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    "played this game since the beta and I'm still not even close to student1"

    What have you been doing then? You get to Student 1 in roughly 10-12 hours of gameplay. Lets say if you are extremely casual and watch cutscenes make it double or triple, you'd still be at ST1.

    Changes required if allowing this

    Reduce gold reward drastically if player is low level. To prevent bots => RMT.

    Here are some stuff I found, that I would like to get updated to something better. Feel free to leave your own list of opinions / suggestions. I would recommend to keep it somewhat clean and formatted (edit your old text, instead of making new reply. Unless replying to someone else).

    Menu / Common

    • FPS issues (Can't wait for UE4, know you cant do much for while to this)
    • Menu hell (For new people, took me while to get used to all shortcuts). Again I don't think there is much you can do here, would like notification icon if Leisureland box isn't claimed. Forgot to claim it so many times (Shortcut Ctrl+X).
    • Golden nodes at Harvesting/Fishing getting "ganked" asap, have to be 4am warrior to get astral point quest done (2-3h investment).
    • So many options in settings, but cant do the simplest changes, ex: hide titles out of combat as well or change cooldown text color.
    • Gold of four seas daily keep showing up during weekdays to confuse new people even more.
    • Timegating most of stuff makes you just to be forced to complete your dailies at X time or you'll just stop caring at some point. (I would understand 1h downtime on most like event ends at 5am, starts at 6am again)
      -Demon elimination (why timegated?)


    • Instance / Gear lockout system relation to the content we have. I think it should be time to make current daily dungeons unlimited, hard modes reset once a day since most of us are already 75, just QoL update and somewhat catch up mechanic.
    • Try to keep your fortune up by doing same 4 dailies for months.
    • Too much repetition (Cloudrise knight cycling in 2 places Baxian & Shanghuai, used to have Huaxiu too but what happened?)

    Branching / Phasing / Sharding

    Basically its rare to get to same branch with friends/guildies to do activities together on open world due branching issues. Most of time you don't see each other due "branch is full" and you relog, use lantern and try all kind of stuff to get to the same branch.

    Not so good workaround
    Invite friend, notice branch is full. Let your friend invite you. Worst case both are full and you can't do anything besides relogging/using lantern etc hoping for spot to open on the branch.

    Possible solutions
    Channels, many MMO's use them, you can select between them, they are convenient. You can go to same one and swap the channels (could have like 5-15 min cd).

    Let me know what you think about branching, possible solutions or if you know better workarounds. Maybe we can get this fixed with more feedback.

    You need base gear level equal or higher to the gear level you are trading. So no, you cant just trade the gem if you are below gear level 75, says on the gem. Also I am pretty sure that when you feed 75 gear, you get 75 parchments. (Ofc trading is more valuable inside guilds, but so are parchments before you reach 75)

    I would love to do that, but b/c of everything being on set times to do stuff, this makes the first 4 or 5 hours I am playing to be in Faction Mode. I have a post on this as well (see below) so no matter what way you look at it, I will be in faction mode at some point of the day.

    Stop locking events at certain hours.

    I agree with removing the time gating on most stuff. However what I don't understand is why would it force you to be first 4-5 hours in faction mode.

    If you start non-faction mode, do dailies normally, then do the faction quest and disable faction pvp after. This literally makes you have to sit in faction mode roughly 15 minutes.

    I love the fact you have "Faction Mode" to allow use to turn off pvp (NOTE: I hate PVP), BUT.... when you are turned off, go into "Valley of Echoing Blades" it turns it ON, but DOESN'T turn it back off when you leave. This needs to get addressed. If a player has Faction Mode off goes into that zone and comes out, it should still be OFF. PLEASE for the love of god fix this.

    Workaround is to do Valley of Echoing Blades dailies, then toggle the faction pvp off.

    Just open recruit menu and start recruiting people

    Whether people are grouped or solo is irrelevant. The damage is the same to the boss either way.

    Not the same. If you are not grouped, your melee will get killed due 0 heals. Its day and night difference if you factor buffs and your melee pushing the enemies away.

    The daily "Demon Destruction and Gliding" that takes place in the Valley of Echoing Tones might as well not exist for one of the factions.

    The objective is to do more damage to the boss than the other faction, the problem is this is impossible when one side has 80% representation and the other side is 20%. Ive been at this for 4 hours now.....totally ridiculous. The other dailies in this zone are designed in a way that you can slowly make progress if you are outnumbered. This particular daily is all or nothing and you cannot make progress on it.

    All in all the faction system is horribly designed with zero safeguards for population balance and actually encourages faction imbalance by the way it only recruits people to one faction with super tiny-tiny text saying there is even another faction avaiable.

    On EU side I've managed to do it multiple times. Just open recruit menu and start recruiting people (auto invite: BLUE | VALLEY | BOSS+PVP), after you got 30 guys stacked for sure you can get one kill at boss. I know it doesn't fix the imbalance issue, but that's at least how I've got it done. Also use /s (normal) /c (area) /z (faction) chats to recruit.

    Change cooldown text color, because grey-on-grey is not good. Either give us color range to pick or swap it to red or something else.


    As you can see above, the numbers are not really easily seen. Then add this to mid combat and you can see even less.