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    I tried installing on both disks and it wouldn't work even with enough space.

    However, I haven't tried moving the Gameforge launcher file from C to D and then try to install the game in the Gameforge file.

    I heard it solved the issue for some people..

    It doesnt work for me for some reason, When i hit install the 2nd time, that window just closes with no download. I have tried to put it in 3 different folders and i have a ton of space on my computer. So i am not sure if there is just something currently wrong with it or what.

    Same exact thing here.

    The folder/disk location is not the issue...

    I tried installing it on either disk (I have more than 150 gb of space on both) and neither allows me to install.

    I have contacted support and they know about this issue but could not give me any information on when the issue will be fixed.

    However, they will fix it with a patch.

    I think I will just refund the pack and maybe re-purchase it on steam since I believe steam does not have these issues...

    This is the error that pops up as soon as you press install (Show more is empty)