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    An excellent explanations. Thank you very much for this. Highly appreciate the clarification on it.

    All those differences makes sense and the reasons behind it was expected.

    Like some others mentioned above, wouldn't it be possible to have the ability to link a steam account with a Gameforge account, and then have the ability to buy coins through your website, essentially cutting out the middleman known as steam. Other games have done that, so I'm assuming it doesn't go against their ToS, although I could be wrong. Wouldn't this be worth bringing up to the team at Gameforge?

    Other then that I feel satisfied with the explanation, done my preorder on the Gameforge client. Thank you and have a lovely day.

    We try to keep platforms similar, but there might be some difference when it comes to actions that are not supported on different platforms.

    In terms of the gameplay, all platforms remain the same.

    Appreciate the response Celes. It's good to know that your goal is to keep all platforms similar, but of course it is understandable that different launchers may have technical differences and functions sometimes.

    However, while I do applaud your politically dodging response, we still would like some confirmation when it comes to the actual Crimson coin difference when Topping Up. We can obviously see the difference between the platforms with this, and It isn't due to any technical differences between the launchers.

    So, what is the reason behind the difference in the amount of coins we get between what launcher we use?

    We all pretty much already know the reason behind this, but Gameforge refusing to be transparent about it will simply just make you look like you have something to hide (might be a good idea to try and wipe away the reputation Gameforge has in being dishonest and scummy). So how about just giving us a clear response on it and set the record straight? In case you already have done that somewhere else then I apologies in advance for not looking more thoroughly.

    I gotta admit, this is the most friendly and professional way I've seen someone announce in advance that they intend to be assholes.

    As another OWPvP fan, I salute you kind sir. May your hunt prove successful!

    I want to know if I can actually buy the game on steam or if I'm better of using GF client.

    You are better off using the GF downloader purely because steam's patch method SUCKS so terribly!


    I just hate having a god damn launcher for every single game. I legit avoid ea and Ubisoft games simply for that reason alone. It's annoying.

    I always though PK is a mechanic for people who are afraid of a fair duel (e.g. in the arena) and instead live their inferiority complex by killing either people who are lower in level, lower in gear, lower in numbers or don't even want to fight back? Jeah right, sounds fun.

    That's one reason people PK. Another more legitimate reason is fighting over a grinding spot; and just as we have the PvP griefers, we have PvE griefers who will annoy you by messing up grinding spots just because they can, the PK system allows you to deal with those.

    That said i don't see a problem with the current penalties. Can't even imaging someone having fun PK'ing in SOLO with the fear to work in the Prison. There will probably be some people that kill you once and then you don't see them again for the rest of the day. I don't think having the rempage mode is that big of an issue tbh.

    Completely agree. After watching Flow's stream being stuck in prison in the alpha when he tried the PK system, it really made me feel like it just isn't worth doing. As you said, PK will probably not be a big issue here.

    I feel like those who complain about PKing where PKing is penalized have only been griefed by 1 player and then act like they are getting PKed all the time.

    Let's be real, any MMO with a PK system that penalizes griefing only really has a PK issue the first 1-2 weeks, after that it dies down. It's not worth making a fuss over. Better have it in to allow some fights between those who want it, those who don't want to PK will barely even notice it is a feature.

    Contact support. While they most likely aren't obligated to help you on this, they often do it as it would reflect badly back at them if they didn't. But in order to increase your chances, be very detailed and polite when explaining the issue, always treat the support with the highest amount of respect and they will most of the time provide a much better service back, even on things they aren't obligated to do.

    If a game is focused on the Journey/leveling phase then I would agree with OP about increasing the HP of monsters. However, solo appears to be more focused on what comes after, the leveling phase isn't the game, but the tutorial for your class. So the pacing in solo right now is fine, no need to change it imo.

    You know, I'll stand corrected on that as Gameforge did in fact always mention that it isn't gender-wide.

    However, You can't blame players for finding it confusing or odd how costumes with the same name and style aren't gender-wide when weapons skills are weapon-type wide. Also, what happens if someone decides to buy a gender change. Will their costumes change with it, or will everything you bought beforehand be lost/wasted. What happens if you only have 1 character and switch gender, will all those costumes disappear? If you change gender back to the one you originally had, will you get your previous costumes back?

    If the game remembers the costumes you had, then it obviously isn't a case of the game code preventing costumes to be gender shared, but rather a developer/publisher decision. If so, what made you make the decision and not having costumes shared? My guess would be to encourage more sales for people with multiple genders, but all it really does is make players dedicate all their characters to 1 gender, limiting players' customization freedom.

    I was forced to choose a specific gender

    And how did the publisher force you to do it?

    Anything else is false marketing.

    How does it work if you are warned in the store and in the shopping cart that the costume has a gender restriction?

    The publisher didn't force anything, it's how the game was designed. I was well aware that costumes were gender-locked. It annoyed me, but I accepted it and chose to stick to 1 gender even though I didn't want to. I guess claiming it is a false advertisement isn't technically right, but claiming costumes are account-wide and then ad a fineprint is a deceitful way of marketing for sure. By no means do I blame Gameforge for this, it's how the developers made it. But what we can ask the publisher for is to request it not being gender locked as their customers ask for this change. If the developers refuse. then they simply need to state that and we can move on, the publisher has done their part.

    I completely agree with OP on this. Normally I like to use different genders for different classes. But because of how costumes here don't share between genders I was forced to choose a specific gender for all my classes in order to make sure I get the most out of the costumes.

    It is completely fine if there are some gender-specific costumes or even weapon-specific skins. However, if you advertise account-wide costumes and skins, then those who share the same name should be actually account-wide, for all genders. Anything else is false marketing.

    Also, you're not really going to make much more in sales by dividing the genders like this, all you do is make players pick a specific gender and not mix them. You earn more by rebuilding your reputation as a publisher by finding ways to please your customers.

    Yes exactly. This is what I'm trying to get confirmation on too. While I do prefer steam, if those who bought the game using GF own methods get special bonuses and such over steam users, then obviously I'd go for GF launcher. Just want some transparency on it from Gameforge.

    Sorry for the double post mods, don't have my head for it. Q_Q

    After checking with a guildmate, we can confirm that those who buy on GF website instead of steam do get additional Crimson Coins.

    Using GF Client: 10$ = 1200 Crimson Coins

    Using Steam Client: 10$ = 1000 Crimson Coins

    It's a pretty shitty move for sure, but I get why companies do this since Steam takes a pretty hefty cut from payments. But at the very least you guys could be more transparent about it. Can we get an official response on if GF will continue to do things like this or not? I want to know if I can actually buy the game on steam or if I'm better of using GF client.

    You can't put full blame on the publisher, the developer plays a role too. Both usually share the blame on a failing game, sometimes one more than the other.

    From the looks of it, it seems like the developer of SOLO is very keen on keeping the game's monetization through Gametime + cosmetics only store. In the other regions, they do a p2p system + cosmetic store. Since the p2p approach they do there wouldn't work here in the west, Gameforge more than likely negotiated for a b2p approach + the devs wish for a cosmetics-only store. If we assume that a contract was made somewhat in the lines of this, then for the first year we have nothing to worry about. The issue comes when the initial contract timer runs out and Gameforge are able to renegotiate their contract again.

    If Gameforge made back what they invested into the game to bring it over to the west + continues to make a decent revenue then they are more inclined to treat the game as a long-term investment and wouldn't be looking to change what they're currently doing.

    However, if they haven't made back their original investment or if the continued revenue is looking slim/below their expectations, then there is a high chance that they will renegotiate their contract with the developer.

    If we continue to assume that the developers strongly wish to keep the store cosmetics-only, then we can at the very least rule out the store containing any major p2w elements. What we can assume is them looking to introduce cosmetics in a similar way they did in game-like Tera, through lootboxes. This is probably the outcome we'd get due to both the developers and publishers having to meet somewhere in the middle. If Gameforge doesn't make back what they invested, the developers will have to meet their request in further monetization to a certain extent.

    Besides of the natural "problem" of Steam not to give of beta keys,

    there's no privileges or restrictions for using this or that launcher.

    Thank you for the quick reply.

    Right now yes, but what I'm wondering is more about the future. From what I heard there are other Gameforge games where exclusive deals are given to those playing from their own Launcher, I haven't looked into this myself so I'm going simply of the word of mouth on this. Can a Gameforge employee promise that they have no plans to do these sort of "special treatments" to those using their own launcher?

    Would like a response from an actual Gameforge employee, although I am completely fine with you or any other of the mods forwarding the message as long as it's made clear the response comes from an official source. Nothing against you guys as mods, you all are doing a lovely job so far from what I can see.

    Will there be any differences between the launchers or special "privileges" given to those using Gameforge Launcher?

    It's common that companies offer discounts or better deals when using their own services over others, especially in cases with steam who I believe takes something around 15-30% cut on every purchase. We already have seen extra beta keys being offered to those who preorder using the GF launcher over steam. Will we see things like that in the future as well, such as discounts, exclusive packages, etc., or can Gameforge promise that each platform will be treated equally?