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    It is not strictly "2 per week"

    But you get one guaranteed within a set of 4.
    So up to this week it was possible to do 20 bosses. That makes 5 sets of 4. Aka you should have had a minimum of 5 Gear drops in total.

    But yes, this week the cycle would stard at boss 13, Which starts a new set of 4. If you did all 8 this would make 2 full sets of 4 which should guarantee 2 Drops. So if this was not the case it should either be a bug, or the 95 drops work differently than 75, or it changed as well due to them adjusting 75 drops (which i didnt notice at all).

    [Just wanted to make it clear, that originally it was not a flat "2 drops guaranteed per week"]

    If that was the case, people would be full geared within 2-3 weeks time at this point.

    Can you please explain. 2-3 weeks with 2 drops min (what most people would see) is max 6 items and we wear 15. This is also saying the item that drops is the one you want. I think your math is just a bit off.


    As I said before - let's make the golden nodes exclusive to each player same as blue nodes are (tweak the respawn rate when necessary) and they can farm as long as they want. It won't affect other players. In my opinion, it's the easiest and most player-friendly solution by far.

    Or just... you know... gameforge should just ban the bots. Why are you trying to work around this with a harder solution.

    I agree with this post. I've basically reached lvl 5 only on fishing but once I learned these aren't account shared I lost any interest I still had cuz I will start from 0 once Fox comes.

    The only thing about Ancestral records being account shared is that you could level it so much faster cuz you could gain way more xp for basically every profession, which I think would have to be patched somehow.

    I will say this time and time again: Fortune does NOT increase the chance of you getting loot in this game. It is purely used for increase chance in item identification. The loot system really isnt any more different than any other game.

    Game description of Fortune stat says otherwise. Where is the math behind your claim?

    there is nothing worse for an mmorpg if the devs listen to some progress people, and balance the content arround them. then the game dies -> Wildstar best example. Devs made content so hard that people couldnt beat it anymore.. look where wildstar is now.... -> Spoiler its Service is Closed... People quit games cause the content is not doable/to hard, no one quit a game cause content is to easy.

    Game too hard? Seems legit.huorong_weird
    What will you do when extremes come?

    Hi there,

    can we please adjust the rewards for Land of Emerald Clouds BG? Atm I feel the gamemode is fun but it isn't as rewarding as any other bg and doesn't compare, making it ultimately not worth playing aside for the weekly quests.

    Increase Combat Spirit from 50 to 70 (idk exactly how it scaled when you aren't first, the scaling would be the same)
    Teams on place 3 and 2 will receive 1 bronze chest, place 1 receives 2 bronze chests.
    Emerald Cloud bi-weekly quest could drop a Fengxuan chest
    Add something nice into the shop for Cloud Rancour Cards, the costume looks kinda meh and the box is the only thing "worth" buying.

    Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

    Help I am capped on Writs with nothing to buy

    What's with these times? They are so off. Even doing useless stuff that doesn't really have to be done. Noone even says you have to do all weekly content in 1 day you know, you can just, not do that.

    btw wtf is easy mode dungeon? Normals? You do that 1x/day for the daily I don't think anyone cba to do more unless u like rly depsperate for that mentor buff.

    And yeas people crying "game to easy"... cause they outgear the content... but thats not NORMAL case. .. If you go with ilvl 65 team in ruins of nuowu. its not possible, not even if u are a korean god gamer...

    If your team is ilvl 70+ then u might have a chance.. and at full ilvl 75 it feels "easyer"... thats obvious.

    Didn't expect I'd respond into this thread but... what? Just what kind of skill level do you need to have to not clear on recommended gear level.

    but the attitude is toxic. kicking the low dps. or the people who has highping , cause he keep dieing at the minigame phase...

    i dont like spreading toxicity in raids/dungeonds.

    Kicking players that don't perform well and are slowing the raid progression repeatedly is imo not toxic as long as u don't flame.

    Parchments constantly keep increasing while the ways you get them have not (except for the two parchments from easy mode, which is not proportional at all). This means you went from basically passively capping parchments by doing anything, to having to basically do every single PvE daily and weekly on the cultivation menu, which includes a daily normal mode dungeon and a weekly easy mode raid. The thing is that these things are not interesting to do at all and basically just force you to log in for 30-60 minutes every day to do menial shit. I get people need to be bribed to run easier content for new players, but really, every day? Normal dungeons are just a zerg of bored i70s pulling everything to boss and destroying it in 10 seconds at this point. At the same time the AMOUNT of actual currency you get from each parchment has been decreased. So instead of keeping it stable, it was changed so you have to do more work for the exact same reward. (Actually, I think the weekly amount you get comes out to less even, but don't take my word for it, I'm not doing the math) At the same time, we still have to run the ever increasing amount of raids, without anything ever fading out or being optional. Hard mode dungeons are still basically a requirement too because of the shoehorned in crafting materials for rank 3 sockets which can't be sold and only drop from there.

    I don't really mind the cap increase as if you are lazy to do dailies you can buy a lot of parchments from ruvia/lantern/mentor/attendance shops and most important weeklies also drop them.

    I do however agree with the lotus fire mat being only droppable in hard mode dungeons, I would like to see them drop elsewhere, maybe in the easy raid.

    The second point is content pace. Raids are releasing too fast. We barely got one week on i60 BiS before the raid released with 75 gear, and if I understand current planned releases, we'll have probably the same time on i75 gear before hard mode comes out with higher item level. For most people like me (from what I gather), games like these are based on ebb and flow. You invest a lot of time at once to progress the raids and reclear them, then you have some downtime to just chill on good gear. If there is constant flow of higher item levels, it just feels like there's no point doing anything anyway, because by the time you get to the best gear, it's not the best gear anymore.

    Playerbase: We need more content pls game boring ppl leaving

    This guy:


    On a more serious note Gameforge probably wants to reach to China and implement big patches asap, fixing various bugs and stuff idk...

    I would like to clarify why this situation has occurred. Before the Raid was released, it was only possible to get 9/9 colours, those that completed the achievement before the Raid launched were able to get the Riot of Colours achievement and item + quest. Due to the Raid release, which adds Spirit Colour: Gold, you now need to also collect this item before the achievement can be completed.

    If there is still an issue with it not completing despite having all 10 colours, please let us know.

    ""Spirit Colour: Gold, you now need to also collect this item before the achievement can be completed.""
    do not need.... my friend completed the quest without spirit gold....
    my character is still bugged.. i have all pre requisits but the quest didnt appear

    already sent a ticket but need to wait... 18 fortune is a good buff... please fix this soon

    No, he's correct. You now need Spirit Color: Gold to complete the achievement and gain the fortune collectible. Your friend probably collected 9 of them before raid released.

    You can clearly get more than 18 parchments or nobody would've got to 1000 to get level 75 equip.

    There's probably 2 limits, one from shop, one overall. or it doesn't make sense.

    Yes, it was always +2 from the mentor "Thought and Form" buff whic hallowed you to get 2 more weekly parchments.

    Gettting 1k 60 parchemnts was easyli doable because every hardmode dungeon dropped 3 per boss + 3 per completion, you gained 12 parchments from single "pack" (you only gain 6 if you are on lvl 75), the cap was only 12 or 14 iirc but that still amounted to ~213-237 parchments weekly.Everyone from my static was able to get 1000 lvl 60 parchments the week before raid released. You still had 1 week after that.

    My fishing event spot is more crowded every week tho.

    1) Battlegrounds Daily, noone wants to waste their precious time being farmed by pre-mades, its cancer and makes game anti-fun, its not about finding or creating your own pre made, there are X number of dailies and with the new raids players cant spend hrs trying to get a good BG and get daily done.

    Noone wants to efficiently use their precious time winning after they join a pre-made and- oh wait they do.

    I am still doing all the dailies and try to cap on important stuff (parchments, maple seals, etc.) and I am still having fun in this game. Noone is stopping your progression, they slow it sure, but even if you are unlucky in the raid you can already buy a piece of 75 equip almost weekly through parchments or get lucky though fishing/treasure hunting. Next gear level should be coming in september with hard raids so you still have over a month to gain high enough gear.

    To the main point, game is not dying, the hardcore players who feel like there isn't enough hardcore content for them are leaving the game, this is to be expected at every "new" game. But the amount of players still playing is sufficient for the game to stay alive.


    it is possible to get 2 more parchments from the Thought and Form buff you get from mentor weekly cultivation quest. You get 2 stacks of "Thought" buff and when getting overcap parchments, they are converted into "Form" buff (might be rng). Having both "form" and "thought" active at the same time gives you additional parchments. This can only be triggered twice per week.

    You can also buy "infinitive" parchments in the mentor shop that don't count towards the cap.

    Being high in combat spirit can speed the progress though the pvp ranks, thus making you able to get higher gear faster than other people.

    People form premades because they want higher chance to win, losing is ultimately not worth spending your time on as u get no chest and way less combat spirit. If you don't want to spend time on creating a premade/static, what makes you think other people shouldn't? You are basically choosing to play in a disadvantage.