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    Hey there,

    So I got the same problem occuring when trying to install the game with Gameforge Client.

    I always tried to install it on E:\ (where I install all my games and softwares, ..., C:\ is mostly for my system) and with different solutions :

    Change the region, disable shortcut creation, enable all privileges for admin/user on my PC on the gameforge client executable, use simple folder names such as "fafa", but nothing changed....

    Then I tried to install it on the default C:\ disk as suggested by a few people here, in a random "ff" folder at the root of the disk (could probably be a different folder name and not placed at the root).

    Magic! It worked and now the game is downloading.

    So, whatever with the D:\ Disk, I will let it this way.

    Still, strange...

    See you!