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    Another thing about the character voice. To try each one out all you get is grunts and yells, there should also be a comment or sentence in the voice preview, as grunts and yells don't tell you anything. I loved my Chinese voice on my character, I didn't know what she was saying but she always sounded enthusiastic and happy. Also were the mount up comments direct translations? because they are really rather awful. So this week I bought all the voice options (shouldn't have had to buy them as I'd already chosen at character creation) to see which one I now preferred, they are all as awful as each other, it would be great if we could have the option to turn that off, as each time we mount it makes me want to stuff something in her mouth to shut her up.

    There is another way out of the expensive costumes. Don't buy anything, play the game, it's free, at some point they will realise that the best business plan is "sell cheap, sell more", but I doubt this will happen until it's too late. This game won't be around in a few years, it's a short interlude, just enjoy it for what it is. I've always preferred subscription based games personally, except Path of Exile who have got it just right, lovely costumes in shop, fair prices, updates very frequently and all free, and they've been going for years. Most of the "big" games lately are just money grabs, the days when games were made to be enjoyed for years are long gone.

    After a ridiculous argument over 100g with them telling me the character I sent it to has been deleted (she hasn't, she's Student 1 but only ilevel 55 as I prefer my Summoner now) I made the decision to not buy anything at all having spent hundreds at the start on CC. I'll get my money's worth by playing and not buying. The saying "a leopard never changes its spots" ....I think GF have proven this.

    I absolutely hate the new English VA for when you get on your shop bought mount. Ridiculous phrases, not at all the voice I chose, I wish we had the option to not have the "mounting" comment....I used to love my little Chinese character's comment, she sounded so excited and raring to go even though I didn't understand what she was saying. Now I have a boring, monotone voice that talks rubbish.

    One annoying thing I've found is that imprints don't go across the whole account, you have to buy them again if you want them for another character.

    Imprints are something else than cash shop items. Imprints are gearsets you collect in game. For those you 'pay' to wear them, for as far as I know. These items need to be collected per character and some are class only gearsets.

    Imprints are in the cash shop, ergo they are cash shop items. First game I've ever played where you need real money to wear a transmog from something you've previously looted, even your own class gearsets. That's fine, this is a different game, and the way it makes money is not through subs but from the cash shop appearance items, but then allowing costumes across accounts but not the paid for imprints seems a bit scammy.

    I was also able to pick up the same gold nodes several times a day during beta and since release. If there is a lockout mechanism for gold nodes, it's more complicated than that.

    The blue nodes having fewer/different spawns early on comes from an activity system according to the cn wiki. Some blue nodes will only appear after you have accumulated some kind of hidden activity.
    One of the most noticable resources are Algal Crystals which are abundant in the grasslands for some players while others have trouble even finding one.

    Yesterday I picked up the same blue node twice, so it's not necessarily once a week. As you said, it's down to previous activity whether you see them or not.

    I'm levelling Reaper because I would like to try the healing on that class. I've found it much easier to use the "Moth" build. She's level 25 at the moment and has just got all her skills bar one, and am really enjoying it even though I hate melee classes. I haven't a clue what her dps is like (she's only 25), but stuff dies so that's ok :p

    Well at least that's something, in other threads they say you can only change it once, so I hope they've decided on the 30 day thing. I wouldn't even mind them selling a token in the shop to let us change the name, I'm stuck with a character's name that I don't and won't play in the title of my house and really want to change it.

    I'm wondering why GF require screenshots of goldsellers (the real ones, not the Crimson to gold ones), isn't right clicking and reporting enough? If it isn't enough, then goldsellers are going to run rampant, because why should we take the time to do a screenshot, upload it to another site, then contact support (separate it's not "easy"). I know I've said it's up to Community to report stuff to GF, but GF need to make things like reporting goldsellers an easy thing to do as it's in their interests.

    I reported a couple of them yesterday by the right click method, and thought that was the end of it, if fussing about with screenshots is necessary I won't bother.

    So we've discovered, rather than being informed at the start, that you can only change house name once. Now some of us are stuck with totally irrelevant house names. If you don't want to allow us to change the instance name more than once, then in view of the fact we weren't told at the beginning (or it wasn't made evident) it would be a nice gesture to let us change it once more or if that's not possible, I think several of us would be grateful for an item to be sold in the shop to allow us to change the name of our instance, this time with a warning that it's a one time action.

    Oh I so agree with your (1), some classes have a dash, mainly the tank, so the rest of us can only trot on at a snail's pace to find the tank has already pulled and his health is looking bad!

    Want to change the name of my house, and get the message "The resident's name wasn't changed enough". What on earth does that mean? The new name I want is nothing like the old one. I'm guessing it's a bad translation and could perhaps give a timer on it to show when you can change the name.

    Let's be honest, I have already seen people with 15K+ gold. If you think it is not buying from someone else using irl money please let me know the trick.

    Report them if you know who they are, it's just as much the community's responsibility to police RMT as it is Gameforge's, that is, if you want a game to survive. It's not "telling tales", it's getting rid of those who break the rules.