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    I'm certainly not at this point yet, but I do understand where you're coming from.
    This is my first experience with Gameforge, and it has been far more positive than it has been negative - especially considering what I've become used to from other publishers. I give credit and praise where it is due, and same with criticism.

    I sincerely hope they prove us wrong and/or learn from this with future cash shop updates and general game treatment. SOLO is a fantastic game overall, and I have high respect for the developers. I hope you give the game another chance if this turns around.

    I do really like SOLO in general, i just don't think there's enough to the game currently to keep me occupied once i've done my weeklies etc since the pvp is just a mess right now with imbalanced classes. I will keep an eye on it for sure but i'm still concerned that this is just a cash grab right now :(

    I do hope they change but given their history i doubt they will, if you're enjoying the game as it stands then i truly wish you the best and hope you continue to enjoy it :)

    Well it is what it is i guess.. I decided to trust Gameforge one last time considering their track record in the other games i've played under them as publisher, and i'm dismayed to see they haven't changed a bit. They obviously don't expect this game to last long term, so it seems to me they're just going to roll content out slowly while constantly adding these outfits to appeal to the whales.

    I regret dropping a few hundred £ on this game now, since it's just a shallow daily grind at end game. I'm actually starting to develop the opinion that the low cash shop prices at launch were just to bait players in, and now the real prices are going to make an appearance.

    So sadly i think i'll be uninstalling the game now before i get more invested monetarily, good luck to anyone that plans to ride this out but i can see this ending in disappointment guys.

    It's not working like that in game though is it? i get frozen or stunned, pop my cc clear to try and get some distance then instantly get locked down again until i die, many others i've teamed with have mentioned the same issues. It's not just a once in a while thing, once you eat a cc chain you're dead with no recourse.

    As stated in the title, we need diminishing returns on crowd control spells / skills during pvp fights. As it stands currently, multiple classes can literally shut you down from max hp to dead without you being able to respond or escape.

    Yes you have a CC break skill but you're instantly put back under CC as soon as you use it. It's even more pronounced for healers as we have no way of fighting back to begin with, would really appreciate this being looked into thank you.

    If gameforge allow these guys to continue it'll get out of hand real fast once the word gets out if there's money to be made, example being wow which i mentioned earlier. On there the chat, group finder, everything is just boost sales spam and regular players can't use the chat without addons filtering it all out.

    Personally, i really don't want to see solo go down that road since i'm having a blast playing it right now :)

    There are guys that have started selling "boosts" in game and directing players to their discord servers too. Sellers do this in World of Warcraft in a similar fashion, but when the player gets on their discord servers the boosts are sold for real cash not game currency.

    This is getting borderline ridiculous now Gameforge, you had data from both beta tests on the amount of users and you're still having server issues?

    I enjoyed the game to the point i ordered the collectors edition to support you guys, but i haven't even been able to log in as of yet so have no idea if i can use any of the names i had in mind. You are really making me worry that we're going to get a very poor service in regards to the game and servers etc considering the rubber banding issues we had in beta.

    And really if i'm honest, i'm considering refunding myself and just taking the hit for the currency i bought in game before i end up disappointed even further.

    I'm quite surprised that the reaper participation was so low actually, i loved playing mine once i worked out the mechanics for it and definitely plan to main one on release :)

    I really enjoyed the classes I played, and am not surprised at all Spearmaster made it to the top of the max level list. It's a very simple and consistent class that makes it easy to learn and use.

    It could be primacy bias, a first option bias of sorts. People who wanted to try out all characters or max level all classes could start with the first option and not go all the way through with every other class because time.

    Or maybe King's Avatar drew some influence towards this result. I saw a few too many references in-game. One Autumn Leaf this, Ye Xui that. He's like Kirito of Chinese animation media, except a spear wielder instead of swords.

    Kings avatar was great, was one of the first chinese language series i sat through to the end. The anime of it was pretty good too.