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    Okay, verstanden. Werde ich gerne mal probieren.

    Dann verstehe ich aber die Funktion Erwarteter Pfad im Party-Menü nicht. Wofür ist das dann relevant?

    Das ist für die Gruppenanzeige. Du kannst zb in einer Gruppe sein, und mit deinem DD-pfad iwas farmen während dem warten, aber dich als Tank/Heal für die Suche anzeigen lassen.

    Fazit, es lässt dich anzeigen was du im endeffekt spielen möchtest, ohne ständig auf der Spezi sein zu müssen

    Just stop complaining and comparing games with literal millions in their player-base to a game like SOLO with 2k kekw. You're delusional if you think that the dev team/gf can do ANYTHING about how their player-base behaves.

    Besides nobody would queue for harder content from the LFG tool as it's basically a suicide for your time AND sanity. The DPS checks on hards are still a joke when you're not an actual amoeba so stop being so salty about having to be better to do harder content its like that in EVERY MMO. I don't really know from what rock people such as you guys crawl from under, but I'm HEAVILY impressed with how willing some people are with making content literally BRAINDEAD to the point of it not requiring ANYTHING from the player-base.

    You wanna do harder content successfully? How about you git gud for once instead of crying that everything is just BOO HOO so hard.

    You obviously missed the point. It's not about being able to clear stuff/being good, but about waiting time.

    The already sparse rewards one gets by clearing stuff goes even more out of proportion due to increased waiting times, thus it feels even less rewarding to do anything at all, thus less people will do it more than they have to, thus less people will look for a party~ etc etc.

    And why should I not compare it to games with more players? It has almost the exact same problem as for example Onmoyji Arena. No players (on certain servers).

    And where is the difference if you invite people on your own (without anyway of knowing how good they perform), or let the system match people? You will only know after you got matched.

    Plus if the matchmaking would be tweaked a bit, one could even set things like forcing different healers, not more than 2 of a spec or whatever.

    But i guess in order to get good, i have to get heartless after all. Instantly kicking people that don't perform (and then waiting again for new ones)... or should i not kick people who perform, other's will leave after 1 try because of people who don't perform, and allt he people still in group have to wait again.. x: aiyo~ no matter what, the waiting part seems to be included.

    There are a lot of potential Band Aids that could potential improve the Situation.

    Problem is: We are on our own, so anything that involves changing code is not a viable option.

    So I've already asked in collective threads within a list. But since there was never any kind of reply I've decided to make a deticated thread for it.

    Is it possible to get a list of the Chinese VAs of all the characters? There should be some list somewhere, no?

    I don't even expect Baidu links, tho it would be nice I guess.

    Is GF able to get their hands on such a list? :3

    I am suggesting to make the Boss Housing Items as well as their Skin drops (and Mount) either(or both) available in all Difficulities, or farmable: aka, let people always get drops that are not related to gear progression.
    This could even be extended to the Raids (whtere there are only skins and mounts, no housing items).

    I personally dislike Enrage timers and prefer content that is also doable for people that are more into "healing enemy to death" etc, rathe than pewpew. BUt in recent years, things such as healers and tanks and CC and mechanics around it have become rarer and rare in all kinds of games. everywhere are timers wheren in the ends just best to go with most DPS. =/

    So personally I'd love to remove enrage but yea~

    Also one of the reasons I suspect, ads to lack of people generally. There is no need to run it multiple times. So once done it's done, those left behind (or the twinks) at the end of the cicle, can see if they still get a full group in time.

    Not really. The initial waiting time when recruiting for a group for a fresh run isn't the biggest problem.

    The problem is when people leave one by one, always making a whole group wait again, and then one leaving again. Esepcially after bosses were already killed (in Jade), it's harder to find people mid progress.

    So filtering from the bebginning, could reduce the probability of people leaving due to others havint to low dps/dying to often etc.

    And um, there are actually stats on rito stuff. Every single match is recorded with statistics.

    And in FF14 there does not need to be such stastic as there is more leeway to make errors, there is no preassure to do the "hard" stuff (Primaes). It is possible to get weekly/daily gear currency just fine.
    FF14 has enough player for if 3 ppl leave in an Alliance raid, for it to be filled pretty fast - automatically btw, no manual recruiting.

    in FF14 there are OPTIONS of what you want to run in order to get those things.

    Solo has no equivalent options.

    The time one needs to complete on 6boss run on hard with PUG in SOLO is not proportional to its rewards AT ALL, at least it doesn't feel that way, does making waiting (especially due to other ppl) even more frustrating, demotevating, boring etc.

    Throughout the time since beta I've been making tons of suggestions and asking questions.

    But the one time i get an answer from some kind of staff member is "sounds like a you problem". Makes one not feel really good.

    Well it's not my fault we don't have enough players do easely find groups 24/7. I could stretch it and compare it to LoL. I can easly find 9 other people within a few minutes 24/7.

    We are also not able to Matchmake the "Endcontent". Due to one having to do Custom groups, there is no punishment for randmoly leaving groups or ragequitting. In my opinion there are not enough options to select in recruitment windows to define what we are looking for, and not enough text space either.

    At least make give us stickers that say "Ragequiter" or "leaver" or something, and make it stickable on players card, no matter their settings.

    Another Idea: How about insstead/in addition to showing gear, how about showing avarage stats of that player for the specific content? for example. DPS, HPS, Deaths counts/within time/at boss etc, when they apply? So we could avoid trying to run with ppl that have 2.5k DPS or die within 2seconds everytime.

    This is a result of how the game works (timegated, restricted,)when it comes to peoples behaviour. If there is anything anyone can do, it should not be a customers job to think and implement solutions. And lacking Tanks compared to other classes is not only a SOLO problem (for example FF14 has/had the same problem, but at least SE tried to make tanks more attractive, and this is a game where you ca be EVERYTHING on a single character). Surprisingly to me, in SOLO it's easiest to find healers - usually DDs are everywhere.

    But since GF wants players to think of solutions themselves: Mine is to not care anymore. Once one leaves, I will leave too. Since i didn't manage to keep up with iLvl anyways, I don't care to keep up anymore. So I will not care for Raids anymore and wait for catchup mechanic.

    This is the kind of solution I can think of a player can do.

    If this is GF attitude towards it, then it's no wonder reports about botting or harassments and deaththreads apparently fall on deaf ears. Since it's also a player problem, they ought to solve the problems themselves.

    Oh and NA ppl who complain about high ping, need just to move closer.


    btw, it also the highest "set" addition so far, as all 4 variants are the same price (yay for them not being different prices i guess).
    Mermaid/men costume were 2 on that price, and two a little bit cheaper.

    In one of the pre launch streams i believe, it was once said, that the prices be like in beta. but it honestly feels more and more like some scammy, clickbaity lie or how ever wants to call it

    PS: I assume they will release the mount that belongs to this set, will be released in 2 weeks around halloween?

    What will it be pricewise, like the phoenix?

    Dont buy it then? New outfits have a unique animation attached to it as well as the ability to take the cape off and on. No one is ripping you off. Youre not forced to purchase it if you dont want to.

    This "you don't have to buy it" is such a stupid thing to say.

    If you compare, it's a teleport animation. The other teleport animation outfit has had a price of 1950 - so where is it justified at all?

    In my country - if one includes the hair style, it costs me about 37~$. Thats almost the full game price.

    Only because i don't HAVE to buy it, doesn't make it ok to make it so expensive. I prolly would get more out of it if I invested the money in Genshin instead ôo and they are already super shty

    My thoughts exactly. I've made a list for my self from outfits I want and which colo version of those

    It's super easy to see, which ones are the ones from Beta-Times

    And again, it has no formula which ones are which pricecategory. Not only outfits, but generally the whole shop.

    I once thought "even if i can't keep up with all the daily and weekly sht, i can at least enjoy my housing and RPing/doing MVs with all the nice skins.

    Well yea, no. NOt even that. Its hard to get skins in game, and the shop item prices are astronomical.

    Here is my list for anyone curious:…esbuZTF4/edit?usp=sharing

    [The Price] Name of specific outfit with that color (Action/Emote/Skill/animation if there is any)

    Also red/yellow/purple for their rarity. The ones with - in front and crossed out, are the ones I own.
    in Beta times, i was already thinking hard if I should buy the 2750 ones, because i found them already super expensive, consdering they are a full set (not able to mix and match) and only a single color. but i did, for the emotes. Yea...if only i know nowdays it's pretty much the cheapest one can get...

    I mean... what do you expect them to do? Force people who are already done to do it again? Force people to use a role? Make DPS only raid/dungeons? Reduce the minimum amount of people per raid?

    Also, you're kinda gimping yourself by only playing one mastery out of the two that your class propose.

    Well that is a nice assumption of yours. But yea I also wonder, everytime we are waiting for a tank, the 3 Spearmasters and 3 Berserker all refuse to switch to tank <3

    No matter how much I switch, I can only play one role at the same time

    And what I expect them to do? Im asking because i want to know, it's a thing that needs to be adressed - yes i know GF can't actually do much when it comes to coding etc BUT, they are the ones that need to communicate it to china.

    I am not sure if GF is even away of those kinds of problems or not, because i can't see a thing from them.

    But honestly i don't expect anything. This kind of thing was to be expected. Such restricted content does not work with this amount of players.


    So. My friend and me originally were maining Healers both and had tanks as a secondary. So when doing 5Ppl stuff so we would run things twice.

    Later when the JP was release first, we were finally able to go in as a Healer pair. This changed fast tho, because we seemed to have to wait longer and longer for tanks, so we ran it twice again, so we always went in as a tank/healer combo.

    Current Situation

    Now it changed again. Waiting times were soo long, I said fk it and we now run Hardmode as Duo Tanks. But even then the waiting time just to assamble a party of 10 let alone 14, can take hours!

    That is not all. Most people tend to either: Not plan enought ime and leave after 1 boss, leave after 1 wipe etc etc. and not all at once, but one by one.

    To this date i Dare say, excluding housing, i have more "Playtime" waiting than playing. And it's not like i have the time to play 24/7, I get nothing rly done. Due to the long waiting times and people constantly leaving and lack of people playing tanks, and also the increasingly obvious thing that ranged DD are easier/less likely to fk up generally than melee... all these things add to SOLO not being solo but
    Waiting Simulator: The Game

    It's not even worth streaming it...

    So I ask GF, you plan on doing anything about it?

    Ist so auch nicht ganz richtig. Wenn man nicht zu viel zeit hat zu spielen, kommt man schwer an geld. Ich zb sitz auf hunderte von parchments, die ich alle net für gear ausgeben kann, wegen fehlendem gold x:
    Update auf UE is nice, ich hoffe damit fügen sie noch viele UI änderungen, wetter/tageszeit etc ein.
    Aber kernproblem ist und bleibt das es bei dem game mehr restriktionen als optionen gibt.

    Des weiteren ist es so, wer abgehängt wurde (aus welchen Gründe auch immer) hat keine Chance mehr weiter zu kommen. Keine Inis mehr, da es sehr schwer wird Gruppen zusammen zu bekommen. Siehe Gruppen Erkundungen die unter umständen dauern bis man in einer kommt, (wenig Leute, egal um welche Uhrzeit ). Auch liegt es meiner Meinung nach, das viele Spieler abgewandert sind, daran das man reglementiert wird. Es wird vorgeschrieben wieviel man machen darf oder soll, was/Wieviel man als Belohnung bekommt. Hilf- Stoffe bekommt man zu wenig.

    Housing finde ich auch toll, hab hier nur eins anzumerken - es wäre schön wenn man als Team auch hier zusammen Arbeiten könnte.

    Solo hat potenzial, was leider nicht genutzt wird.

    Auch PVE hat eine Berechtigung die leider auch vernachlässigt wird.

    Solo kann so wie es ist, nicht mit anderen Spielen konkurrieren und wird immer den kürzeren ziehen, was sehr schade ist .

    Auch wenns OT ist, fallsu beim housing mit "Zusammernarbeiten" dran bauen meinst, das ist einfach zu lösen in dem man schlüssel vergibt... wenn du material meinst... Dann müssten alle ihre Tasche da auf 3 haben um tradebare mats farmen zu können, müsste zum craften halt immer dem besitzer gegeben werden =/

    Honestly I think Gameforge needs to do something about the price of the game, all they have to do is make it $9,99 or something instead of $40 for a game that's nowhere to be complete it's like playing an alpha that isn't even released yet with limited content, the game lacks lots of stuff such as farmable content like if they allowed us to farm for cosmetics, pets or even gear pieces just for cosmetic purpose it would lock the people in and that would be nice if they removed the weekly limit from the easy raids and added more cosmetic purpose drops so people could waste time on doing something instead of waiting until reset to clear everything and then you're pretty much done. What I also don't understand is why are old content such as hard mode dungs still weekly they should make them like daily because it only drops 60 stuff anyways also another reason why most of the people quit is because everyone usually after the reset they want to do stuff as fast as possible so people with low gear meaning lower dps people will just be locked out and having to wait more days to clear things and by the time that happens you get a bunch of low geared people desperately trying to clear stuff ( waiting hours just to fill the party ) where they constantly wipe usually after Saturday when most of the people finished all the raids it becomes harder and harder to just find people ( or you would be stuck in the group finder because there are no tanks at all and you end having to disband your party or keep waiting for eternity ) , if they changed it a bit and made it so people that cleared it would get some rewards for helping them out or something such as tokens to exchange them for cosmetics or even any kind of drops that isn't gear related / parchments because right now if you repeat stuff you would not only waste time but also end losing money for repairs and all that stuff and on top of that people that cleared content can't make a group finder for it. So far every player I met kinda quit because of the lack of content right now and it's just sad to see people you enjoyed playing with suddenly lose interests in the game because of this. So I hope in the future they actually notice this instead of ignoring it because the game itself has potential.

    But rly, lowering the price of the initial game does not help at all.
    It is not the core problem.
    I agree with the below, the problem is all the timegating and restrictions on stuff. Not even skins and moutns can be farmed. Not even housing materials can be farmed however much one wants to invest time in.
    Also GoE cards can also not be farmed (thinking of somehting like ff14 x:) not even that. Nothing can be done.

    I stream the game, and more time than not, i have a bit fat font over the screen saying "Waiting Simulator".

    ALso btw, if they lowered the price now already, i'd want some kind of refund D: