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    Das hat nicht unbedingt was mit mangelnder Optimierung zu tun. Irgendwann ist die Engine halt ausgereizt und dann bringt es auch nichts mit besserer Hardware zu kontern. Im Fall von SOLO wirst du ggf. Partikeleffekte reduzieren oder Spieler ausblenden muessen um ein Optimum an FPS raus zu holen, je nach Situation halt. Dein System ist quasi eh Overkill fuer das Spiel, da macht es auch kein Unterschied ob du 1080p oder 1440p spielst.

    It was probably a mistake to call the sets deluxe and collector's as these names can be associated with the exclusivity of the items contained in these sets.

    Nah. Many games have it that way. Heck, you can even buy the old TERA Collectors Edition still. Bigger titles like FFXIV also follow the same principle. Besides the packs clearly state their content.

    If the cosmetics and the possible beta access for yourself plus friends are not reason enough then don't buy it, simple. Also I don't get where the whole "Customer feels betrayed / deceived" comes from. I clicked the preview, saw what I get for my money and decided it is worth it, personally. This topic is literally complaining for the sake of complaining.

    Personally I will enjoy PK to my heart's content. The amount of mmo's that are nothing but a safe place themepark for PvE is already way too high. Obviously you can't please everyone in a situation like this, both sides have valid points. At the end of the day, even if I weren't into it, I'd rather have the option for those who enjoy that kinda content instead of not having it at all.

    I remember back in the days of TERA people complained for the longest time about PK and years later it eventually got removed. It didn't make the game magically better, other than removing content for an already small crowd. You either enjoy (or hate) it while it lasts and if you get ganked every now and then oh well, there will be plenty room to avoid it.

    Agreed. I like the idea of timed queues in general but those specific times are a bit rough. Working fulltime means I'll probably get to play these in the evening at best and that is if I'm not too tired already. Ah, the joys of getting older! Looks like the weekend is where the action is at. Atleast those queues will be full by then, hopefully.

    From my understanding, which is somewhat limited since I didn't understand much while trying out the TW version, this game will never force you to PvP. While it has factions later down the line it requires you to be in certain areas and even there a neutral faction exists. They might change / rebalance things for our version but there is a good chance we'll get it as is.

    Been a while since I've been genuinely excited for a mmo new release. The last time was Heavensward and Path of Exile every now and then. A much needed breath of fresh air. :)

    See you in beta!