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    fun fact , some player

    Anyone got a different answer from support? they just tell me this...

    "We have forwarded the description of your problem to our SOLO Team, so a fix can be implemented. It is not possible to fix your account alone, therefore we ask for your patience and understanding.

    Unfortunately, we cannot give you the current information about the state of things."

    yeah , every one got the same answer , even me , so , ppl spend $$$ for beta access and u cant even play since day 1 hahaha , i see alot of refund tomorrow...

    It also works for a lot of ppl.... Close every background programm you don't need or maybe run windows in safe mode and try if this works. You could even do a fresh install of windows and see if that helps. The problem could just be that you messed with some settings, so I wouldn't just point my finger at Gameforge. It's hard to make a programm work on every PC, so just give them some time.