[NA server] Nirvana in Fire Recruiting PvE, PvP, PvX

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    Nirvana in Fire is now recruiting!!!

    We are a friendly & helpful group of experienced players seeking to add to our numbers. This is an 18+ guild of casual but dedicated players with the majority of our focus on PVE.

    Though we are a casual group we do expect decently fast levelling to be able to complete higher level content. We are seeking to do both daily and weekly raids/dungeons together, as well as other guild activities.

    Levelling up will be heavily rewarded: 1 kilo cocaine per every 10 levels, while supplies last… move fast! and get yours!! before the next guy takes your loot for themselves!!! PSA: there are no supplies xD

    We are a chill group of players with no love for drama so drop in, say hi, tell a joke & get to know us…Just leave the trolling & drama at the door.

    We do expect all members to stay active, but we acknowledge people have to work or go to class, so we understand if something comes up, just let us know, we got your back (otherwise inactive players will be removed after a period of two weeks).

    We have our own discord with both voice & text chats and are social friendly, we often use VC during our runs in game. (VC is a requirement for our raids)

    Our Guild has members from around the world & will be happy to hear where you're from. We have multilingual members but we are an English speaking guild.

    One last question before you go: Are we right for you??? Well come in & find out… I don't think you will be disappointed!

    If you're interested in joining us please click the following link to join our discord and introduce yourselves.


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