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    Inverted view and sensitivity option share the same setting for mouse and gamepad.

    - Gamepad need to have a separate inverted view and X-Y sensitivity option!

    -Skills are affected by this which is a issue for example healing circle!

    This cause major issues when you tried to use the mouse for random stuff that is in some way hard to do with a controller. so dev should take a look into that because only the view and nothing else should be inverted when people tick this option.

    I'm totally fine with them adding cosmetics and BP at the end buying the game is not going to be enough for developers and the company to sustain their business. You can choose whether you just buy to play or buy and support the developers buying from the cash shop.

    And for the people comparing FFXIV have 1 million active non-trial players according to Lodestone database census. In addition, the Director of FFXIV mentioned at E3 that the game has reached the highest number of active subscribers in the game's history. Calculating that in USD is 14 million a month and 168 Million a year in revenue Hate or love.

    So long storied short sooner or later we will have to support them so they can continued running their business and dropping new contents in the future.

    Steam is convenience to have all the games in one place but overall is always better use the company client ! look for example EA, ubisoft and blizzard all the time 70-80% off on games, items etc... which you don't get to often on steam since they need to take a cut out the sales. Another big example look at Epic vs apple you get it!!


    So im having a really bad experience with customer service i bought the CE from GF and they charged me twice for a total of $200 usd, I've summitted a ticket and no one reply my emails or support ticket. This morning i called my bank and they told me since is still pending i need to contact gameforge first or wait till is posted so i can disputed later.


    so i went to paypal and open a duplicated claim since there's no phone number, no chat, no email and no way to get a hold to customer service since they are located in GERMANY!! guess what happen ? within 5 minutes after i open up my claim gameforge email me back saying they are banning my account LOL this is ridiculous!! im trying to be patient but this customer service needs to more proficient in handling problem like this.


    HI, i would like to join this guild i been l playing ff14 since day one and i been looking to play a second MMO for a while.