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    5-man Instance Exploration is currently a thing in CN/TW version. So it's not a matter of if, but when we'll get the option in our version (among other QoL features that should be available to us in the next patch or 2).

    In the meantime, asking people to queue IE in world chat usually speeds up the process. People will queue if they need it, or just queue to help you get a pop. IE pop is usually anywhere from 5-30 minutes in my experience, depending on the time of day/night.

    I agree with this. The goal is to incentivize players to do more activities (on a regular basis) beyond just the daily/weekly quests and dungeons - rather than to provide another means of progressing faster all in one go.

    Vanity items would definitely be the safest way to go and would appeal to the most players regardless of gear level.
    However, I do think crafting materials and (2ND highest tier) gear boxes could work (additionally)- ONLY if there is a reasonable weekly purchase limit on them. So it would be like another supplemental catch-up mechanic.

    Agreed. Not only would this help increase concurrent player numbers, it would also create incentive to help other players complete their various activities. Could add some cosmetic items to that proposed shop as well, in order to appeal to a wider range of players.

    Edit: In addition to dungeons, these tokens could also be applied to weekly Training Against Demons world bosses and Turquoise Lantern world bosses. So the first kill would complete the weekly, and any additional kill would drop a token. Maybe once daily to be reasonable.
    Because at the moment, if you don't get these weeklies done on reset day, it's extremely difficult to do any other day since nobody is running them.

    As for the first point: Please make the Chinese voice acting the default setting + create a window prompt to inform players of their voice acting options.
    PLEASE. For the sake of the game's reputation (and my sanity), I AM BEGGING YOU. ||

    Both versions of the panda mount were (recently) released around the same time in China. One was made for Winter/Christmas, while the other was made for Lunar New Year.
    Both versions were also featured in the same original trailer/promotional video. If you actually follow the game and stay updated on discord (especially in the "News from China" channel), you would know what cosmetics are coming and prepare accordingly.

    I highly recommend this for future reference.

    If you'd like to keep tabs on the Chinese version directly from the source, you can do so via this link: CN News

    It's likely support wouldn't know the answer to that (and they no doubt have more serious things to handle). Those are indeed class outfits (your links don't work btw) - not seasonal astral/achievement outfits, but more likely leveling outfits from a future patch.
    Could be from a low level dungeon or provided via story quests.

    Examples of all class outfits for Bard between season 1 and 3.0 can be viewed here: Gear Sets and Weapons Preview - Bard

    If you want a definitive answer, you could try posting these in the "game questions" channel in the official SOLO discord, and I'm sure someone will be able to find the exact source for you.

    I was just running through the earlier storyline on an alt, and was pleasantly surprised to see that all mentions of "Stranger's Sword" have indeed been reverted back to the original pinyin as "Mosheng Sword". This change is VERY much appreciated.
    (Still hoping that the "Malignant Qi" issue will be addressed as well (described in original post))

    Quite a number of previous translation errors have been fixed as well, and the Floral Palace story translation is overall very well done!
    So I'd like to say thank you to the localization team, and keep up the good work! <3

    I second this. I am also someone who enjoys collecting emotes and other RP-related things, and I was absolutely SHOCKED to find out this emote was from the moon festival event. I had absolutely no idea.

    I just went back and re-watched the part of September's stream where Phaendar and Atmorph covered the moon festival event, and there was no mention whatsoever of this emote or the lottery it supposedly came from.
    (image courtesy of Chichi)

    I also went back to the original news forum post about the event. The ONLY mention of the raffle/lottery is this:

    "Between 8 PM and 1 AM the next day in Cloudrise, Chang’an and Jiangdu, you will be refunded a part of the cost of the Sky Lanterns and you have the opportunity to win extra prizes in our raffle."
    That's it. Just a vague mentioning of a raffle with no list of potential rewards. No mention of this emote. Nothing.

    So it would be greatly appreciated by many of us if this emote could be temporarily obtained elsewhere. Maybe added to an upcoming event vendor or thrown into a battlepass. Just SOMETHING so we don't have to wait another year to try getting this emote many of us had no idea even existed as part of the event.

    Thank you.

    Yes i don't see much of the higher priced as well, even the mermaid, i mostly saw the cheaper versions.

    Also I am super scared for the 9fold weapons. I suspect it will either be like 10kCC or so, Or one has to buy them for like 4k but per class not whole account

    Oof. I've been trying not to think about potential 9-fold pricing as much as possible ;( lol
    Though from what I've seen from the CN shop, I THINK they are all sold separately by class? Not positive though - I just saw a shop screenshot at one point where all 9-fold variations were visible in one window (as opposed to only seeing what is usable by the class you're viewing from). So I'm expecting lower price for individual purchase per class.

    The premium battle pass is the same price as last seasons but gives less stuff?

    I understand you want to keep it short, but shouldn't the price reflect that?

    I think you're seeing a lower number of points needed to complete and confusing that with fewer items. It has exactly the same types of items by number - and In fact this battle pass has MORE than the previous one if you include the free track as well..

    This season:
    Free: 9 tiers (including 1 cosmetic item, 2 player-card items and 1 avatar)
    Premium: 12 tiers (including 6 cosmetic items, 1 avatar frame and 1 player-card item)

    Previous season:
    Free: 8 tiers (including 1 cosmetic item, 1 avatar and 1 player-card item)
    Premium: 12 tiers (including 6 cosmetic items, 1 avatar frame and 1 player-card item)

    So, both battle pass seasons offer the same value by item type:
    - 6 cosmetic items
    - 1 avatar item
    - 1 player-card item
    - 4,400 shop points
    - 300 crystal dust

    btw, it also the highest "set" addition so far, as all 4 variants are the same price (yay for them not being different prices i guess).
    Mermaid/men costume were 2 on that price, and two a little bit cheaper.

    In one of the pre launch streams i believe, it was once said, that the prices be like in beta. but it honestly feels more and more like some scammy, clickbaity lie or how ever wants to call it

    PS: I assume they will release the mount that belongs to this set, will be released in 2 weeks around halloween?

    What will it be pricewise, like the phoenix?

    Five-Fold Wrath is coming in the next shop update, as teased by today's video. I am praying they don't price it as high as the Phoenix (because seriously wtf), but I wouldn't be surprised if they do :rolleyes:

    Don't they have sale information? So far nearly every outfit they've put out that has been at beta pricing (or close to it) has been EXTREMELY popular, as I've seen crazy amounts of players running around with them as soon as they drop into the shop (Cherry blossom, Phoenix and Romance outfits especially - still see most players wearing these).
    I don't see anywhere near as many players running around with outfits priced at 4950.

    One of the things I adore about SOLO is that many outfits come with emotes that can be used as long as you own the outfit. This allows one to create an entire aesthetic, concept and personality for their characters beyond what they are wearing.
    Some outfits I buy exclusively for the emote, which I can then use as I please while wearing my desired cosmetics.

    Outfits such as "Glowing Tundra Rider Robe" and 'Sen Luo" come with awesome teleport effects that change the animation you see whenever you use various forms of teleportation. However, these effects are exclusively bound to the outfit and cannot be enjoyed unless you are wearing that specific outfit.
    Sen Luo is an example of an outfit that I personally don't like enough to wear, but would absolutely consider buying if I could use the teleport animation regardless of what I'm wearing.

    So my suggestion/request for the developer:
    Make special teleportation animations available universally upon owning the associated outfit. This could potentially be implemented via a system similar to mounts where an effect can be "favourited" - applying the selected teleport animation to the character. This could be easily changed by favouriting another teleport animation, or un-favouriting to return to the default teleport animation.

    If this change/system were to be implemented, it would absolutely make these types of outfits more appealing and worth-while for me.

    There is a mega-thread on this topic here: Pricing, Gender Exclusivity, Gender Inequality, Genderlock, Accessory Slots, etc

    The last time we've seen costume pricing this high was over the summer with mermaid/man + swimsuit outfits. Last we've been told by Phaendar regarding this issue back in August is this:

    "Without giving any firm conclusions yet, I think it's safe to say that the company has noticed how polarizing this last shop update was and that players are in general more than happy to spend money, as long as they feel like they're being offered something for it.

    While I can confirm that there will be more outfits in the future that are more in line with those at launch, price-wise, it's likely that there will be the occasional cosmetic with a higher price when it is considered extraordinary in terms of visuals / animations and whatnot (similarly to the Mermaid Outfit). More info on that once I get it myself, only got some hints so far."

    Yes the teleport effect for Sen Luo is cool, but it is bound to the outfit and can't be used unless you're wearing it. The only way I would ever consider getting it is if the teleport was available to be used universally (without having to wear the outfit) + with the 10% off from the battlepass. Even then it's crazy expensive.
    I REALLY wanted that teleport emote/effect. BADLY. But as it is currently, I cannot support this pricing.

    I agree with everything said - it's almost certainly a combination of lack of quality VAs, poor direction and lack of context given. I do not believe for a second that any of the English VAs are fans of GuJianQiTan and studied the characters, lore and culture extensively. This was just another typical MMO job for them. It's really detrimental to the game reputation and player experience.
    It makes me sad. I cringed seeing big Youtube streamers/reviewers playing SOLO in English, and then seeing the absolute onslaught of mockery towards the VA in the comments.

    It comes back to this for me: Voice Acting: Alert new players to their options (CN or EN)

    I feel like a lot of problems would be solved if the options are laid out for the players right off the bat. At least this allows them to think; "Hmmm. I can play with the Chinese VA for an authentic experience, or I can try the English VA even though I know it has a bad reputation."

    Offering the authentic alternative as visible option is the best that can be done at this point - since they sure as hell aren't going to re-do all the English voice acting lol

    I went through this with Blade & Soul - except I had to download the Korean voice packs and use a script to swap all voice files into Korean every time I launched the game. I had a pretty good grasp of the language, so it was absolutely appalling to me to see how dumbed-down the translations were compared to the actual Korean dialogue.

    Meanwhile my brother was playing the game in English, which made it like an ENTIRELY different game with drastically different character personalities. Insanity.

    The only MMO I've played so far that actually has quality voice acting, with VAs that actually grasp the characters and story, is Guild Wars 2. However, that's a western game that is made IN the west - rather than quickly dubbing a ported Eastern game.

    Hmmmm there are a few things I need that are somewhat green like the green butterfly wings and Bard's Ninefold Limit weapon skin. How about yellow? There are only a VERY small handful of outfits or other cash shop items that are actually yellow - so we'll rarely ever get an absurdly priced item. It'll be great xD

    I find it super sad to havesomething like that as "Progress" XD'

    But if you see the price of the phoenix, which lit. has nothing, can't do anything special. Nothing at all. And consdering things like Frost Qilin, which also has an emote and is sepcial etc...

    I also predict: The frost Qilin Antlers (which i am waiting for) will be over 1k CC x:

    It is sad, indeed.
    And, no sense trying to make sense of nonsense - cuz that's what this cash shop pricing is :D

    Conspiracy theory: After the July 15 cash shop update, someone else took over as head of the cash shop pricing. That person's favorite color happens to be RED. Therefore, every cash shop addition since then has valued red-colored items over everything else.

    Highest price mermaid/man costume: Has orange in it - which is closest to red
    Highest price on swimsuits: Red version
    Highest price on Cherry blossom outfits: Variants that feature red or orange (except pink. Cash shop person doesn't like pink xD)
    Highest price mount: Phoenix - which is orange - which is closest to red.

    BOOM. Cracked the code.
    Therefore the Ice Moon Qilin and Antlers will surely be the cheapest items in the shop - since they are the furthest from red or even black :D

    Well...I think it's safe to say that we can't always go by the CN pricing structure - especially when it comes to mounts.
    To name some examples:

    CN - 4660 cc
    NA/EU - 4950 cc

    Thunder Rapier:
    CN - 3580 cc
    NA/EU - 1950 cc

    Phantom Crane:
    CN - 4660 cc
    NA/EU - 3580 cc

    Inky Dragon:
    CN - 3580 cc
    NA/EU - 3580 cc

    In most cases, our mounts are either far more affordable than CN, or at the same price. The Phoenix mount is (so far) the only one to surpass CN's pricing.
    Based on current pricing habits, I expect something like the Ice Moon Qilin to be slightly more expensive than the Blackflame Qilin (3580 max), and butterfly wings around the 3580-4650 range. I can't see them listing the wings for the same price as the big-ass Phoenix mount, but who knows anymore :rolleyes:

    At least we have the new outfits back at beta pricing. That's progress, and it is most appreciated.