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    Tatsächlich war ich auch etwas über die Namensgebung verwundert und hoffe das einige Dinge nicht mit zum Release übernommen werden. Persönlich bin ich nicht immer der "Super Lore Gerechter Namens User", aber Namen wie xXNeKoGirL7Xx sprechen mich auch nicht an. Das ist auch Geschmackssache.

    Da das Spiel aber nun ein gewißes Thema oder einen gewißen Stil verfolgt wäre es aber für Lore Fanatiker und/oder Roleplayer bestimmt schön wenn man auch Namen nutzen kann, so wie sie auch die NPC nutzen.

    Defintiv meinen Zuspruch! :)

    I cannot say for Giarc.

    I know Katramis tried around 4-5 times with deinstall and install. A new folder in D: was created (D:/SOLO) - but still after pressing "install" button client says he cant use this folder.

    D: is the only way for Katramis, cause C: doesnt have enough space

    Weird. I had mine download to a secondary drive just fine. Created an empty folder prior installation and selected said folder when it asked me to pick a destination. The GF client is on the main drive aswell.

    Hmm, that's probably not the issue. Or at least, not the whole issue.

    I had no problem installing the game on D: with the GF launcher in C: myself, and I'm probably not the only one. There must be something else going on.

    Thanks so far. You guys use an older launcher or did you download a fresh new for this game?

    I would really appericate a solution since Kat has so many problems alteast.

    Try using a folder name as simple as D:/SOLO. On another thread someone mentioned the GF Client didn't like non english characters. It may be that the GF Client only likes MS-DOS style folder names.

    We did and still dont want to install here. Katramis whats the error message again?