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    That means, when the game is released for pre-download, you can log in to character customization screen, make your character and secure your name in game before others, but there is no such a thing as ''early acess to play game before others''

    Thanks for the info! had seen this quote from Celes, thanks a lot!

    For me it was actually bugged during CBT 1 and 2, i got the talisman but didnt got the mount, and i got the icon but it dissapeared and i couldnt use it, its like i never received

    Want something for free? go search those free games, that you cant even win, bc all there is are p2w players with broken classes, lmao, if you dont want a paid game just dont pay, and go search a game with p2w players that is free, about optimization, it probably will just get really better with UE4, but it will take a year, so waiting a year for the game 2 launch? hell nah, and it probably will get better, bc they play normally at taiwan servers and can do all content, but yeah, biggest joke of all is you asking for the game to be free, lmao, go ask every single game out there just to be free? i cant remember 1 free game that is actually good, without p2w and broken classes

    Can they communicate with each other in calls? or do they have a leader that all of them will hear and obey? will they coordinate with each other? as well as guild queueing up premade

    I dont think they should remove it, but match those 15 guild members with another 15, so if you queue up with 5 team, you go against another 5 teamqueue in the other side

    What if currently only 1 full team is quing up? Will others be able to play 10 matches while they don't get a single match?
    or will they get matches up against ranomds after all?

    They shouldnt be able to play a single match, sorry thats my opinion, its just too unfair in my point of view a full group go against a bunch of randoms

    Dont do anything, just let it be, they get debuff when they kill 2 ppl, then we can have fun killing the PKers, with the debuff, getting stunned, and when they die they go to jail for a long time, best feeling ever

    Wdm, best thing is to kill players that PK bc they have all the debuffs, that is fun, imagine killing Pkers, with a juice debuff and getting stunned, and then when they die they go to jail, best feeling ever

    If i buy the standart edition for the beta, and if i liked the game and before the game launches i decide to buy the deluxe edition or collector edition, would i need to pay the full price? or will there be a discount for already having the game, and just buying the other editions for the bonus, either way , thanks ahead for the answers on this post:)