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    The most important guide on this forum is the levelling and endgame guide. Until endgame, you do the main quest, the side quests, and a little bit of filler when quests run out at a couple points.

    In game, there are a ton of tutorials on all of the mechanics. There is a big red blob in the top right corner - that is your cultivation icon. You use it to start tutorials on all the life stuff - fishing, housing, all sorts of things.

    The Cultivation Icon also shows you your daily and weekly events - some of which you have to do a tutorial quest first.

    And in the end a game that is developed for another country entirely - that countries population will decide what gets included in the game or not. There won't be two code bases.
    Arguing amongst ourselves is pointless. Make a convincing argument to 1 Billion plus Asians.

    Hah. There are literally five threads open right now wanting Rampage to be removed..

    You will get your jollies when Factions are implemented. Then you can go around killing people with half your gear score "for the fun"

    So one thing I didn't quite understand is how many Mysterious Parchments do you get while buying them from the weeklies. I spent 32g in beta and got 0 Parchments. Is that a random number you can get or is that a bug or is that linked to the pet level or even something else?

    I bought two batches of parchement from each the Blood Ruvia and Turqouise Envoy shops, and each time got 12 parchments. They don't look like scrolls in your bag, they look like hunks of trash. They are red bordered. They cost 32 gold AND currency of the shop. The shop currency is easy peasy to get, but 32g is not that easy once questing is done. You can spend 128 gold a week on Parchment but I don't remember all the dailies that give 7 gold.

    There is a mechanic called Sworn Friend - you access it via the Heartstring Shop. If you work really hard at it, you and your Sworn Friend can get bonuses for adventuring together.

    The costs in the shop are high, so I am guessing it would likely be alts.

    But it is there.

    I am not a fan of Rampage mode, but I also don't think it will get in the way of my game.
    Consider that in order to maximize mysterious parchments and gear you need to run four dungeons per day, do one zone of Blood Ruvia, and do one zone of Turqouise Envoy.

    And then if you want more gold, there are things like Game of Eternity and running around giving gifts to the masters.

    And maybe you want elixers, or fishing coins, or erudite coins that come from treasure hunting.

    There is so much to do, getting killed once may hurt your ego but it does not effect anything tangible. Just move on to something else.

    Or be in a guild with like minded people and hunt down the griefer with three-to-one odds.

    Flexibility is the key - and shrugging off dying once in a while.

    SOLO sure has more talking to NPCs than other games I have played. It seems important to the world building that we understand that all these factions are full of members and that factions are abrupt with one another.

    But then again this is the first game I've played which is chock full of lovers and romantic interests.
    There is a ton of story to be mined in this game - for now. The Asia version has maybe 10% of the story on the way to Student 1 because they are three years into it.

    If you are suddenly sprinting, I need to ask are you using WASD? Sprint is a double tap of the W key. I can foresee some keyboards where that might be a problem.

    Rampage mode comes in at Student 1. All questing is done by then and you are doing dailies and weeklies.

    There is so much to do once you are Student 1.

    If there is a griefer in your area, get to work on something else until they are gone.

    If the griefer has gear level 45 and you are at gear level 35 - the truth is you have a ton of work in many aspects of gameplay to get to gear level 45 anyways.

    Gathering for elixers seems to be more of a option then a necessity. There are some dailies and weeklies that might be easier to solo with elixers - but they would be just as easy with teammate or two. Thus - optional.
    Fishing is also optional. You will need fish for Guild Banquets, but there is an entire world of fishing spots.

    What I am saying here is that if you get ganked twice by the same griefer, it is because of choice. Choosing to stay in the same spot instead of finding something else to do.

    I hate being ganked. I just stand still and let them kill me so they get their jollies but don't have any actual fun. But with all there is to do, I foresee simply going to another zone to do something else.
    I did not like Archeage because the you could get ganked while levelling. There were multiplayer raids that would sweep through a low level zone one shotting all the low level noobs. In no game I have ever played have you had any choice but to get to max level before really working on crafting or life skills. This game is no different in that you get all the gear you need from questing or you can solo Frostbitten Path until you have an entire set of lvl 35 purple gear.
    Rampage mode is annoying - but it won't get in the way of the story. So it is a annoyance that can be lived with.

    Blood Ruvia and Turquoise Envoy open up about the same time as you start to fill out your hotbar.
    If all you are ever going to make is one character and soak up the story, the combat is pretty boring.

    But if you are going to explore every class (we have six slots) then speed is of the essence.

    The developer and publisher wants you to make alts and put different outfits on each to personalize each. They make their profit from costumes.

    Every game I have ever played made the leveling mobs as easy as possible - with a scatttering of mini bosses to add spice only.

    When you only have five or six skills on yout hotbar, you aren't learning much anyways.

    But once it does become important, SOLO provides Blood Ruvia and Turquoise Envoy.
    Anyways, by the time we are on par with Asia, the process of getting to Student 1 will take no more than two and a half hours, especially for Samurai, Fox and Archer who literally have almost no story whatsoever.

    By the time we are on par with Asia, leveling will take about two and half hours to reach Student.

    The China developer wants you to get to Student fast.

    But Drill Mode of the Temple of Mercy (level 18 it opens at), Drill Mode of Frostbitten Path (i think it opens at level 23) and the Blood Ruvia and Turquoise Envoy are all good practice (both start at level 21).

    I am waiting for launch to actually make one slow moving character that absorbs the entire story plus all the side quests. That charcater will also run around listening to side dialog. But even after launch my main will blast past story to get to Student so that I can run dungeons with the rest of the community. Once the bulk of the community is at gear level 45 then people still at gear level 35 will have a harder time matchmaking until people start making alts. So I am planning a Story Alt, I will even record its adventures.

    I have been trying to use my Interrupt on bosses in Frostbitten Path, drill run. There are clearly attacks mechanics I cannot interrupt.

    Is there a pattern? Or is it a timing issue that I have to interrupt either immediately or right at the last moment?

    The real challenge to testing your rotation is solo Blood Ruvia bounties. They aren't crazy hard at the level you unlock each zone, but they have enough hit points that you will work on your muscle memory.
    For an even greater challenge, get three people together to tackle a Difficulty Two Solo Turquoise angry spirit. They are meant to be soloable I think, but most of them have great mechanics that make it too hard to just DPS down.

    If it isn't busy (beta is busy around the clock), you can find the Heroic Events that include tackling a mini boss. There are also quest mini bosses that spawn over and over.
    Once you hit Student and want to practice your full rotation, Blood Ruvia will be the way to go. You can also get four man or five man teams together to tackle Team Blood Ruvia bounties.
    These ideas of course are about practicing DPS. I practice tanking by taking two companions both in heal mode companion into Frostbitten Path. I practice gathering up adds, using my single target taunt on the boss and mobs that attack the healers, I practice battlefield awareness. Boss battles last five minutes without a dps so I really work on my muscle memory - like a batting cage.

    The game is hard, because the cards are in Chinese characters but the proposed matches are in Pinyin. Maybe if the Glyphs were next to the Pinyin text we would have a slightly better chance of spotting matches.

    Nonetheless I seem to win at least 70% of Basic games so I can complete the daily activity.

    Even three years into the game, the China version has the Bard standing still to cast. That is a key distinguisher between it and the Summoner.
    You get a skill later that allows you to move and cast for a short duration. It has two charges. But you will still be standing still alot with Bard.
    I doubt the CHina developer is going to change that.