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    You missed out, stand there and do nothing, to spoil their fun, come back to them to be killed again and again until they have enough evil QI to go to prison :) Go mend your gear whilst laughing all the way to doing what you were doing. I understand there is a cheat to get out of prison, I hope they use it and get banned....I shall personally be watching :)

    I remember a time when PKers were viewed as the scum of the earth in mmorpgs, even by other PvPers and where the penalty was at least 3 days (real time) in jail. From some of their comments here it seems it's now perfectly natural to want to kill pve equipped players who aren't interested in forced PvP, is a guaranteed pathetic win which means absolutely nothing regarding how good/bad they are at pvp, will not give them any rewards, will not get gear, or on any leaderboards and will put them in prison. The only upside I can see for them is that they can open their filthy little mouths and trash you without getting reported. In the discord channels it was even said that PvPers don't care about outfits, so to be honest they aren't even a source of income for GF, but more than likely a loss if people get fed up with their antics and leave.

    Do I want to get rid of PKing?'s good to see who the rubbish are, but I would like either the option of opting out so I don't actually have to interact with the dross, or make the penalty far more severe.

    Have to agree here with all the above comments. Every single mmorpg I've played since the internet first arrived have had their toxic parts of the community. I do one thing first when playing these games....turn off world chat. It makes for a calmer and more friendly experience. In other games I've always run guilds who are for the "more mature" gamers who more than likely have family and jobs as their primary concern, that way you get to play in a friendly tolerant atmosphere. This time around I have joined a guild with that same outlook, we will do stuff together, probably wipe loads of times and have great fun doing it :)

    One word of advice, be very careful of some of the guilds advertising on the Discord guild channel. They sound wonderfully relaxed and "harassment free" "mature" etc. but in reality are....toxic. My friend and I know, we fell for it and joined one and left within 10 minutes :p Rather, find people you like to play with in game, you will come across them as you play, and either join their guilds (alliances in this game) or make a regular group with them. A game is what YOU make it :)

    I've never seen the need to "keep up" with hardcore players, why? because I'll never be playing with them, so what does it matter? I like to enjoy and appreciate the game and the story and the lore, all of which the devs have worked hard to create. If it takes me longer to get to the stage where "there is nothing to do", that's fine by me...I got value for my money :)

    Did I say anything about Xianxia? Nope....I meant mmorpgs...I don't play SOLO because it's Xianxia, I play it because I like the game, if it turns out that PKers spoil it I'll move to another mmorpg of which there are many coming out.

    There's one good thing about this year, if the PKers get too annoying there are loads more games we can go to. Leave them to it if they want to kill the people who actually spend money on the game :)

    Can we play this demo through just the Gameforge launcher, or do we need to use Steam?

    It's a Steam Fest thing, so no you can only play it on Steam. A good opportunity to make and save your character presets if you forgot during beta, and sort out your UI and other settings.

    Because it's a well known fact that PKers are appalling PvPers, and need to get their street cred and jollies from killing people in PvE gear, or someone whose health is low whilst killing a mob, or maybe even someone who is AFK. They will soon lose their street cred as people on the server make a list of the rejects. By the way there was a Chinese hack mentioned to get out of prison I hope you PvPers will report it as any responsible player would, so that it can get fixed.

    You've hopefully never had nor will have children.

    But according to your "figures", hardly anyone would turn it off? So what's your problem?

    If you look at the contents of the Collector's edition, they have two assassins holding weapons that look like fans. I wonder if there will be fan skins in game at some stage.