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    Just to clarify some things.

    You should be guaranteed at least one weekly gear-drop across all raid bosses which from personal experience seems to be the case. That drop being useless to you or not doesn't matter, you can feed it to you pet and craft a gear-piece yourself. I'm not buying what you're selling, you being stuck on gs-65 for two weeks is suspicious to say the least. Completing Jade, Tempest and Horror coupled with weekly mysterious parchments should net you enough to buy either of the accessory-pieces for instance.


    The Dungeon Codex tells you what you drop, it's not that you opened something and that item was suddenly the missing gear-piece, but that you were lucky enough, you dropped a gem-box from said raid boss which drops fortunately aligned with your missing gear pieces.

    You can be unlucky for weeks and drop at say, first Boss (relic, head, ring) the gem-box again and again despite you having obtained relic, head, ring already.

    You're guaranteed a drop eventually, but it's not guaranteeing you to get them in order like normal or hard dungeons do.

    I am a little confused with your post to be honest.

    Reading your comments so far - to me - it seems you have more a problem with how things are named than the mechanics/ difficulty itself?
    If normal was called hard - and hard was called mythic, would that solve your problem?

    Because... so far, that's all I am getting from your word dance, you're hinging on the word "normal" and how it should translate to some, mind you, fairly subjective term.
    Gameforge could have called normal, hard and extreme; simplest, simpler and simple respectively.


    While I do agree that the increase in difficulty was somewhat unexpected it wasn't out of this world. During Beta, clearing hard-mode the first time was a complete pain as well. I pugged these dungeons for the most part and we had to learn mechanics from the ground-up with bad gear and us not knowing class rotations properly. I spent hours on Spider before getting the kill, and that was without the guides and proper gear.

    I am more flabbergasted that people still don't get that you can't just stand in AoEs and face-tank everything, you need to move out of AoEs and dodge them. Period.
    It irks me to no end when people in easy do the same mistakes that would otherwise kill them in normal or just do stuff that makes no sense, because it's easy. kappa.
    The whole point of easy and normal is to prepare you for the next level, extreme / hard.

    As for all content it's hard until it isn't.


    MMOs require time. You need to invest that time to get somewhere, to progress. It's the same with learning an instrument. Repetition is the mother of learning after all.

    If you don't have the time, you are better of either not playing that mode or moving to something that aligns more with the time you have at hand. (speaking in general terms, not to you personally)

    This is a ridiculously bad idea. I'm all for less server-clutter, but deleting unused characters is just, well - ain't gonna happen. They would put themselves yet in another quagmire.

    I'd wager, there being an even bigger outcry about characters that have been allegedly deleted unjustly, too early or without warning or some such. People don't read, and giving them too many choices creates chaos and stupidity expands exponentially.

    In this case it's - either you were lucky enough to get in and get the names you wanted or you were not.

    Was it done poorly, absolutely - but will they cater to the few people who are still salty about it, unlikely. We need to move on at this point.


    To some people it is not crazy.

    Again, it's not Gameforge's first launch, they knew the numbers and - yes, mishaps do happen and are part of launching a game, but giving vague statements throughout the experience is just unprofessional. Period. More so when advertising certain features and not delivering on them. Servers were up for 9 minutes. In these 9 minutes, people got in, others did not. That's not fair or spells the same chances for everyone.

    If everyone during the first 10 minutes could in fact access the server as it was advertised maybe via a queue, this discussion wouldn't have to be had.

    First of all, can all these threads, this, this and that be merged into a mega-thread, Murr and Zhirelia? You were keen on nipping all the PK-threads at the bud but here we have like three different threads essentially depicting the same thing.


    While I do agree that there was no guarantee that you would get your name, there was at least a pledge of sorts - that servers were accessible at 14:00 CEST, distributed through various channels, confirmed by Gameforge personell and community staff which was not true. The servers were up for a total of 9 minutes before they went into maintenance for 90 minutes.

    I do believe, as a customer, you have the right to voice your discontent. Gameforge has had 15+ years experience in publishing games and this was a very pathetic attempt to showcase that experience. Sure, eventually they did get it to work, but why not do so from the beginning - was the storm of negative feedback worth the couple of thousand bucks they saved in the first hour, just to spent twice that amount to get more server capacity? I think not - do you?

    They knew the numbers, how many people bought the game and pre-ordered. Sure, publishing is all about the sweet balance sheet, and making money, but there is one thing in handling something poorly and doing the bare minimum. This was the latter. The fact that you could not delete your character instantly in the first wave proves my point empirically. The servers would have had to go into maintenance regardless which shows just how abysmal this whole thing went down. Besides, there are hardly any profanity filters for names. The N-word for instance works, so do most words related to sexual intercourse. But hey, at least the crude word for butt is flagged as profane.

    On a closing remark, there is nothing fair and square in not being able to access the server in the first place. Phaendar 's response was worded very poorly in my opinion and leaves a bad after-taste - at least in my mouth.

    I did get all the names that I wanted - Yay, lucky me, obviously witty wasn't in high demand - my gripe with this whole situation isn't that some generic Anime name was already taken but with how it was done.

    Who ever thought reserving 6 distinct names was a good decision needs to rethink how to handle MMOs in general. All these issues would have been easily avoided by just being able to reserve a single name, be done with it and move on. People who were lucky enough to get in in the first wave, could and would block other names which in my opinion is the opposite of fair and square. Alas, we might have differing definitions for the word fair.

    The Umbrella doesn't look half bad. I hope at least, for any class really, animations won't be as static as Bard's; or more fleshed out at least. Having the GuQin or not makes hardly any difference animation-vise, the initial animations are, well - lacklustre to say the least. It's just a lot of wasted potential in my opinion.

    It has more to do with server-load.

    The current demo is getting at a fraction of what was happening during either of the Betas, both in load and syncing all the server goodness. I wouldn't bet on you getting a better experience on Steam.

    The servers will hit the crapper on launch day regardless of platform.

    Aight let's stay on optimization then.

    So I've shared some screens on steam too and someone told me it looks like a sharpening issue. More and more players are sharing screens in 1080p and it looks much more smooth, especially the environments, grass etc. But what could cause this? I didn't even touch the nvidia settings for this specific game.

    Ah, looks like I shouldn't have deleted the demo after all. haha

    There is an option under graphical settings; something in the first tab when ticked causes these weird yellowish-brownish colours and makes the game look considerably worse, untick that and you should have a different, better gaming experience.

    Maybe go through the settings one by one and adjust them as well, just in case.


    If you didn't enjoy it, that's fine as well - no point in arguing personal preference.

    That's still 10-ish jus stretching the "ish" quite a bit. :)

    But I'm not too sure myself, the lowest I went was 30-ish% in Mercy in CBT-1.

    we'll see if you feel the same way wiping 6 hrs on a raid and having to spend more money to repair than anything else in the game

    I will cross that bridge once I come to it.

    What is the gold cost for a full repair?

    Depends. The higher your gearscore the more expensive it will be eventually.

    A full gs-60 gear repair was in the 10-ish gold neighbourhood.

    Participating in the Steam Fest was planned for quite some time - this week has been incorporated in our schedule from almost the beginning. So when we say "a couple weeks after Beta 2" (which was our wording, not 2 weeks), that includes this one week of Steam Demo. The release is not getting pushed back because of this, no worries.

    Yeah, I don't know where 2 weeks came from as a couple weeks after isn't exactly two. I want to play the game too but, I wouldn't assume that a "couple" or even a "few" was an particular time frame but "soon".

    "Couple" has always meant 2, at least where I grew up, if it's more than 2 you say few. But I guess that could be a cultural thing? I've never heard it used for anything more than 2 at least.

    When reading this thread, I had to think of this xkcd comic. haha


    Truth be told. The "in a couple of weeks" is fairly ambiguous and leaves some room for interpretation.

    I think it's in a decent spot.

    If anything, it incentivizes you - the player - to be more mindful when doing dungeons, watching out for AoEs and learning the game and more importantly your toon and its mechanics respectively.

    The point of Hard difficulty is just that. It's Hard, it should hurt if you continuously wipe.

    If Hard dungeons and Extreme dungeons were only 'capped' by time spent, and Gold lost through repairs were a negligible expense, there would be even less of a challenge or an impetus to learn and master certain mechanics.

    Furthermore, to circumvent excessive inflation early game - gold sinks are much needed in any game, more so in those that have player trading and an Auction House.

    Translation and Localization:


    It is nothing to write home about.

    • Skill descriptions need a rework, a proper one at that. Skills and attributes should align more with common-MMO language. I still think that e.g., Prescience and Fortune make little to no sense.
    • There was still some Chinese every now and then. Shanghuai-Grasland needs the most love in that regard. Some quest texts were either still in Mandarin-Chinese or missing completely.
    • The written-text and the voice-over should align when it comes to translation coherency and timing. Some NPCs were talking over one another; voice-lines didn’t necessarily match with what was written on screen.
    • As for the translations in general. Apart from the creative liberties taken here and there, it was serviceable (in most cases, being generous on that one) but in others it was just off.



    • The English voice-over was, from what was shown so far, really good.
    • The servers performed arguably better in CBT-2 compared to CBT-1. Malicious gossip would suggest it had to do with the overall fewer influx of players.
    • Ways to change channels or severs, or at least a guaranteed way to get into the same party via a one-time relog or re-entrance of the map.

    User Interface / User Experience


    • Normal Chat needs a cooldown! I do not want my feed to be abused by gold sellers.
    • Chat tags need to change:
      German – [D] – /de
      Guild [G] - /g
      Area [A] - /a
      Pop-Ups [P] - Why do we have that option in the first place? Completely useless.
      Class [C] – /c
    • I do not like the onslaught of colours across all these unnecessary channels, I would prefer a consistent colour scheme when it comes to player names.
    • World Chat needs a longer cooldown. Some topics were bleeding over into World-Chat.

    User Interface

    • Saving your UI-pre-set is not account-wide. Some settings are carried over to a different character, others are not.

    The Game:


    I have seen better, and I have seen worse. Getting a toon to max level takes very little time and effort which I very much like.

    The combat is not impactful enough – for me at least – to warrant mobs taking longer to kill and / or changing certain quest parameters. I think the level-experience is in a decent spot, or to say – in a spot that does not require any more fine tuning.

    If it were up to me, I would love seeing even more gold sinks. Sure, gold is a hot commodity but once you have it, you have it – there is not much incentive to spend it past a certain point. Keeping an eye on the trading post and how it develops would be much appreciated. Or we will see items being crazily overvalued.

    The hard dungeon adjustment was, well – I do not hate it per-se. The overall number tweak is negligible in the grander scheme of things. I hope though, this won't happen every now and then to conceal lack of content. Giving mobs more HP and defence does not make content more engaging; instead - more tedious.


    I still think it is completely underutilised on either version CH/TW and the West. Feels very undercooked, I do not understand why it is in the game in the first place. In spite of that, I don't want the penalties introduced already to lessen or change in favour of those who partake in PKs.


    It should work. Period. There is no excuse for costumes not properly showing in the wardrobe.

    Transferring some cash-shop costumes from the cash shop to means of obtaining through in-game activity, for instance, clearing a dungeon several times or clearing extreme difficulty within a certain time frame. All the 'good-stuff' is developed for the cash shop which is, well - that, I guess. More skins pertaining towards exclusivity and clearing challenging content or reaching leader-boards in e.g. PvP are always appreciated.


    Pretty meh. It's a zerg-train essentially, you as an individual can do very little to the overall situation. Furthermore, with there being no buffs or debuffs for a faction that has inarguably more members, there is very little fun or strategy involved.
    I hope we'll see more flavour when it comes to Faction quests in the future. They had hardly any spice (variety, reason and/or impact).


    • 5-man matchmaking in dungeons. Not at the initial release honeymoon-phase but maybe 7+ months into the game’s life cycle. Dungeon queues were too long.
    • Goods should have a higher stack tolerance in your inventory/warehouse:
      100 is too little for PvP/PvE-Sealstones.
      20 is too little for the Food Boxes.
      Having the same meal in your inventory should not take up additional inventory space as well.
    • Mysterious Parchments should move to the Currency Tab. They should not take a slot in your inventory.
    • There should be a buff if your faction has considerable fewer members.
    • The ability to buy the Battle Pass via Crimson Coins.
    • The ability to use Chinese Characters when naming your toon.


    • The Faction map had their ambient sound missing in certain regions.
    • Interacting with the Portal in Temple of Mercy while a cutscene is triggered will result in both – not being able to interact with boss chests and not dropping gear from them.
    • Lvl-2 socketed Jade did not give stats.
    • Total-Damage / Healing is not working as intended, I do not know what number is displayed but certainly not the ‘total’ damage dealt or healing done during a specific timeframe.

    I would strongly suggest you revisiting reading comprehension 101.

    I don't know where all your assumptions are even coming from to be honest. My initial statement, the premise of my explanation was that censorship is common in media. I did not compare this game to Fortnite or inferred about different audience groups or brought the ESRB into the argument or whatever else you try to conjure up in your reply. I also did not project my statement on to the game or any game for that matter. I was speaking in general terms. That's why I began my sentence by saying "censoring in general".

    The reason why I brought up Fortnite was that in my opinion, obviously everything I've written so far is opiniated, shows that there is a heated debate about what goes and what does not in video games. And in that particular example, the costume was adjusted accordingly because the outcry was big enough to warrant said change. It showed, or at least to me it does anyway, that the US is in fact predisposed to some forms of censorship without external interference by a publisher for example.

    Now back to the original topic.

    The game is developed by a Chinese company that follows Chinese Harmonization. That's all there is really. You won't see outfits exposing too much skin or being overly 'sexualized' (subjective term) in the game on either version; ours and CH/TW. Gameforge has very little say in that regard.

    If you want outfits that expose more skin for the young female character that's a different discussion entirely.


    If you felt my prior statements coming off as dismissive or them deriding the original topic; I'm sorry about that - that wasn't my intention.

    I must say, I think it's hilarious how you argue your case in double standards. I can't ask for harsher restrictions but you can ask to lessen those. Great way to argue your case. Also, a lot of assumptions made on your part.

    I don't mind PvP, my problem is forced PvP in which the odds are clearly stacked against you.


    I was doing a World Boss with 4 other people, we we're on it for 40+ minutes and suddenly a guild of 10+ people ports to our location via the guild banner and kill everyone on site. Getting someone killed by the boss does not give you the additional negative Qi penalty.

    Also, if someone is flagged into combat via attacking them through rampage, you can't single target heal that person. On the other hand, someone in the opposing party not in rampage mode can heal someone flagged in rampage just fine, since they can just stand next to them and use their AoE heals without any issue, say getting attacked by people not in rampage mode.

    The PK-system isn't balanced or fair in that regard.

    Most people here on the Forums killed someone in the open for the laughs of it, and that's that - the real issue of that system is hardly ever mentioned on the Forum or ways to clearly exploit it.

    Furthermore, it has nothing to do with party play and / or teaming up with other people. With how the server nodes are working at the moment, if you're unlucky and you spawn into an unpopulated server node, you can't ask people to help you since they will be in a different server-nodes, making it impossible to call your friends for help or them being in loadscreen hell. That's the reality.

    What irks me to no end are threads like this one, that have very little actual experience but just make suggestions for the lols of it. As for changing gear/skills mid combat that's just ludicrous. Giving players that option would create a plethora of new problems.

    Most of the costumes are modest. If want your character to wear gimpy outfits, you'd be sorely disappointed.

    As for censoring in general, that's more about adhering to the biggest possible audience.

    If the country's laws in which you're advertising and eventually publishing your game require certain age-ratings to sell more risqué stuff, you, as a publisher, were to change these outfits to make the game available to the biggest possible audience, hence censoring stuff.

    The US has no laws that would require censoring the existing outfits, or even outright nudity, for that matter. Though you would probably have a hard time with the latter for other reasons. This is a moot point.

    I never mentioned the US or any country for that matter. All I've given is an explanation why censoring in Media is so common in the first place. Games and Media in general are rated by certain factors e.g. nudity, speech, violence etc.
    Having one or several of these categories in the product you're trying to sell requires special age-ratings and / or certain restrictions that need to be followed.

    Like I've said previously, game localization is a business. You try to catch the biggest possible audience and that's done by removing aspects that may or may not influence your balance sheet negatively. And excessive nudity follows that rhetoric.


    As for the US. Wasn't there a big [REMOVED] about a Fortnite skins that had breasts moving in a natural manner, later removed because of that? To say that the US doesn't have at least some 'restrictions' when it comes to their games seems a little disingenuous, does it not?


    Also ich hab einige mit nem GS 60 rumlaufen sehen, ob es nu die passenden waren sei mal dahin gestellt, aber der GS von 60 war unter einer Woche erreicht.

    CBT-1 ging vom 21. Mai bis 25. Mai. -> 1 hard dungeon reset.

    CBT-2 ging vom 1. Juni bis zum 8. Juni -> 2 hard dungeon reset.

    Ergo drei Wochen für die Leute, die nur beide Betas gespielt haben.


    Zusätzlich gab es zwei "Alphas", eine für die Presse und ausgewählte Content Creator (1. Woche) und dann noch eine zweite, die lediglich über das Wochenende ging.

    Sind noch mal 2 hard dungeon resets.


    Wie Du daraus schließen kannst, dass Spieler ihre gs-60 Rüstung an einem Tag hatten ist mir ein Rätsel.

    I concur with there being even more if not straight out harsher restrictions.

    Doing a World Boss for 40 minutes because lack of people and then a guild porting to your location and killing everyone on site just for the laughs of it, is not fun. And yes, that happened to me.

    Most people on the Forums killed maybe someone who was afk somewhere in the world or doing a quest or whatnot. Sure, time lost in that regard is negligible but it's still time lost. The real issue here is that I am being forced into a situation I have absolutely no control over. Besides, the system currently in place has a lot of ways to exploit its mechanics.

    Most of the costumes are modest. If want your character to wear gimpy outfits, you'd be sorely disappointed.

    As for censoring in general, that's more about adhering to the biggest possible audience.

    If the country's laws in which you're advertising and eventually publishing your game require certain age-ratings to sell more risqué stuff, you, as a publisher, were to change these outfits to make the game available to the biggest possible audience, hence censoring stuff.