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    The one angry enough to use this feature as a revenge/dominance tactic is the one who needs to shut their computer off for 30 minutes to cool down.

    "Grrr me mad, me kill till him pc shut off cuz me awesome!"

    I dunno, i guess i just have an issue with anything that doesn't propel the human race forward but instead goes backwards.

    Maybe you warranted such behaviour because nobody likes you and theres a system for setting bounties and killing other players for a reason.

    Another 'woke' behaviour.
    Oh no they use a built-in game mechanic to kill me because I made 80% of the playerbase hate me with my behaviour - they're clearly so toxic.

    If you have a heart condition and it bothers you so much that other people kill you - maybe you shouldnt be playing any games that have any sort of player vs player combat. Quite simple it seems.

    And does the idea of those players solving their problems/hatred without primitive rage/violence ever cross your mind? lol

    The Rampage system is stupid, a worthless edition to the game. You haven't heard many people complaining about it in months because those players most likely left the game because of it. So now it's lord of the flies fighting over the same rotten pile of dung. It's only natural that a peaceful player like miss diane wouldn't fit in here.

    the games ded cause ur community is unfriendly

    The game is "ded" because of horrible/incompetent management. It's the biggest nose-dive I've ever seen. Except for new world. Nearly 20k people on launch to less than 1k left in less than 3 years. Percentage-wise, this game is right behind new world for the most hyped and poorly executed. At number 2 in player drop-off. Now, the game's dead corpse drags its rotten flesh along the graveyard. Utterly pathetic. All because of the management team not having the right skill-set to launch a mmo.

    I've been saying this since before the actual release. They do a very bad job at clarification and they refuse to hire a native English speaker (most of the community staff are german or not native) to edit or proofread their announcements should lead you to believe they have zero hopes for this game. It actually lead to a big refund issue earlier, along with the actual start date, some people actually didn't get their name because of their extremely lazy and poor messaging. They rather use whatever resources they have to hire xoxox moderators that follow you around the forum.

    Censored | Zhirelia

    I wonder if a Gameforge employee can answer this, if not then so be it but:

    Do you see missed possible transactions of thousands of players worth losing vs one ridiculous feature?

    There are some people who don't read fine print before they purchase games and for this one specifically, the fine print before purchase doesn't state that you can be attacked, killed and forced to stop what your doing by a random player. (aka rampager) If your so confident about the mode then at least include it in the front page of the game details by its actual name. Not "Epic pvp encounters"

    Could you do an official gameforge poll next year and see how many people want the mode vs how many dont? With all the complaints that will happen after release, Will you hire extra staff on the support team to handle the excess complaints at that point n time and lose even more just for this feature that you can just simply tweak by giving people a button to opt-in and opt-out of?

    It is a windows 7 problem. How can back-end scripts designed for windows 10 possibly run on an older OS it wasnt designed for? I know for a fact this is the main issue why this particular error comes up. You just dont want to accept it, and those people who got the problem on windows 10 could also have out-dated hardware in their system is why.

    Those people that seem to have got it running on win 7 doesn't exist, you just made them up to contradict the earlier post is all. None of them are coming forth, and if a new account with 1 post does pop up to testify, it won't have any tangible proof or fixes. It is impossible to run the game on windows 7.

    Why do you think they bother to post minimum specs if hardware and software doesnt matter? Any game would run on any system just fine is what you subscribe to? Know your limits of your machine and no, it will not run anything just because its a pc. Just upgrade to windows 10 and you won't have to jump through hoops for days in search of a fix.

    The minimum requirement for this game is windows 10. I cant believe two of the mods been here and didn't tell you guys this already.

    But anyway, the game was designed after your operating system was already launched. In lamen terms, the technologies needed for the game are only running on windows 10. the devs aren't trying to be mean by including that in one of the requirement specs, it's just that the newer system is needed to run the script, ect.

    Good luck.

    I see certain trend in this thread - those with anime avatars are those the most outraged with not being able to secure "their" name.

    You mean the people that spent even a tiny fraction of their time choosing an avatar and showing how important the game is to them?

    Because I see that you havent spent any time or effort at all choosing an avatar and just use the forum default of initials, lol. But seem to think your obvious lack of commitment puts you in a position to judge others outrage for a game that they have actually shown how important it is to them.

    Speaking of avatar names, i got Ulquiorra name on a character I made just by messing around. Can drop it if you want it more than I do. send a msg if so. if not you can ignore this.

    All though i did get every name i wanted and would support a server wipe (that isn't going to happen apparently) i think giving compensation to the players who couldn't or weren't logged in at X time would be the superior option. But like i said only if it was a way to make sure the ones who were affected got the compensation and not just a shot-gun approach to everyone.

    That would cost them extra/labor or man-hours to check.

    I cant wait to see how they screw up the "buy coins during beta and get a refund on launch +bonus" thing that they 100% promised and guaranteed. After everything so far, there are zero reasons to believe that'll go smoothly too. And no, we didn't forget GF. lol

    Maybe some of the bad wording in that post was intentional. This company is seeming a lot more sketchy to me as time goes on. The excuse of "just bad wording" cant continue to be used forever.

    I considered not buying SOLO because of the non-consensual PvP, but after doing some research and playing the demo I decided to pre-order. I actually don't think it's going to be a big problem - plus, I am not going to race to max level, but instead I want to get a feel for all the classes.

    Worst case scenario - if PK becomes really annoying then I could just leave, but with many hours of enjoyable play time experienced. However, what I plan to do is make some powerful friends - I usually play in PvX games with people who enjoy PvP. So if it does become a problem, then we will "handle the matter". :evil::D

    Actually, if you played only the steam demo, then you should know that rampage mode wasn't available during. That's probably why you feel as though it wouldn't be a big deal.

    At student lvl 1 or max level, players can choose to enter rampage mode, after gaining enough evil/dark/negative qi, (i forget which one the game referred to it as) they can be sent to prison the next time they die. There are also debuffs that the game gives to the rampager to help them die quicker. The rampagers will mostly target "happy, enjoying the game, and adventuring" players. Then switch to a main character/main account to avoid doing any possible prison time.

    If choosing to do the 2nd account option, they'll have one client running (the prison one) and another one running (the main account one) They could also just simply heal the rampaging player on the 2nd account to prolong the life. It sounds complex but it's really just as easy as switching window tabs on your browser.

    I'm in zero way telling you to refund, but just making sure the entire story is present here, not just a small amount of it.

    Lol, reminds me of that guy that was on here all day crying because he couldn't get Ulquiorra in time

    You should really try and have more compassion. I don't think anyone was trying to get that name specifically, (Ulquiorra)

    because I was able to just make a character now with it. Whoever that was, that wanted the name, message me and I'll give it to you. Was just messing around anyway.

    I've been saying it all along. The people they have over-seeing the swords of legends division are incapable. They release poorly worded post in every single one they type out. They act as if we owe them something. When in reality, i'm not paying you people to just metaphorically dick me down properly, and tell me to "just deal with it" afterward. All though i was able to get all the names i want personally. I was still late to the whole ordeal.

    The op has every single and i mean EVERY SINGLE right to ask for a refund. They promised something that they were too incapable of delivering, and their response is equal to: "just take it" Their release of news is nonchalant and rushed. How on earth can you give someone a time and not keep it? This is a very big deal that gameforge employees need to own up to. You are 100% wrong here, not the players. People will start calling you lairs soon. If you lie about one thing, then surely you will another.

    One of the names, i was less serious about "Senbonzakura", I decided to make some edits to the char, I just had to delete it and apply import and i'd be done. But those 2 seconds were all I needed to lose it. They were all over that name like ozzys tooths was on that bat's neck. I had the name for like 2 hours now, so he must have been clicking the create button since then and if so then whoever it deserved it. I would have just given it to you lol

    I could do a lot more than just switch games in five years, how is this of any relevance to the topic? lol

    You may need to practice comprehension skills better then. I've been complaining about rampage every since I created the account to do just that. I will continue complaining about it until it's gone or irrelevant and no amount of lower-case or capitalized Q's in succession will stop it.