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    Amount of text in chat seems short

    Wouldn't mind beefing up how many characters you can send in a chat message. It doesn't need to be like 100 characters. Even like 50 would be fine. It's almost like old twitter where you had to sacrifice punctuation or words to get your point across.

    Collectibles & Z axis troubles

    Pillow collectible sinks into ground

    - Have collectible 'Pillow' on your hotbar
    - Activate pillow
    - Enjoy sinking and laying flat on the floor.
    * Try being in Cloudrise for better results of the bug.

    This bug is very inconsistent and works in places like dungeons.. but has issues in cities and in the world. While other times it just works fine. I've had times where my character doesn't even lay down and is just standing up higher up on the pillow. Can't provide any better replication steps as the 5 minute laying down of a pillow is on an HOUR LONG COOLDOWN.

    (Below image is two users using the pillow collectible and being sunk into the floor.)

    Dynamic weather

    So one thing that the game seems to inconsistently have is a day / night cycle. Residence maps have a day and night cycle however the rest of the game doesn't seem too. Certain areas will be strictly day and the spooky areas are strictly night. Anywhere that is strictly day would be nice if it had the ability to go night. If we're keeping a certain aesthetic.. maybe even having the maybe cities have the cycle. i.e. Cloudrise, Jiangdu, Chang'an.

    Adding onto that, the game already seems to have fog and rain in a few areas. Having that added dynamically to other areas would be super nice and add to the world feeling more alive. Heck even add rain/storms to residence if nothing else. There actually is even an effect that appears on screen that many people may not know about in the rain. I'm just saying we have this screen visual of rain... why not use it more?

    (Below is a picture of an ingame effect that is used WAY too little. Idle in an area with rain to see it.)

    Daily / Weekly Dungeon rewards reconsiderations

    Every day, or week depending on the mode, you can only do a dungeon once. Not getting gear pieces.. I can understand. You want to gate people from immediately hitting max gear in a single day. No RNG makes it even better since we're guaranteed pieces we don't have.
    What I want is a reason to help people who are constantly pinging in world chat looking for a tank. If I've done every piece of content I can for the day that involves dungeons. I have no reason to go into a dungeon and no reward via the game's mechanics. Unfortunately, the only thing I get for going into a dungeon when I've done all the content for the day is a repair bill.

    Something to think about:
    What about giving the player the 500 silver + possibility of crafting mats? Maybe crafting mats is too much? Even just money per box. Let me want to help people after I've done content. Drop money from the boss boxes & let me roll on mounts, music or whatever the bosses drop that isn't gear or crafting mats. It's unfortunate that I literally just don't want to respond to people looking for help as I get nothing out of it via the game. Sure players can pay you but they shouldn't have to. It also could lead into public image being smeared or a social altercation. Food for thought.


    Running on ground audio even though you're in the air

    - Ride Blackflame Qilin
    - Hold A/S/D or W+A or W+D to move in any direction except solely forward
    - Also hold space to rise up
    - Your mount will still give audio queues as if it's running on the floor although being in the air.

    Side Notes
    This probably also works with any mount that makes walking/running noises and can fly aswell.


    Pop-up blocker not working


    - Have Show Popup Options selected so it shows 'Block Popups' at the top of your screen.
    - Check the Block Popups box.
    - Open diamond on far left and uncheck Show Popup Options
    - Recheck Show Popup Options
    - Marvel at the option not staying checked.

    Side notes

    Even with 'Block Popups' selected, it doesn't block of them. However, if you click the diamond on the far left side and hide the top setting, it'll reset to being unchecked. Other options like 'Hide players' stay checked/selected when hidden.

    Chat box / Player names

    Chat message clarity. Add tags depending on the slash command.

    So many other MMO behemoths and games decades old do this. Here is a proposed way to help with visual clarity of the chats:

    - Check out the things I said up above. (Removed colors based on class and set them to whatever the channel's corresponding color is, remove extra channels we don't need and repurpose the proper slash commands for their better suited titles.)

    - Add the channel name before the player's name.


    [Say] [Rukio]: I hope everyone is doing well today
    [Say] [Garfield]: I'm doing alright. Just got off of work.

    [World] [CatBurglar]: Anybody want to run some Yemo Extreme? It's a pool party.
    [Whisper] To [BigHealEnergy]:Think you'll be down to do a raid later?
    [World] [ChaChaSmooth]: What do I do after I hit level 36? I ran out of quests.
    [World] [Assassin420x]: You beat the game.

    [Say] [Rukio]: I feel you. I plan on doing things later on
    [Whisper] [BigHealEnergy] whispers: Yeah I'll be available. Just gonna get some food real quick.
    [Class] [CloudStrife]: Anybody know where I can watch a guide for better Slayer PvE rotations?
    [Alliance] [ToddTheStrong]: I'm looking to do some runs through Hard Mode dungeon. Anybody in?
    [World] [GodlyFist]: Why can't I queue up for PvP at 3 AM?
    [Alliance] [PointyStick]: Yeah I'm down. Send me an invite.

    Most of the colors these forums allow you to use aren't appealing to the eye.. Pretend they were. Idea for this was to show how much clarity would be there if it was all uniform.

    Now for fun.. let's change it up to what it currently is:

    [N} [Rukio]: I hope everyone is doing well today
    [N} [Garfield]: I'm doing alright. Just got off of work.
    [W} [CatBurglar]: Anybody want to run some Yemo Extreme? It's a pool party.
    You Tell
    [BigHealEnergy]:Think you'll be down to do a raid later?
    [W} [ChaChaSmooth]: What do I do after I hit level 36? I ran out of quests.
    [W} [Assassin420x]: You beat the game.
    [N} [Rukio]: I feel you. I plan on doing things later on
    [BigHealEnergy] tells you: Yeah I'll be available. Just gonna get some food real quick.
    [C} [CloudStrife]: Anybody know where I can watch a guide for better Slayer PvE rotations?
    [A} [ToddTheStrong]: I'm looking to do some runs through Hard Mode dungeon. Anybody in?
    [W} [GodlyFist]: Why can't I queue up for PvP at 3 AM?
    [A} [PointyStick]: Yeah I'm down. Send me an invite.

    Just.. AAAAAAH. Reusing the picture from above to prove a point. LOOK AT THIS. It's not something that's appealing to look at nor is it easy to decipher just from lookin at it. Pretend the colors I used in the above examples are appealing colors like the ones down below.


    Chat box / Player Names

    Player names being color coded based on class

    I feel like this is a cardinal sin. Player's names will change color depending on what class they are.

    You've got players talking with:
    - Green (Berserker) which is the Alliance chat color (/g command).
    - Dark Pink (Reaper) which is the Whisper chat color (/w or /r command)
    - Blue (Spell Sword) which is the Party chat color (/p command)
    - Red (Spear Master) which is the Friends chat color (/f command)

    It's hard to know what chat someone is typing in visually because it's ALL over. The ability to quickly look at something and figure out whats going on is lost here. All players names should be one color . White if normal/say speech. Dark Pink if whisper. Blue if party chat. Literally any color should stick to the channel color. It's so hard to talk to people because nobody knows what chat people are talking in. Can you tell what's going on here? Because I barely can. It takes more than a second to know what's going on due too colors being EVERYWHERE.

    P.S. I hope the name of the colors with the wrong color gets the point across.


    Slash commands. Too many, don't match their respected letters and some need to be removed.
    Alright. While we're on the topic of chat. The slash commands are overwhelming and there is too many.

    We have:
    /S for say but it's Normal and has an N tag.
    /P for party but it's Team and has a T tag.
    /C for ... something but it's Area and has a YELLOW A tag.
    /Y for World. This one is fine because Whisper should always be /W.
    /G for Guild but it's Alliance and has a GREEN A tag.
    /A for what you would guess is Area but it's Pact and has a GREEN P tag.
    /D for Pop-ups and has a GREY P tag. This one shouldn't even exist.
    /V for.. something but it's Class and has a Pink/Purple tag.
    /Z for ... something but it's Faction and has a DARK PURPLE F tag.
    /DE for Deutsch but it's Germany and has a SALMON G tag

    We've got... so.. many and that's not even all of them. Those listed above are so out of whack with random conflicting chat names. I think it's time to get rid of some and readjust the commands?

    Get rid of:
    /A for Pact. What even is this? Even if it's used later in game.. why clog up and convolute the chat systems. Get rid of this and let people use any of the other chats. Repurpose /A for Alliance or Area chat.

    - /F for Friends. Why does this exist? We have whisper mode to talk to friends. We have party chat. Guild chat. Discord as a voice program. What is this even used for? I'm assuming the Friends social Circle group tab? There are so many other things we could have done here. Honestly delete it and repurpose /F for Faction chat.

    - /D for Pop-ups. You know. I think I heard about this. A friend said someone had it where anytime this player used his RMB attack, he kept spamming chat with 'SALMON IS THE BEST FISH' or something like that completely unrelated. Leave the ability to have macro/abilities trigger some sort of text. We don't need Pop-ups or whatever they are. We don't even like pop-ups when we're browsing the web. This one can be deleted.

    (For NA server only)
    The slash commands /de for Germany and /fr for France should be removed as well. There are plenty of other languages being spoken in the game. Players will make guilds for their corresponding languages or play in their region is possible where their languages are better supported and these channels make more sense. In this case the EU servers.

    We have too many slash commands and we need the visual clarity. Look at the list from a new players perspective. There are WAY too many and some of the commands make no sense. I have to constantly teach people how to talk in Alliance chat which is /g but it's Alliance so you'd think it's /A but thats for area chat. OH SNAP it's not even for AREA CHAT. It's for.. what is this on the list... PACT. IT'S FOR PACT.


    Incompletable Quests

    First Interpretation of the Secret Text - II is incompletable if the user buys the box ahead of the quest.

    - Open pet menu (P)
    - Select crafting tab
    - PvE Noble Knight Box VI (Null) will be available. (This will be available even before you get the above quest.)
    - Buy the box for 88 Mysterious Parchments
    - Use the box and select an item.

    Side Notes:
    If you do these steps before you get the quest, which the game allows you to do, you will never be able to complete the quest. The game doesn't detect that the player has already used 88 parchments to buy the box for the first part, and the game doesn't register that the user has already purchased the box and used it for an item.
    Since the box is only 1 per character/Permanent, you can never buy another one to complete the quest. Since the quest can not be abandoned, the player is forever stuck with a quest they can not complete in their logs.

    The game should probably do one of two things:

    (1) The game should not allow the player to see the box until they get to that part on the quest.

    (2) The game should detect if the player has already purchased and opened the quest requirement.
    (This would fix a few other quests as well. I'm looking at you Potion Making - III. Yes I know this quest is completable. But the player would have to farm all the mats to get the potion in their inventory to show the guy, and you can't get everything at that level I'm pretty sure. Nor would the player know since they aren't instructed on how harvesting really works.)

    P.S. The box should probably not say (Null)


    Residence music

    Melodies of the Legends on shuffle will play the last song played for a second before abruptly skipping to next on repeat

    - Be in your Residence.
    - Open Melodies of the Legends & make sure a song is selected as default song.
    - Set playback to shuffle mode.
    - Let an entire song play, when the song shuffles to next song, it'll repeat a second or two of the last played song before shuffling to the next in queue.

    Side notes:
    This seems to not be the case if it shuffles back to itself?

    Melodies of the Legends being set to shuffle doesn't respect it sometimes

    - Be in your Residence.
    - Open Melodies of the Legends.
    - Set playback to shuffle

    Sides Notes:
    Yeah uh... sometimes this thing doesn't shuffle.. or care if it's set to shuffle guys and gals. I've sat here for the last 10 minutes waiting for the song to shuffle to another song. It seems to work when it feels like.

    P.S. By shuffle I mean the 'Play Random' option.


    Visual / Graphical

    Sun glare on water overwrites the player's model
    - While running on water while it's sunny out. The water will shimmer and add glares to the screen. Running on water and having the camera look at the back of the player (Aka looking forward as normal play intends), the player's lower screen will become riddled with stretched white glares which looks more like screen tearing.
    Below image shows it from a looking back view and how it overlaps the player even though it's behind.
    Couldn't get view of multiple glares clogging the screen as time changed.



    Cursor deactivates while in action mode even though it activates when you hit enter when mousing over emoji panel
    - Be in action mode (Cursor is not viewable)
    - Hit enter to open chat (Cursor will become viewable)
    - Click on the emoji panel to the right of the chat entry text
    - Move cursor up to the emoji panel
    - Screen should shift with your mouse movement and mouse should deactivate.

    (Image shows no cursor as soon as you open the panel and try to select an emoji)


    After dungeon completion, the dungeon will say "You are leaving a dungeon that isn't finished." Randomly giving deserter status
    (This may only affect Hard Mode Dungeons)
    Dungeon I remember this happening on: Nightmare Temple of Mercy

    - Upon leaving a dungeon, everyone was getting a message saying they were leaving a dungeon that was not complete. Could be because we didn't kill the bonus boss. But we didn't even get to unlock it by clearing it within the time slot.
    - Even though I left first, and the message clearly displayed for me, one of my Alliance mates ended up getting deserter somehow and wasn't able to play with us in a dungeon for awhile.

    Height / Z axis problems

    Verticality for bullet hell / harmful effects

    There are mechanics in game that requires players to jump to avoid damage. However this isn't applied to certain harmful like bullet hell (Orbs that deal damage), or Yemo City in Wuzhao's later area with rain/water. The puddles of near invisible water do constant damage. Jumping in the air does not remove the damaging effect applied to the characters. The game continues taking the players ground projected head. "Is player in water?" Even though the answer is technically no, the game says yes. The game should adapt height so people can jump over these harms.

    I'm not saying all like jumping over boss attacks. I'm just talking like map hazards and small bullet hells. You can only jump once or twice right? You aren't gonna avoid them all. If it's like BIG bullet hell pellets. It makes sense. But the small ones? You already can't use majority of your abilities. Yemo water? You already can barely tell where a puddle is. Let me jump out of it so I don't drown in this puddle I'm above. That or make the water more visible. The amount of people I lose to the water is astounding.

    Height / Z axis problems

    Aggro range doesn't count height
    - So when a monster is aggro'd you can fly straight up and they'll stay below you aggro'd and continuously hitting you. Depending on the monster, you'll actually take damage or they'll continuously miss. At a certain height. Monsters should lose aggro. To prevent trolling and resetting world bosses. At a certain height, the player should be removed from the threat board. That way if it's a world boss, it'll aggro onto the next on the list and not run back and reset back to full health. (Image below shows a fox lady continuously bashing me even though I'm way in the sky.)


    rticality for bullet hell / harmful effects
    - There are mechanics in game that requires players to jump to avoid damage. However this isn't applied to certain harmful like bullet hell (Orbs that deal damage), or Yemo City in Wuzhao's later area with rain/water. The puddles of near invisible water do constant damage. Jumping in the air does not remove the damaging effect applied to the characters. The game continues taking the players ground projected head. "Is player in water?" Even though the answer is technically no, the game says yes.


    Alliance UI isn't consistent on change
    - When a user is offline, adjusting their rank makes the text become white as if they were online. It should stay consistent and be grey to show the user is still offline.

    Life skill ability cooldown

    Artisan Alliance's vision ability is ridiculous
    So why do majority of these skills have extremely long cooldowns? We have abilities like Heaven's vision which lets you see a random resource type.. which might not even be what you want for 7 minutes. The CHANCE of seeing nearby resources that you want for 7 minutes on the minimap and then it goes on cooldown for 22 HOURS? A lot of times I don't even bother as I'll be looking for say grass or water elements and the game decides to get me 7 mins of an element that doesn't spawn in the map or whatever I'm looking for. Just to go on cooldown for the rest of the day.

    The game has elements to lock people out, i.e. fortune for harvesting. Why are cooldowns involved as well?



    Fun stuff in general
    The cash shop stuff, life skills, collectibles. You use things for about 5 - 20 seconds of fun (On the collectible side of things) and then they get put on 1 hour, 2 hours, hell some even a 24 hours or 48 hours. I have this pillow ability that lets me lay down for 5 minutes... and it's got an hour cooldown. Put cooldowns for toys and stuff atleast like double the duration. 5 minutes of 'fun'? 10 minute cooldown. Things under 1 minute of usage.. maybe 5 min cooldowns? Something.

    Hell Akabane Banner is 20 seconds of being buff and then 14 minute cooldown. ???? Something along the lines of 2-5 minutes would make more sense. That way people can actually use it for fights.

    Item descriptions

    Item descriptions are either non-existent, use obscure words or have no description
    Looking over some of the things in game, there are some big issues with item descriptions. Some of the UI aren't using the space they're allotted. I'm not sure how much localization is going to be done or if Gameforge is paying attention to small details like this.
    But things like this are important to keep things clear and concise so players understand what's going on. For the Best Friend's ability you receive an increased rate of 5%.... what? Bananas? Apples? Friend exp gain? If so which one? There is apparently two friendship meters. What does which and why is there two?

    The Chuhao talent upgrade is for Artisan Alliance. Talents in general normally have no description to the right of the icons. From the screenshot below, you'll see it means Acuity is increase... what's that? In CN it apparently means many things. One involving leaving your job because you aren't happy. On google the English definition is: "sharpness or keenness of thought, vision, or hearing." So what does that mean for SOLO? I use this ability and it... makes my 7 min buff longer? Make the random buff you get from harvesting longer? My best two guesses and that's only with sitting down trying to figure out what it could mean.


    Change position & Sit do not work as intended
    - Even if you spam the Change action button, you'll get a 'Cooldown in progress'. The animation of your character does not change.

    In-game chat
    - Chat isn't using the entire bar for typing text. It just uses half of it, and when you scroll it keeps everything to the left preventing you from seeing/scrubbing through the text.


    WELL. TURNS OUT you can only edit a post after so many minutes.

    Will just add stuff as I find them I suppose.

    Shanghuai Grassland

    Invisible collider
    - At player Location (-415, -238) in map Shanghuai Grassland, there is an extremely tall invisible collider that exists and prevents players from moving past it. It's pretty thin aswell. Clip below for video replication (Sorry for the length. Just lazily clipped it.)
    Twitch Clip

    I've got some thoughts that could be great for discussion. I look at things from a new user stand point instead of someone whose played the game for.. 96+ hours on NA client (Alpha + Beta. Alpha hours were on GF launcher so no idea how much it was. 30+ maybe). Keeping new players interested in the goal. So please keep open opinions.



    - Fullscreen should be it's own option instead of hiding in 'Resolution'. This is standard among any other game. Too many users have no idea the game has a fullscreen mode, which is actually Borderless Windowed mode. A separate option/button is needed so people aren't starting the game on the wrong foot. Ability to fullscreen a game is literally the first thing people adjust, without having this could put people on the wrong foot.


    Character's talking over each other

    - Due to English and the main language having different speech lengths. It seems the English voice over times need to be properly separated time wise. If not, characters will overlap each other and three or more characters will talk over each other at once providing an unfavorable and disorienting experience.

    Residence music

    - Seems you can only put one song on repeat for your residence.. which most songs being only a minute or two long, have a very abrupt and start. The ability to have the music shuffle through all owned music would be nice. The residence Melodies of the Legends allows you to select Shuffle or Loop All, but it only pertains to the window being open and not for housing.. even though it's a physical object in your resident island.

    Cash Shop

    Trailers for outfits/mounts/Gear

    - The videos in the cash shops that showcase trailers for outfits and items do not seem to be affected by the volume settings set by the player. (Excluding master sound as that would literally mute the rest of the game.. We're talking something like Interface, System Voice, even Character voice) This means having a relatively uniform audio experience done by the player gets overwhelmed with extremely loud trailer videos in the cash shop.


    Withdrawl / Abandoning quests

    - With how the quest system currently is. The player can get themselves into situations where they'll have quests they cannot complete. (Potion Making - III & Delectable dish for example). The quests provide resources the player will not obtain until later end game with no tutorial on how to buy recipes from the vendor until later on aswell. Resources that have an RNG chance meaning if the player makes the object and doesn't turn in the potion (Potion Making III's case) and drinks it instead.. they're stuck with the quest and can't complete. If the player runs by the recipe that gets dropped on the floor and leaves the map, their item despawns and they can no longer make the recipe. (You can make a stew using these ingredients but the player will never know this as the game doesn't teach this

    ). Abandoning the quest so they can regrab it and complete it would help.

    Auction House

    Searching for items is case sensitive

    - When searching for items on the auction house, you'll need to have case sensitive punctuation. This could be a tiresome problem for people constantly needing to capitalize letters to find items or nothing shows up.


    Wooden Stake

    - Changing out the Wooden Stakes are not directly apparent with what they do. Their names are.. just names. Besides Healing Wooden Stake. Nothing really makes sense. Maybe a possible rename? It requires you to have knowledge on the game to even take a guess.

    World Boss/Minor Boss

    Weichuan Highlands

    Minor Boss/World Boss

    - Daily quest has people come to these bosses that die within seconds. Even though we have 100% gotten a hit on it. We get no credit for it with the people that're constantly there trying for the mount, meaning trying for the mount every 500~ish seconds for the daily is an absolute nightmare. These minor bosses and bosses need to be beefed up a bit so people getting the daily is.. bearable. It's alive for about 5 - 10 seconds each time.

    Hey everyone. Going to be posting bugs that I find here in the thread.


    Suan Ni

    - Player hair, sash/cloak, robes, anything with dynamic bones is forced into the air while riding/standing still. First noticed in the Biography "Hell in the Heart A" when the players are on the Suan Ni mounts. Assuming this isn't specific to the biography, one can assume the issue will follow to the actual mounts. See image below


    Berserker Wolf Form

    - After running and jumping, the model locks up and the sword appears in a state where it is 0,0,0'd out at position origin.


    Blackflame Qilin

    - Summoning the mount no longer makes the noise of it growling right before spawn



    - Hide threat menu does not remove the Team Threat menu. (Option is underneath Interface section)


    Wooden Stake

    - Healing Wooden Stake does not update on the Healing section for Combat Stats. It looks like this is because the game doesn't register it as an ally / enemy? Checking your healing meter on the dummy seems to be broken and players won't be able to utilize it.

    Could be because this was tested with players coming to my plot and healing MY dummy? As a tank I can't heal. So I can't test if it's a break with other players coming to mine.

    Placement of items on Build Area

    - While holding an object (Wall for example), if the user scrolls in while in free hand mode (Grid deactivated) the object will begin to shake violently, not allowing the player to place down an object in the desired location.

    Water basin mode

    - When in water basin mode, if the player hits W on their keyboard, it shoves the players camera into a random location, not allowing them to move it until they cancel out of water basin mode. After further testing... any input besides like right mouse button. Even scrolling it shoves the camera into the floor. (THIS IS NOT CONSISTENT. Still looking to replicate fully as of 6/1/2021)

    Residence Items / Item Category

    - The blocks you find in game, [Resident Building Block] doesn't allow you to build any of the blocks. Even when you have the resources.…4861533003806/unknown.pngunknown.png

    Culling & Skill issue

    Map: Weichuan Highlands around (-92, 171)

    Issue: When running with a two seater mount (Berserker Wolf form), the game hiccups for a moment and then tosses off the rider. The berserker can no longer right click and invite the player to ride. It's my understanding the game thinks the Berserker is no longer in wolf form.. so you have to change back to human and back to wolf to invite the player.

    Class this issue affects: Berserker

    Skill: Wolf Journey

    Social menu

    Sworn Friendship tab

    Hovering over sword friendship abilities

    - When hovering over abilities given to your sworn friend, UI elements will get stuck on your screen until you quit the game or goto character selection.

    As a roleplayer. I'm honestly pretty excited for this housing system and flexibility when it comes to building.

    My only thing is, I saw in a lot of people's builds you could edit the.. entire island? When I unlocked housing last alpha, I was only able to edit things in a rectangular plot. Do I need to upgrade my residence to unlock bigger plot areas or... how do I get to the point of building big?

    This video comes to mind when I think of housing building. Like these builds look like they're way bigger than the land provided.

    MMOJACKX57 housing showcase