 PM CEST) on Steam, or 1st July (10 AM CEST) on the Gameforge Client.

    The game will then be ready for you to start playing with your friends the moment it is released.

    What You Need to Know

    Early access to the character creator allows you to make your own heroes and give them a name before the official game launch. But you won’t be able to start the game with them until release day.

    Here’s a short overview of the rules for character names:

    • Names must contain between 2 and 20 characters.
    • Names may contain letters (A-Z uppercase and lowercase) and numbers (0-9).
    • You can also use the following special characters: full stop, hyphen, underscore.
    • The uppercase/lowercase letters A, E, I, O and U can be combined with the following diacritical marks: grave accents (`), acute accents (´), circumflexes (^) and umlauts (¨).
    • Cedillas (ç/Ç) are also allowed.
    • Note that no distinction is made between uppercase and lowercase letters, i.e. the name SOLO123 is considered to be identical to Solo123.

    Have fun creating your characters – see you in Shenzhou!

    The SOLO Team

  • Name Reservation FAQ

    How many characters can I reserve a name for?

    • 6 per region, for a maximum of 12 characters.

    Can we use spaces in our name?

    • No, you cannot use spaces in your character name.

    What are the rules for name reservation?

    • You can find the naming rules above.

    Can I delete my character if I don't like the look of it, and remake it during the Name reservation period with the same name?

    • Yes, if the name has not been taken by another player you are able to recreate your character during the period. Deletion of characters are instant, the names are freed upon deletion.

    Can I delete my character that I reserved a name for on launch if I decide I dislike the name?

    • Yes, you will be able to delete your character you reserved a name on at launch. However, it is worth noting that this will then free up the name for other players to use.
  • Name Reservation starts again at 15:45.

    Our Technical Team is preparing to open the servers back. To give everyone ample heads-up, we are waiting a bit for everyone to see this announcement. Servers will open back up at 15:45, for everyone to reserve their names.

    To clearly state this right off the bat: Should we continue to encounter unforeseen issues, we will go through with wiping after all, as well as reschedule the reservation to the next day to reset chances for everyone. This is not the desired outcome, but one we have prepared should the issues prove too much for even the heavily upscaled measures we've taken.

  • Hello everyone,

    1 hour in and we think it's about time to put a final line below it all. We monitored the situation thoroughly and collected data throughout. While the first minutes after we opened up again showed similar issues, user numbers quickly rose and the issues started to dissipate.

    We have, after a lengthy discussion, come to the decision not to wipe. It was a very tough decision to make, as neither would have made everyone happy. Nonetheless, we believe this to be the best option.

    You are right to be disappointed, so are we. The whole undertaking obviously went off the rails in an unfortunate manner and we now have to step up and learn from the data we've collected today.

    So while we go through what happened today, we hope you have a good weekend - cheers from all of the team.