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    I see the same thing on the Fox Mage as well, thus i can only assume it isnt a bug, but a change to the leveling process.

    Only noteworthy correction is the dungeon you get Li Lingshuang, is Temple of Mercy, Frostbitten Path was the second, not the first.

    Anyone see anything different on spirit warrior / fox mage, as far as getting Yilang as a companion?

    Was not ever given the option to do the quest for Yilang as a companion.

    When it finally had me do my first dungeon, Frostbitten Path it automatically had me with Li Lingshuang, and she starting at level 160.

    I've gone back and done the dungeon, have cleared main quest up through Student4, still no Yilang.

    Was she removed, or changed for the new classes? Can she still be gotten?

    It doesn't change the problem, a totally one-sided game is not fun. You can be on the premade side or on the random team side, it won't be fun.

    Depends who you ask.

    I've seen many pre-mades flounder cause they don't have it together, or dont quite follow through on ensuring the objectives are met.

    When a pug beats a pre-made, it can be quite fun indeed. Some of the best wins i've had were beating known "good" teams cause we managed to take out key positions and distract them, until it was too late.

    Boils down to, the Devs changing it one way or another isnt going to "magically fix" the issues or common complaints with queuing. No game has done it where everyone was satisfied. Simply put there will always be outliers and ways to take advantage of a given system regardless of how it is set up. Regardless of how you say to change it, there will always be a way to hedge your bets, or get an advantage in a competitive environment. It's just the nature of competition, people will inevitably find the path of least resistance.

    I disagree with this suggestion. Your suggestion punishes people who work together for a common goal and actually set out to form teams.

    Make your own groups / get guildies to join and it isn't an issue in the first place. It's one of those places having numbers and coordination should be rewarded. Just cause you are unwilling to do that, should not be a reason to request punishing others that do.

    I'm largely a solo player (if not playing with family), most of the time my characters aren't even in a guild (this is most games), so i understand just as much as anyone, how aggravating it can be dealing with pre-mades. I've slogged through enough em to be on the receiving end, and have been the extra on the other end of the spectrum as well.

    However just cause i choose not to play the way it is intended, doesnt mean it needs to be changed for me. There are a variety of ways to enjoy the pvp content, some are going to be more favorable than others depending on how social or how determined you are to make it work, but its the same for everyone else too. Detracting from something just cause it isnt in your favor isnt a reason for a change.

    As Johnnie above noted, they arent in release due to them having been released in a much later build.

    Not really sure why this thread hasnt been locked honestly.

    The original question has been answered.

    They are coming, there's not going to be a change to them cause there is nothing to change on them. The only question is when, and they will likely be given when the info is given, along with name reserve/release information depending on how far their plan gets into.

    Simply put, there's nothing for them to change cause there is no questionable content. Only the noose was changed, and Phaendar already responded to another thread about that very change, and why, and the stance for further changes/censorship.

    Thus, this thread is entirely moot at this point.

    I'm all for skipping the loli race in NA,

    Won't happen, it's already part of the game. The only question is when they will be released.

    My wife and daughter are looking forward to them.

    2nd, why do people use the phrase "loli race", since when did it change from being human, unless your explicitly talking about the Fox?

    Just my curiosity.

    play the game before complaining/worrying, there is no reason to censor the girl bodytype as its a traditional chinese game and women and childs are not sexualized at all^^

    While i am included to agree, not everyone in the world would. Thankfully those that might find it questionable are in regions that the game wont be released in, primarily due to religious principles not allowing it.

    As far as costumes go, this game has the most "tame" choices i think i've run into in a long time. It definitely doesn't follow any old traditional D&D tropes, for sure.

    I look forward to it as well, including the unreleased classes.

    With the addition of western release having an additional slot, i approve of the ability to make one of every class.

    Will be plenty to do for a while given the content already, as well as future updates.:)

    Seems pretty easy to me.

    Rampage gets punished and has no rewards.

    Faction toggle gives open world pvp options but only against other like minded, and there are rewards for it.

    No brainer, if i ever saw one.

    One pvp type I don't mind getting kill over for, with reason and rewards. Although it would bring up the issue of one side being too strong and camp the other side..or there will be players camping those map 24/7 to prevent other players from doing their quest .

    With the ability to change factions once a week, this shouldnt be a big deal, but with how large guilds tend to affect such things, we'll have to wait and see.

    They really should have made it clearer in their FAQ instead of saying that you could 1v1 as long as the other person gave permission, therefore implying there was a way to toggle off the possibility of being ganked.

    It should be noted, while leveling (EG not at level cap) you can not be PK'ed by a max level player, this was stated in today's twitch stream. (31May21). Rampage is enabled/made available at level cap, and not before.

    The system is fine, played in TW and CN, nothing to worry about relax.

    Dumbest statement in the thread.

    When our version goes pay by the hour (not happening), then this may have some meaning, until then it's absolutely ridiculous to even make this statement.

    Like others, i dont see it being an issue, albeit a possible minor annoyance from time to time.

    However, we all know if griefers can grief, they will. No questions asked.

    Why? Cause simply put, they cant hack it in an area where everyone is PvP enabled, willing and ready.

    The only question is how it will affect us since we dont pay by the hour. Simply put, our penalty are no where near as harsh as CN/TW.

    The devs are aware it is something that will need to be kept under observation, so that's good enough for me. For now.

    It isn't gonna keep me from playing, both PvE and PvP, however I'll do my PvP where people are expecting it.

    The guy that wanders near the cooking station, Ni Laoliu, make it where we can make him shut the hell up or kill him, he may be the most annoying NPC i have run into in the GAME!

    Cant stand when Devs put an annoying NPC right where a player HAS TO BE, to go forward with quests.

    Yes, i'm probably a minority here, but i really really HATE NPC's that make constant noise, and they serve no purpose in moving the story forward.


    i try to do all things but none of that works for me, hope this works for someone else... the event viewer dont generate anything bad about GameForge launcher... just audits and normal things...

    Just something i saw someone post in discord for the game.

    Some people downloaded it to an external drive and moved it over to the folder they made.

    Something to try if people are still having issues downloading.

    Okay, gonna run through some/several odd steps, these may be tedious if you are tech savvy, so apologies in advance.

    Essentially the client is reaching out to the website and is either failing to negotiate the hand shake for the data transfer, or you may not have elevated privileges for the game client. EG: The game client isnt running with admin privileges. This can be due to security settings on your machine, or you are not logged in with an admin level account.

    Simplest thing first:

    1> Close the Gameforge client if you have it open.

    2> Right click the Gameforge launcher (gfclient.exe), and run as administrator. Its default location is here:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\GameforgeClient or alternatively just search for gfclient.exe

    3> Make sure the folder you want to put it in is already created, and has no files in it.

    4> You'll need to do the folder thing again, and likely has to be done twice, cause the first time the system checks if the folder is empty or if it has something in it. If there is anything in it, it will fail.

    If the game connects and starts downloading at this point, you're good to go. Just keep it in mind, as when patch day hits you'll probably need to do the same to get the update.

    If the above doesnt work, you may need to check some other settings, and there could be a number of them.

    1> TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.1 has not been disabled. If your machine gets updates regularly, they are likely already disabled. If you are on Win10 and are not at least on 1903, you must update your OS. You can check your TLS settings by opening that ancient browser (internet explorer) settings with: inetcpl.cpl

    You can just hit the start button, and type the above in and it should be a selection for you. You can then go to the advanced tab and remove TLS 1.0 and 1.1 from the checked boxes. I typically see this issue with SQL, so why i've listed it, even though i have no way to verify the game client uses those methods to connect/negotiate. Maybe a GM/Dev, could give some insight.

    While on this settings window, you can also try to add the site to your "trusted sites", and simply add to the list. If you are able to download other games from the client, this method can be skipped however.

    2> Deep dive time, you'll need to open your event viewer (type it after clicking start for you to select it).

    Click applications on the left pane after it finishes loading. Look at the logs presented for warnings, errors or critical events. If you find any listings there, that reference gameforge, i'd recommend opening a ticket with support and forward them what the event states. If you are more savvy, you'll probably be able to google-fu the error code, or reference part of the error itself and may find something you can do to correct it.

    3> Just cause others have found it helpful, connect to a VPN and try to run the client again. For several people this has worked for them.

    Just a few things people can check at least, i make no promises they will work for everyone, but it will remove some potential road blocks for you.


    that's one hell of a risk u took there .

    to be honest i will try Edit2 and hope it works but dam man , u gone too far just to download the game !

    Not really, i tend to spend a lot of time in registries on servers, since its my job.

    However, for people who arnt familiar with it (many gamers are though), there is always a risk factor clicking/changing the wrong thing ect.

    As to your issue of the dynaimic drive.

    Can you shorten the span to a much lower number between the dynamic drives (assuming you are spanning or using a software level RAID set). If you can shrink the drive by the 80+ (id say 100 if ya got it). This will release it and put it back as unallocated space. You can then reformat it, set it as a simple drive, with bottom option of the 2 choices. Set the drive letter and you should be able to make a folder and set the game to that location. You will have to select the last drive if it spanned, cant break the span, only shorten from the end of it.

    Plenty of videos out there for shrinking a drive so i wont go into the details here.

    As to why the the gameforge client refuses to work with dynamic drives, i wouldnt be able to surmise with current info we have. However this should give you a work around to be able to download.

    Yes i hit the browse button and choose the folder and it shows the folder in the window, then after choosing the folder i hit install.

    And you did this twice? For some reason the first time isnt enough, i had to do it twice in a row.

    I had tested this (if you see my response in the other thread), which required it to be done twice before it downloads. No idea why it behaves that way, hopefully it is a temporary issue.