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    ya die "apperication" itemmmmmmmms sind eine farbvariante eines skins (glaube "oriental" or so hiess die skin reihe), 2x battle pass und 5k cc, wenn ich mich richtig erinner

    c) versteh ich net genau wasu meinst?

    Thanks for your answer. That is really dissapointing. It is basicly useless in day-to-day use.

    welp that is the thing with all ingame achieveable mounts (except the first sword ofc). It's purly for collections

    I do not own the panda myself, but i remember when i checked it out, you would get little pandas. I believe they were collectibles?
    Did you check to see if you had collectibles that would summon those pandas to follow u around?

    Outfits for only Reaper are not sold by NPCs (but weapons, which is obviouls yreaper only XD)
    yea rest reaper only sets come from Crystaldust and story/quest stuff

    Ah and also the um... the sets you get for completing the blue/purple/gold stuff, it already reset once, so we are on the second set of that (like the set you can see where also the daily/weekly quests are and the scedule etc)

    Either you get them by (main story) quests, some you can buy from NPCs, others you get through Instances (Raids and Dungeons) and weapons shown there you also get in the CC shop.

    Specifically one class outfit you can get from Cystal Dust shop.

    Also i believe not all of those shown here are in game yet

    Thank you very much fol all the Hanzi and translation! I love researching VAs so this helps a lot <3 thank yoooou !

    Good day.

    i want to present follwing situation.

    Me: Ever since Perfect world, i ear for MMORPGs with "Pair"-Emotes - interactive emotes (for example the hair pin one, or the whisper one, or the wedding bow one currently avalable through outfits)

    Even before released, I saw following playlist
    And was rly hyped for them! this is one of the top most things i was waiting in SOLO

    I recently got more active on discord, and asked people in "new from china" channel, if they could tell me, from what outfit one could get these emotes, so i could plan my finances etc.

    Only to find out, that one of these was already available and I've missed it!

    It was not shown in a trailer video. It was not mentioned in a stream. It was not mentioned by an NPC. NOTHING! indicated that one would be able to obtain an emote from an RNG lottery within a limited time Event!

    I rly rly rly, want all the emotes, especially pair emotes!
    It rly kills me that i've missed this due to lack of information. Especially not expecting it, because before that, there were no emotes obtainable through events in anyway - so far they were all available by CC.

    So I request that this would be obtainable in another event again and this time as well as in the future when concerning anything - that it would be mentioned in either: The trailer video, the patchnotes.
    I noticed housing/items/etc get glossed over a lot. Only ever pve/pvp stuff is mentioned more in detail in patch notes.
    Hope this can change in the feature.

    I rly had to ask, because it's killing me!
    I am an RP person and love making vids and stuff, so it rly is killing me!

    Oh, even with the Hanzi! Thank you very much! <3 at least i have an easier time searching for stuff now <3

    Shan Kongye is the guy in the underworld (one of early story quests, where you collect your souls etc)


    He does not appear anywhere else after that as far as I know/can remember

    Well specifically I wanted to know all characters by WuLei. And I also wanted to know the VA voicing Shan Kongye. x: