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    In the Recruitement tab, aka this :


    Could you add an "All" Tab on the top left over "Team Instance" that show everything from every category in the very same tab ?

    Having to constantly navigate between all (or at least half of) the tabs (+ waiting for refresh every single time you do so), is impractical and I can see it becoming annoying in the long run.

    Extra points if within that "All" tab, you can also add 7 checkboxes so we can decide what stuffs from which tabs to show/hide, the very same way the Normal/Hard mode checkboxes exist in "Team Instance" tab (see image above).

    Thanks for your time and consideration :*

    Thanks for your post.

    I agree with what you said overall , except for the Grindy / Pickup time / Autotravel, I think these are fine.

    Yes there is a bit of grind, but this is an MMORPG, and tbh, it's not that bad, dont expect to get everything in 3 days but it shouldn't take you years either. The grind balance is fine imo.

    Pickup time (I'm assuming you mean gathering and not picking up loots), I do agree it's a bit slow, but it's not a big deal at all imo. Speeding that up can alter the game systems internal balance so I think it's good as it is. just chill around while you're gathering, dont try to speedrun it XD.

    For the autotravel, I dont see any issue there, you can go from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world in less than 1 - 2min if you move by yourself. Autotravel is for people who dont even wanna bother moving by themselves and just afk instead, convenience kill MMORPGs, having an autotravel is more than enough already imo, no need to speed that up.

    And finaly there is one thing in "The bad" that you didn't mentioned : The game engine is outdated and run very bad even with a good config. Please gameforge, once china release Unreal Engine 4 version of the game try to import it ASAP in our version and not wait we get the corresponding content patch.

    Bad "optimisation" and poor translation/localisation job are the two very bad points in this game that absolutely need to be fixed.

    One rely mostly on the devs (optimisation/new engine), the second (localisation) is fully in your hand gameforge, so PLEASE focus on it as much as you can until game release, and even beyond that.

    You going on the region you're not intended to be was not gameforge fault.

    Gameforge shouldn't assume people are going to play on a region absolutely not made for them and then complain they can't transfer their character/money/cosmetic to another region of the world....

    Obviously it's always better to make some dummy-proof statements/FAQ about it, but I dont think this issue is worth all the drama or a lawyer LOL, it's as much your fault for doing the wrong thing as it is their fault for not making a dummy-proof statement about it.

    Also this game is "1 server per region" only on the front end.

    Each "server" is actually multiple physical servers on the backend, each of them being able to handle a lot of players (as much as a normal server on other MMOs).

    I think it's a much better solution as it unite the community instead of spliting it, and that's the main point of an MMO.

    And due to this system, no, it's not showing that they are expecting it to fail at all, why would they even put so much ressources into it since a year already otherwise.

    And you guys fail to realise how much money a 40€ b2p already generate, as well as how much money people are willing to put into cosmetic. Especially when it's not "RNG box" and even more so when it's account wide cosmetics. Much more people are willing (and will) put money into such shop more than they would ever had if it was a P2W/RNG cashshop and character bound cosmetic.

    I understand the concerns some people here have since this game is published by gameforge, on the other hand most games directions are due to their devs (even cashshops) more than the publishers themselves... Best exemple being Tera, gameforge can't do shit about it, game is failing thanks to bad devs, I wish more people know this.

    And Gameforge also improved overtime imo, it's a much better publisher than it was 5 - 8 years ago.

    Also, SOLO devs dont allow cashshop, they are also running SOLO just fine in China since 3 years with a lot of regular updates and a lot of players, meaning the game health is also doing well, and Chinese devs dont have the same mindset as Korean MMO devs (heavy on the microtransaction/grind/p2w as a way to build MMOs).

    So while I understand the concerns many people here have, I think it's better to inform yourself instead of throwing so much unfounded negativity.