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    Hello Malvious.

    Closing completely your Gamforge Client should solve the problem, but in case it doesn't our support team will assist you.
    Since you have already open tickets a reply will be given as soon as possible.



    Hello 9in8.

    Moving characters from EU to NA or vice versa is not possible.


    Can I play with friends on other servers?

    • While cross-region play (NA/EU) is not supported, all players of the same region will be able to play together.

    Can I transfer to another server to play with my friends?

    • You can always create a new character on a new server, as the 6 available slots are per server.
    • Moving a character from EU to NA or vice versa is not possible.

    Font: Swords of Legends Online FAQ

    Have also in mind that after the Beta finishes, all characters and items purchased in the shop will be reset to ensure that all players playing the game on release start out on an equal footing.

    More information can be found here.