Will dungeon queues will pop faster as a Healer or Tank?

  • I will be rolling both as a healer and a tank. I will be leveling with a friend who is a DPS. During leveling and at max level. Will the queues pop faster with my DPS friend if I roll as a tank or healer? Going to roll both but will just use 1 toon for a month before I start using my other toon.

  • Inside the Beta there was from my queues at least a lack of Tanking. If the release is anything like Beta then Tanking could probably get you into a dungeon a little faster. Truly, we will only be able to tell by the end of release day.

  • Personally playing bard I have to say my que times in CBT 1 were faster as a healer, then in CBT 2 my que times were faster as a dps. When I played spearmaster in CBT 1 and CBT 2 my tank times were lightning fast compared to my dps ques. At least beta wise it seems we lacked tank ques in the afternoon/evening. I play NA, my timezone is EST. I hope this information was helpful.