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    You can transform into a goose or a cat. I haven't met a game that let me do this since Mabi, and that game was horribly p2w (and janky).

    Heck, you can even transform into one of those dragonstar respawn points (you have the green text above you and everything)... We're talking stealth lvl 100 checks no player would ever expect. I think you can even do this on the PVP faction map. It's a 20h cooldown on the skill/world item, but by my god it would be funny to do in ow pvp.

    ...and a raccoon and a rabbit!

    I see a problem here where most people argue there's nothing to worry about open-world pvp because the penalties are harsh, others will be coming for the bounty, and even that the unsuspecting victim should move away from the spot/map and even give up on whatever they were doing to try it a later time... that's terrible. That is blaming the victim and excusing the ganker. Why should a player unwilling to pvp have their pve experience interrupted in any way because of a ganker? it's not about skill, gear level, or any of the certain or likely consequences - it's simply about respecting other players - respecting other people.

    Sure, it's just a game, getting squashed by surprise when you didn't even know it could happen might be "fun" for some but for many it isn't, exactly because it is a game - people want to relax and enjoy their game without even the thought of being possibly trampled, let alone being forced to stop doing what they were doing. Penalties matter very little or not at all - otherwise capital punishment would have prevented heinous crimes but historically it did nothing in that regard while, in fact, adding the problem of innocents being wrongfully convicted and put to death. The nature and implications of penalties for a certain offense are, by themselves, irrelevant to the frequency and intensity of said offenses - that's an old (in fact ancient) school of thought in Law widely supported by the historical record.

    The issue is the system that allows the offense, and allowing here is all the encouragement needed. It also could happen by accident - it could even happen when the bounty hunter inadvertently hits another player nearby. If the game gives no reward but punishes the ganker - and the victim -, logically it should not implement ganking in the first place. Most western MMOs (certainly all the big ones I can think of) have either removed this mechanic or not implemented it at all.

    The best thing you can do is stand there, not say a word and let them kill an inanimate object....respawn and go back to exact spot and do it again, until he goes to jail. Then sit and chuckle behind your screen :)

    PKing is for those who are below skill level for real PvP.

    Telling someone they are mentally ill and to get help, or that they should be arrested it definitely and insult and not constructive criticism. Nice try trying to argue semantics, but you fall flat on your face, as usual. Also, calling someone is a [REMOVED] is definitely an insult as well, considering it is a pejorative term, especially when, once again, it is being slung without evidence.

    As for what I wrote, I wrote the exact same thing the other people wrote. I said they are closet [REMOVED]if they feel uncomfortable about lolis, after the called people who like lolis [REMOVED]. Pretty basic. Funny how the moderators never say "no calling anyone [REMOVED]", but only tell ONE SIDE not to call names in response to the other party. Basically just sit there silently and be berated. Not very good community management. ALL of those comments should be deleted. Personally, I would just run a script to delete all comments with that word by date, in ASC order.

    That's the world today I'm afraid, there's only one side they listen to...the woke side who can do no wrong. (Watch this get deleted)

    I think you'll find you're wrong there about the same character being level one at release. Everything will be reset, so your character selection will be empty to make new characters. If for example you made 6 characters during beta, and you have name reservation before release, you would have no space for reserving a name if all your characters were still shown and you would have to delete the lot to even reserve a name, because many players didn't use their release name in Beta in case it got taken for release.

    I've alpha and beta (proper alpha and beta, not showcases like this one) tested many mmos in my time and not one of them had characters remaining on the account at release.

    While playing the game, there has been a specific user (No names but you all may know them) who has been spamming the Novice and World chat with very awkward, creepy, and pedophilic stuff. It isn't quite crossing the border into being able to report the user, but its obnoxious and most people are incredibly put off. While some of you are seeing griefing as inherently bad, immature, whatever, It is an incredibly useful tool to keep users off the game that are trying to cause problems, be obnoxious, and make the community a bad place.

    Me and many others wouldn't waste our time PKing randos because we have better things to do and don't want to serve the jail time, but if by griefing we can force bad users off like this, then lots of people would *gladly* take the jail time. Because they feel like they are making the game and community better. Without a PK mechanic we would just have to keep enduring this persons stupidity in world chat until they got bored (And there is an endless amount of people to rile up, so who knows when that would be), So its better to just grief them and make the game a pain for them to play until they leave.

    People have tried talking it out verbally, but that just encourages the troll even further. When talking amongst adults it is fine and respectable to be diplomatic when trying to deal with issues, but when dealing with trolls and verbal griefers, oftentimes the only way to get them to truly go away is to grief them back and make the game not fun.

    If people here are so sensitive that they can't handle a minor setback from the occasional very rare stray PK griefer, they probably can't handle dealing with the trolls that would constantly flame world chat either, or maybe they would just isolate themselves further and turn off all chats (seeing that these people don't have friends to help them if they are getting physically grief'ed either) but at that point why are you even playing an MMO? Honestly.

    Blocking them is so much easier, reporting them for inappropriate behaviour, even better. PKing is never an answer to anything.

    It could be an idea for you PKers to get good at PvP and join in the PvP areas and arenas. PKers are generally useless at PvP which is why they enjoy picking on someone with no PvP gear on, and who weren't expecting to be ganked....easy meat, easy win and a chance to trash talk... but pretty useless at PvP, hence they don't want to do it with better PvPers :) I see in other posts regarding PvP that the useless are even going to make PK groups!!! Really? You need a group of people to take down one unaware, ungeared person = really, really useless....gang warfare only without 2 gangs :p The rampage system is far too soft, other PVE/PvP games had them in prison for 3 days. I think that's far more realistic.

    Also, stop with the "find another game" stuff, you really want to drive people away from the game? Gameforge will love the lack of money coming in with just a few PKers left (who aren't renowned for spending money)....not!. There's another game coming out soon, where "genders are neutral" and players choose their "pronouns"....the potential players are also telling people to find another game if they don't like it. I see another failure of what could be a good game, but with only a small minority playing will 100% fail.

    Part of the problem with pk (or open world pvp as the candy-coated renaming) is that it allows trolls to have "fun" at others expense.
    "Just go somewhere else" they say, the PKer will just come find their victim again; and apparently (I have heard, they maybe wrong)they can spawn camp too. And you can't report the troll for harrassing you because "that's part of the game".

    Developers rarely take into consideration the bully mentality when they design such things... or they are bullies themselves.

    I think the best way to deal with them is to just stand there, not saying a word, let them kill you, and return to where you were so they can kill you over and over and spend the next 8 hours hauling rocks whilst you chuckle and carry on with what you were doing ;)

    saying that you could 1v1 as long as the other person gave permission

    Please... I'm not saying you have to like PK or even be fine with it, you can definitely find the idea of being PKed unacceptable.

    But at the very least, try to have your facts straight when you talk about it: you cannot be a victim of a PK until you're max level.

    Where did I say anything about levelling?

    "With a b2p game, if you buy and quit--they got their money."

    They have it at the moment, I can cancel and refund before release. I will see how things go in CBT2 and if I don't find that the game is pleasurable for me due to PKers, I can get a full refund of my $100.

    They really should have made it clearer in their FAQ instead of saying that you could 1v1 as long as the other person gave permission, therefore implying there was a way to toggle off the possibility of being ganked.

    I think the system should stay the same and people should just deal with it. If you don't want to be PKed you don't have to play SOLO.

    This. On launch the penalty will be harsh enough to Rampage will be rare, and the minor inconvenience of respawning on spot will be way less than the person going to jail. If this already too much for you, don't stick with SOLO too long for when the system evolves.

    Tell that to Gameforge, they will love losing money, I mean it's only a business right?

    Gameforge has no Words in that, the Game is that way since 3 Years in China without any changes to the PK System.

    It works differently in China, people won't want to go to jail as they pay for playing time, so they won't want to waste their money sitting in jail. Unfortunately there are no restrictions here in the West to discourage anti-social behaviour.

    Well there goes the game my friends and I were so looking forward to. Time to cancel and refund. It definitely was NOT clear that there is no opt out for those of us who may like PvP but despise PKers.

    I think the system should stay the same and people should just deal with it. If you don't want to be PKed you don't have to play SOLO.

    This. On launch the penalty will be harsh enough to Rampage will be rare, and the minor inconvenience of respawning on spot will be way less than the person going to jail. If this already too much for you, don't stick with SOLO too long for when the system evolves.

    Tell that to Gameforge, they will love losing money, I mean it's only a business right?

    In one old PvP/PvE game, Pkers were put in jail for 3 days, and the whole account was included in that too, and they were ostracised by the whole community, so were in effect....pariahs. I suggest that if they want to be rid of the rampage effects, yes let's hope GF can get permission to get rid of them BUT make jail time 3 days instead for the whole account. Of course they can make another account, which is all good for GF = more money.

    A point to the Pkers, if you decide to gang up on certain players regularly, you will have your wish, they will leave the game = bad for GF = less money because we all know that PvEers spend more money on cosmetics than PvPers who will likely only buy one black/badass outfit. So even though the OP was a huggy, wanna be friends, fun(?) event announcement, it's no more than a meeting of ingame criminals. I would love if they kept the Rampage in its present form AND make it a 3 day stay in jail. I refuse to change my PvE gear to PvP when I'm engaging in PvE content just because some antisocial player tells me to, and if I decide to not refund my Collector's edition and play the game, I might even enjoy making your PK experience completely empty by just standing there and not saying a word, whilst I chuckle behind my screen thinking of your punishment.

    Personally, this was going to be my next long term game, but if after CBT2 the PK attitude has made my game experience less than pleasurable, I shall certainly get a refund, and I know many people who feel the same. If they decided to make PvP and PvE servers at some stage, I would return because this is a lovely game. Meanwhile I'll go take a look at the plethora of other games being released this year, just in case.