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    Water Basins are smaller than the 16x16 tiles. I think its 4 water basins per tile.

    Ah true, i got bamboozled by the change of grid ._.""

    So that would mean, one would need 4x256=1024 Basins to cover the whole floor, which means it is not possible.
    Is there a way to up the limit? If not I guess i would need to add this to the list of my trillion suggestions x:

    But it is true that they are only placeable within the housing grid on the default earth/floor, right?

    Soooo, I've been trying to get my whole housing covered in water and I am a little confused.

    Did I miss something?
    Water Basin cap. is at 500.

    Housing Area is 16x16 = 256

    As far as I know, Water Basin can only be placed on the default floor. Aka max. of 256 can be used.

    What is the use of 500?
    Can it be used in different ways?
    Can it be placed outside the housing?

    I originally thought thouse "Blocks" Could be used as default flouring (with different "skins") and one could place Water there too, but that does not seem to be the case.

    Anyone got some insight on this?

    Probably exactly that. Because it was a way to make gold.

    Because there is a lack of gold making throughout the game. Ever since the removal, theres been an increase in people trading crimson coins to gold. Implying that the avenues to make gold are limited.

    Yea, thats what I am saying, they limit everything. It was already limited to begin with (one of my major critiques for this game). I personally didn't even know of that NPC, but I guess they didn't like some ppl getting some "extra gold" outside of dailies etc. ?

    Also I am no new player and constantly broke. I have tons of "respective currency" to trade with all kinds of NPC, but not the gold to actually do it. It all just sits there rotting.

    I am rly curious for their reason too

    Here's why I think the events should be for all players regardless of your level. We all purchased the game. It's not like it's an extra event you buy to do like battle pass rewards. If this game was free to play and then P2W like the other game I play, then yes having a level requirement makes sense. But in a game we all purchased to play from the begining, then the event's should reflect that. and all levels should be allowed in.

    Exactly. Since we all bought the game, All raids, should be available at level 1. Actually lets just remove levels and keep everything from start to end available. /s

    Like the previous poster said, one reason for this level restriction could be so that people cannot create alts just to do the event to farm gold. And also, even if you did not play the game every day, you should be able to hit max level if you had played since beta. I got friends who recently started who spend like 1-2hrs or so doing quests and some (logging in a few days to play casually) and still max level.

    Yea, compare progress related content to time limited "pvx" content

    I also find it annoying, not only is there a Level requirement, there is also a nonsensivcal gear level requirement. I pulled up my twinks to do pvx stuff and can't even do events with them due to lack of gear :< sux

    Um there is an option in player card, that says "only let friend add stickers" or something like that. Does that not work "after the fact"? (I didnt try) aka, even if there are stickers by non-friends, they stay after eneabling the option?

    2.. I agree blacklisted should block one in all aspects, but most of the time these functions are only focused on "whispering" or maybe even full chat function, but nothing beyond that (one can still get matched in instances for example)

    3. I personally also use stickers, because I can't possibly remember all people for doing Raids, so I use stickers as a kind of rating. Especially Toxic people, ragequitters etc, but ofc also those that are fun to play with, have good skills etc.~

    there is nothing worse for an mmorpg if the devs listen to some progress people, and balance the content arround them. then the game dies -> Wildstar best example. Devs made content so hard that people couldnt beat it anymore.. look where wildstar is now.... -> Spoiler its Service is Closed... People quit games cause the content is not doable/to hard, no one quit a game cause content is to easy.

    WildStar was a truly amazing game. You shouldn't berate it. I still think that Avatus is peak boss design.

    Also this game clearly doesn't have the "problem" WildStar had. In WS every raid only had one difficulty, but every raid in SOLO has various difficulties. Also if hard mode was cleared in the first day I think you can't really say that it's way too hard.

    I've loved Wild Star from the very beginning in everything except asthetics and setting was not my thing <3 I miss it very much and am very well aware that it will never be a thing, getting this kind of mmorpg - especially none in my prefered aesthetics and setting (asian/Xianxia style).

    Personally. I can accept things being hard. Tho i personally don't find it "hard", due to it being "more annoying" does not equal "Harder" by my definition.

    What I abhor is, that one sinks in hours and tons of Gold with no return at all, for it isn't even fun (especially after playing things like ff14 and wildstar, this is lit. nothing. MVPs in Ragnarok were more fun, at least you had to consider elements.)

    So my alternate suggestion: Make one be able to lock in a desired drop, if that doesn't drop, the are no repair fees/one gets reimbursed spent gold within the time frime from last kill, to current kill, as well as within the Instance.

    Ofc it's complicated, but at least I wouldn't need to waste more money on PvE, when all I want are actually PvX things x:

    Später wird noch dieser Tanz kommen, fallsu das noch nicht kennst :…&seid=5305789132893430765

    Aber ich Stimme Zu. Emotes zu Loope/Pausieren/Synchronisieren(mit anderen) etc wäre super toll <3 un Smooth Cam ebenfalls <3

    Interaktive Emotes is etwas was ich seit Perfect World vermisse. Es gibt bisher eines (Was jedoch Geschlechtsgebunden ist), und andere kommen (umarmen, küssen, Schoss-Kissen etc), und ich warte schon seit Anfang an auf diese <3…seid=16776397262799888051


    Once again I feel kind of scammed?

    I've own the collectible that may give the "Iron Elephant" buff for a while. The description says, that "the next map will have a guaranteed special/rare drop". A lot of times, it at least happens within 1 Map-Batch, but even then, it's not what the description promises.

    Today I've spent the whole duration of the buff, doing maps non-stop. And not get the promised loot till the end. Even with additional Buffs on! I mostly get single loot of green rarity.




    Is this a bug? or is the description another scam?

    So going by that: Normal is a synonym for avarage. So those avarage ppl should be able to clear NORMALs on a daily basis/casually, due to "everyday" "usual" "routine" are also synonyms, no? x:

    What's with these times? They are so off. Even doing useless stuff that doesn't really have to be done. Noone even says you have to do all weekly content in 1 day you know, you can just, not do that.

    btw wtf is easy mode dungeon? Normals? You do that 1x/day for the daily I don't think anyone cba to do more unless u like rly depsperate for that mentor buff.

    There are ppl who do it for the non-gear stuff for example. Not everyone is a Gear Progress ItemSpiral-Only Player

    I'ts prolly less about getting everything shoved down there throat and more about "sense of achievment". It just does not FEEL nice to sink in hours of limited time and not getting anything out of it. Especially if it says "you get 2 guaranteed" or so, and then you only get 2, and it feels like fking pity pull. And it's also not farmable. You can't even spam Raids for like 20 Parchments per raid or something to be able to buy equip. Alls you can do is "logging out, feeling frustrated".

    Games are supposed to make one feel positive feelings. As it is now, that does only happen to the 1%R with nice dropluck.

    Seraf From what you've been telling about how the other guys is going around the map killing (and since diamonds league, I am guessing it's his main character), it looks like he's on faction pvp mode instead of rampage pk?

    If he is on Faction PvP mode, you are also in it and he can attack you. I suggest you turn it off.

    If he is on Rampage PK mode, he won't be able to do it always as he will get bad karma (Qi?) and end up in jail for hours depending on how many times he killed.

    IF he choses to go to jail that is x:

    Tho I agree about that PK sux

    I also have to say 1. MMORPG are usually made as a huger timesink and P2W does not belong in a PC MMORPG D:
    If you struggle with time and want p2w. there is like almost every mobile game ever to try x:

    It's "hidden" not "secret" ;)