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    Soon! 🤗

    Are you prepared?

    (To understand origin of this graphic you need to watch the last beta 2 stream 😅)


    Hello TrueWarlord,

    there is a folder called settings that contains I think everything what you mention.


    1. [...]\Swords of Legends Online\settings

    you could create a backup for all settings,

    run steam version for the first time, login, logoff.

    import settings including your account folder inside settings folder.

    Its possible that steam version handle different folder names for accounts but should be fine.

    Its always better to try, the worst scenario is that you end with setting this from the beginning :D

    I had this problem on one PC with lets call user1.

    The difference between my user2 on PC was that:

    user1 - in Group Users. So installation requires to fill admin password.

    user2 - my PC, in Group Admins, no password required to enhance permissions for client.


    user2 - no errror

    user1 - error like above.


    Try to replace your user group from Users to Admin.


    Based on response user xovian in this thread there, I can confirm also based on my experience with this that this is a working solution for custom installation of SOLO that solves many hours of downloading.

    Because everyone from us have different Internet connection sometimes we need custom working solutions to install some games.

    In this case SOLO :)


    Your download is slow, but you have a friend with fiber connection that can download game in 1h and a working 120gb pendrive.

    So what I did? I came to my friend and install there GF client. After installation we started to download SOLO. 1 hour later, it was done. Unfortunately GF client instead of play button replied with message like in this thread. I disabled GF client and start to copy game to my pendrive. So the rest is just moving files to my PC run client and... it ask to verify but instead of verifying its downloading whole game again. This solution shows me 13h. I said no and found the same solution as user mentioned before.

    What to do step by step to make it work?

    1. Reinstall GF client to make sure all is setup from start.
    2. Create specified folder for your game. I used D:\SOLO because this drive is nvme and prepared for games.
    3. Chose your SOLO from library and install in location where you want to place your SOLO!.
    4. When GF client start to download game, click pause.
    5. Close GF client
    6. Copy files from your pendrive and replace SOLO catalog and override already downloaded files in location from [1]
    7. Open regedit.exe as administrator. [ Be careful and maybe do backup first of registry ;) ]
    8. Find this key:
      1. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Gameforge4d\GameforgeClient\Metadata\Production
    9. There you can find subkey started with UUID of Game. 12127b3b-1ad5-493a-8d4b-caa466421d82 this is UUID for EN, but can be any compilation.
    10. In that subkey you can find variable called "GameState" it should have number 4 based on our previous steps.
    11. Change it to number 1 and save.
      We have already latest game downloaded, so no need to be worry about that something go wrong.
    12. Open GF client
    13. Now if you go to SOLO it should start verify process that change GameState to 32 in registry.
    14. But this verification is fast and after that, you can see play button.
    15. Have fun.

    If you think this can be a working solution also for people who have problem with not working GF client and need to do fresh start of GF client.

    Why is better to have your specified installation of SOLO in different folder than C:\Program Files [...]?

    Because to get RW permission there you need to run your GF client as admin every time - Win 10.

    Best regards,

    efi :)