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    Good day.

    i want to present follwing situation.

    Me: Ever since Perfect world, i ear for MMORPGs with "Pair"-Emotes - interactive emotes (for example the hair pin one, or the whisper one, or the wedding bow one currently avalable through outfits)

    Even before released, I saw following playlist
    And was rly hyped for them! this is one of the top most things i was waiting in SOLO

    I recently got more active on discord, and asked people in "new from china" channel, if they could tell me, from what outfit one could get these emotes, so i could plan my finances etc.

    Only to find out, that one of these was already available and I've missed it!

    It was not shown in a trailer video. It was not mentioned in a stream. It was not mentioned by an NPC. NOTHING! indicated that one would be able to obtain an emote from an RNG lottery within a limited time Event!

    I rly rly rly, want all the emotes, especially pair emotes!
    It rly kills me that i've missed this due to lack of information. Especially not expecting it, because before that, there were no emotes obtainable through events in anyway - so far they were all available by CC.

    So I request that this would be obtainable in another event again and this time as well as in the future when concerning anything - that it would be mentioned in either: The trailer video, the patchnotes.
    I noticed housing/items/etc get glossed over a lot. Only ever pve/pvp stuff is mentioned more in detail in patch notes.
    Hope this can change in the feature.

    I rly had to ask, because it's killing me!
    I am an RP person and love making vids and stuff, so it rly is killing me!

    Oh, even with the Hanzi! Thank you very much! <3 at least i have an easier time searching for stuff now <3

    Shan Kongye is the guy in the underworld (one of early story quests, where you collect your souls etc)


    He does not appear anywhere else after that as far as I know/can remember

    Well specifically I wanted to know all characters by WuLei. And I also wanted to know the VA voicing Shan Kongye. x:

    Öffne dein Item-Fenster, geh in die Kategorie wo das störende item dazu gehört. dann ist da en tab "Schon platzierte Gegenstände (weiss nicht genau wie es in deutsch heisst). Jedenfalls sollte es dir alle Items anzeigen dann, die du platziert hast (in der jeweiligen Kategorie). VOn dort aus kannst du sie anklicken und mit R löschen.

    New suggestions:

    - Item Rename Feature

    Let one rename, or at least Number the items visibly

    - Grouping Folder

    It would be nice if there was an extra tab for "Groups". So one could create folter to put items into them. This way items could ealsy be grouped and edited together, without individually having to click and link Items.
    --> Even more awsome would be, if one could select different colors for outlining the group, when selected/hovering

    - Make items selectable/linkable through "already placed"

    - make groups /linked items easly loaded into a or saved as a draft

    - Linked Items Edit

    Make Linked items Editable fully, with all features: Currently scaling does not work.

    - Measurement Feature

    Please introduce measurements on items as well as angles for rotation etc.

    - Mirroring feature

    A lot of things have unique shapes or patterns which can be kinda frustrating sometimes. I simple mirroring function would be nice

    - Editing mode. Having a toggable mode for editing, that only moves camera and not the character (currently abusing photo mode) would be nice. Also in this mode, one should be able to have either neutral lighting, or toggle night/day. it's sometimes rly annoying if there is different lighting/shadow while building stuff

    Are you kidding me?
    If I was able to read Hanzi, I wouldn't need to ask. In credits i cannot even copy them to paste and google/baidu them D: rly? (and don't tell me to use google image translator... *sigh*)

    Thanks for the screenshots tho - I see the name i was specially looking for, tho i am not sure it is THAT person or a different with the same name. And yea Hanzi...

    So, GF will not even answer to this?
    It's not like it's about changing game code or anything. Or are the VAs a secret?

    True i forgot about those pvp stuff as I don't do pvp.

    But yea, even if there is "Immerson" blabla for RP (yes im also an RP person), havint he OPTION is always better. Noone stops anyone from just running on ground with their mounts. but personally I don't use the ground mounts for anything but decorating my home.
    Especially those dropped from rates. Which is kinda hard to get (weekly limited, RNG if drop, RNG for roll), it's not worth it other for collection value i guess.

    Yo I have the simple suggestion:

    Make all mounts flyable? Except for maybe - only maybe, Chang'An there is no advantage on summoning a ground-only mount vs flyingmounts or simply just running and jumping.

    Also pure p2p players would not be stuck on a single flying mount.

    well "the same tedious recyling" is lit. the formula of an Item Spiral. Especially a game that is time gated and restricted (capped) left and right. Did you really expect anything different?
    It's not like there is nothing to do. It's just that is the same tedious thing over and over.

    And it IS returning player friendly. I've been skipping the iLvl90 content early on, due to not having the time to play waiting simulator. And uuuh, i was able to equip all 6 characters with 90 gear within 24 hours <3 Now I can try out the new stuff when we get it as well and don't have to be sad to be left behind simply because of iLvl :3

    Oh also, i assume this kind of thing will happen again when the new classes are out (where ppl can "easly" catch up to current ilvl)

    So assuming this will be at march latest. I prolly will be skipping the farming for those ilvls as well and just check out the new stuff until im able to do the mechanics or so~ not gonna bother wasting time x:

    but that might be just me~


    I do agree with the title

    I am pretty sure i've mentioned that in my Alpha Review :)

    But now? Since you've created a thread and shown us that you care, you also have suggestions or anything that makes a difference?

    So let me get this straight, from what I understood from the stream is that everyone will start with 105 parchments no matter where they are ... What about the people that worked for their 90 gear and still have no luck in getting enough parts to get a full 90 set? We get thrown in the ditch and anyone that starts the game NOW get's better gear than us? Or I understood something wrong?

    parchmentwise, i guess
    that is how item spirals (/catchup mechanics) usually are.

    Well tbf, there are SOME things that are restricted to own server. Such trading and relationships (i believe) for example

    Plus it would save money

    I can second that (at least the first part)

    I finished my 10 wins in Cloudrise, only to not get the weekly quest. When checking, it now suddendly says Jiangdu 0/10 (did not try completing it there yet)