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    While attempting to create a BattleSquad, I encountered a problem when trying to invite someone:

    I had a message about trying to invite someone whose name was also taken on another server and told to add @servername when inviting:


    Which I did: I tried @jiangdu and @eu1 but in both cases I was told that the character doesn't exist or as deleted.

    The character in question was able to invite just fine so the battlesquad could be created in the end.

    However when he tried to invite to a group, it popped up as nickname Unknown sending the invite.


    I've tried to invite him with Unknown just now in a new battlesquad but it doesn't work either.

    Play the game and have fun. The only reason anything on that list would bother anyone is because that person wants to be disruptive by spamming divisive politics into a fantasy game where they have a captive audience forced to listen to their crap.

    In the same vein, you could say things like "Only criminals would object to random police inspections of their place at any time of the day, others who don't have anything to hide wouldn't care".

    Well, no, sorry. Am I going to be talking politics in a game? No. Doesn't mean I agree with being prevented from doing so.

    The principle matters. If you let that kind of things slide, you open a door you really want to keep closed.

    Remove any and all censorship.

    Yes, they cost the same, if you count the point and difference of the dollar and euro. The problem is that in GF they give extra points, like 21000 + 1000. These +1000 are points that are above what you receive for Steam

    Oh ok, that explains things, thanks!

    Even if there were an active PK community (which I already didn't believe in before the Faction thing was announced yesterday, and don't believe at all right now), the penalties are so harsh that they're not going to be targeting Joe Average who's minding his own business, gathering whatever or fishing something.

    They'll either target people they really don't like (or who make them famous by ranting/yelling/crying/whining in the global chat or here), people in enemy guilds, or people trying to take a world boss down if they're interested in it themselves.

    So if you don't run around insulting PKs, if you're in a PvE guild (which isn't likely to be enemies with a PvP one) you're avoiding most of the troubles. After that, you don't try to take down world bosses alone, so you'll be in a group at the very least, which means you'll have the possibility to not just be "victims for the slaughter".

    And the very rare times it'll happen, you won't be losing anything else than a couple of minutes of your time (if that). If you need to, vent on your guild chat and not anywhere the PK can see it, and they'll leave you alone.

    So all in all, I really won't worry about that myself, even though I'm in a PvP guild.

    1) Yes

    2) Yes

    3) All the zones except housing (and main cities, or places with guards in general I think) with the caveat that it only concerns max level characters. And, while some think it will be Armageddon, others believe it won't be a concern and at least past the first week it won't be a concern at all (if that)

    Honestly, I really wouldn't worry about it, especially considering that you literally lose nothing when you get killed by someone in Rampage mode. But if you find the idea of someone being able to do it intolerable, then yeah, I guess solo is not for you.

    Probably not. The devs didn't create the Rampage mode thinking "we'll enable that at Student 1", much more probably "We're enabling that at max level".

    Why would it suddenly change when the max level increases? The new required level will likely increase to the new max. At any rate, you could just ask someone playing on TW/CN server as far as that's concerned.

    Tweaking things is not the same at all as modifying the behaviour of some features. Making the dungeons harder is just changing a few parameters. Probably somewhere in the Database. GF likely has the ability to change the Qi cost of the Rampage mode (so yes, they probably could make it so using the Rampage mode once gets you straight to 150 negative Qi) but they cannot change the way it works straight up (for example, no changes in the zones where it's possible to use it, or the fact that you can target people who don't have the mode enabled)

    At any rate, even if they could do all that, they've said on the stream that they weren't going to, at the very least until weeks after the launch. They don't foresee any reason to change it though, so unless things go widely differently than what they're expecting, it's unlikely to ever happen.

    So much pessimism...

    I really don't see things going that way myself, mostly because the most competitive people will run in static / guild groups.

    At any rate, the game itself is great, though obviously not perfect. All we can rally advise you is to try the beta and make your own opinion.

    One exception thatbi can think of is PoE where you can link your Steam and GGG account then play with either launcher. Granted, it's not an RPG.

    Here, I don't think you have a solution other than getting a refund on Steam and buying the game directly on GF though.

    The very beginning is extremely slow, but that might just be because it's doing stuff with each downloaded file, thus it's not necessarily a good indication of the real download speed.

    I've just finished downloading the path at 100Mo/s myself for example, so...

    saying that you could 1v1 as long as the other person gave permission

    Please... I'm not saying you have to like PK or even be fine with it, you can definitely find the idea of being PKed unacceptable.

    But at the very least, try to have your facts straight when you talk about it: you cannot be a victim of a PK until you're max level.

    Sauf que cette histoire de "trou" est un mythe propagé par ceux qui ont loupé des trucs.

    Avant même de faire le dernier donjon j'avais l'xp nécessaire pour passer initié, et je n'ai pas fait les autres plus d'une fois.

    Il suffit de rajouter les biographies plus quelques primes ruvia / lanterne et on n'a aucun soucis. Pas que ce soit obligé, on peut farmer les donjons en boucle si on veut hein. Mais c'est un choix ou un oubli, pas un manque intrinsèque au jeu.

    The ownership is with the original owner. For example, if I created a tune for "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and then I shared it. Other people could play it from the Zither UI, but the track would still be listed as your track. It is not possible for them to copy your track to share with other people, they can only play it, if that makes sense.

    That makes sense.

    Though in that case, I was mostly thinking about ownership between the creator and GF or the devs.