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    Is there any fix yet to this issue ?
    i missed the first CBT because of installation issue with GF Client .

    Now second CBT after finally fixing the installation issue i get Authentication Failed !

    Ehhh Guys GF Team with Respect what is the point of Asking players to pay their money to play a game in Closed Beta which ur not ready to handle yet?!?!

    i mean put ur selfs in my shoes what is the point of paying money and i dont get anything in return ?

    They patch the gameforge client, apparently works now and i can download game finally... still sad cause im losing beta 1, anyways, check if you can download now... at least for BETA 2.

    yea same with me after patch update the client can download normally and without any issues , actually i made refund ticket to GameForge Support Team but now i asked them to cancel it and i hope i can try the game in CBT2 .

    I tried everything mentioned in previous replies .

    sadly nothing works at all i still get the Error message ( An unexpected exception occurred )

    so any luck we get a real backup from the game Dev soon ?

    that's one hell of a risk u took there .

    to be honest i will try Edit2 and hope it works but dam man , u gone too far just to download the game !

    I tried all drivers i have on my PC aside from my C of course since i have no space there anyway , but still i always get Error message once i try to start the download .

    can i get some help over here from GM or CoMa please ?