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    I agree with everything said - it's almost certainly a combination of lack of quality VAs, poor direction and lack of context given. I do not believe for a second that any of the English VAs are fans of GuJianQiTan and studied the characters, lore and culture extensively. This was just another typical MMO job for them. It's really detrimental to the game reputation and player experience.
    It makes me sad. I cringed seeing big Youtube streamers/reviewers playing SOLO in English, and then seeing the absolute onslaught of mockery towards the VA in the comments.

    It comes back to this for me: Voice Acting: Alert new players to their options (CN or EN)

    I feel like a lot of problems would be solved if the options are laid out for the players right off the bat. At least this allows them to think; "Hmmm. I can play with the Chinese VA for an authentic experience, or I can try the English VA even though I know it has a bad reputation."

    Offering the authentic alternative as visible option is the best that can be done at this point - since they sure as hell aren't going to re-do all the English voice acting lol

    I went through this with Blade & Soul - except I had to download the Korean voice packs and use a script to swap all voice files into Korean every time I launched the game. I had a pretty good grasp of the language, so it was absolutely appalling to me to see how dumbed-down the translations were compared to the actual Korean dialogue.

    Meanwhile my brother was playing the game in English, which made it like an ENTIRELY different game with drastically different character personalities. Insanity.

    The only MMO I've played so far that actually has quality voice acting, with VAs that actually grasp the characters and story, is Guild Wars 2. However, that's a western game that is made IN the west - rather than quickly dubbing a ported Eastern game.

    Hmmmm there are a few things I need that are somewhat green like the green butterfly wings and Bard's Ninefold Limit weapon skin. How about yellow? There are only a VERY small handful of outfits or other cash shop items that are actually yellow - so we'll rarely ever get an absurdly priced item. It'll be great xD

    I find it super sad to havesomething like that as "Progress" XD'

    But if you see the price of the phoenix, which lit. has nothing, can't do anything special. Nothing at all. And consdering things like Frost Qilin, which also has an emote and is sepcial etc...

    I also predict: The frost Qilin Antlers (which i am waiting for) will be over 1k CC x:

    It is sad, indeed.
    And, no sense trying to make sense of nonsense - cuz that's what this cash shop pricing is :D

    Conspiracy theory: After the July 15 cash shop update, someone else took over as head of the cash shop pricing. That person's favorite color happens to be RED. Therefore, every cash shop addition since then has valued red-colored items over everything else.

    Highest price mermaid/man costume: Has orange in it - which is closest to red
    Highest price on swimsuits: Red version
    Highest price on Cherry blossom outfits: Variants that feature red or orange (except pink. Cash shop person doesn't like pink xD)
    Highest price mount: Phoenix - which is orange - which is closest to red.

    BOOM. Cracked the code.
    Therefore the Ice Moon Qilin and Antlers will surely be the cheapest items in the shop - since they are the furthest from red or even black :D

    Well...I think it's safe to say that we can't always go by the CN pricing structure - especially when it comes to mounts.
    To name some examples:

    CN - 4660 cc
    NA/EU - 4950 cc

    Thunder Rapier:
    CN - 3580 cc
    NA/EU - 1950 cc

    Phantom Crane:
    CN - 4660 cc
    NA/EU - 3580 cc

    Inky Dragon:
    CN - 3580 cc
    NA/EU - 3580 cc

    In most cases, our mounts are either far more affordable than CN, or at the same price. The Phoenix mount is (so far) the only one to surpass CN's pricing.
    Based on current pricing habits, I expect something like the Ice Moon Qilin to be slightly more expensive than the Blackflame Qilin (3580 max), and butterfly wings around the 3580-4650 range. I can't see them listing the wings for the same price as the big-ass Phoenix mount, but who knows anymore :rolleyes:

    At least we have the new outfits back at beta pricing. That's progress, and it is most appreciated.

    Omg. The fact that they STILL have not made a Chinese dragon mount is a sin. But also - please don't give them ideas for pricing such a thing :D

    Idk, I'm grasping at straws at this point to make sense of the phoenix mount lol
    I just hope 3850cc for single mounts remains the highest norm like it was previously. Although, aren't a few of the unreleased mounts 2-seater (like the coach and giant swing...thing)? I can understand and accept that being a reason for a higher price.

    Also - I actually love the male version of the cherry blossom costumes (...except for the blue and orange. Who TF thought that was a good color combo for this design... <X)! Yea it's a little more understated compared to the female version, but overall I think it's elegant and tasteful.
    And MY GOODNESS was this outfit an absolute hit - both for male and female characters. Between discord and what i see ingame, I almost see more players running around with this outfit than not xD
    Goes to show that players are far more willing to purchase cosmetics if they are priced reasonably.

    I really don't understand why they keep insisting on varying prices of a single outfit/design based on color scheme. It makes absolutely no sense to me.
    If we were to go based on the CN version, all outfits with emotes would be one price (2750cc, in our case). So even though it's bizarre to have varying prices for recolors (yet again), I won't complain since the version I wanted happened to be one of the cheaper options lol

    Overall I am thrilled to see outfits back at beta pricing. 1950cc (without emote) and 2750cc (with emote) is fair in my eyes. Anything more is ridiculous IMO. It would have to be a REALLY special case with a lot more in the package.
    I hope outfits stay at this price range :thumbup:

    As for the's pricey. I expected this price range for this particular mount because it's by far the largest, most obnoxiously grandiose mount in the entire game lol
    I almost prefer the price only in the hopes that maybe fewer people would buy it. Can you imagine dozens of those things filling up your screen? Oof...
    That's just me, though. I hope the other mounts are kept at the 3850cc price and below.

    CN version, for reference: CN mount pricing

    I like you Phae, so don't take this as a personal attack, but especially with swimsuits the "charge double to get both genders with no single-gender option available" really put me off.

    Without giving any firm conclusions yet, I think it's safe to say that the company has noticed how polarizing this last shop update was and that players are in general more than happy to spend money, as long as they feel like they're being offered something for it.

    While I can confirm that there will be more outfits in the future that are more in line with those at launch, price-wise, it's likely that there will be the occasional cosmetic with a higher price when it is considered extraordinary in terms of visuals / animations and whatnot (similarly to the Mermaid Outfit). More info on that once I get it myself, only got some hints so far.

    Probably worth mentioning:

    I just saw one of Sorrowh's recent videos on the CN cash shop. It's interesting that ALL outfit prices are consistent.

    Outfits with emotes: 2580 crimson coins

    Outfits without emotes: 1880 crimson coins

    A clear, set value based solely on whether or not it has an emote, and absolutely no price variation between the different color options. (Yes - even the mermaid/man outfit was set at 2580, like every other outfit that comes with an emote.)

    While I of course understand and expect the pricing for our version to differ from the original, this is at least the consistency I was expecting.
    No emote = x amount
    With emote = x amount

    If you guys want an outfit to be considered higher value, add the playercard or title or avatar as extra perks to justify something costing slightly more. But at the moment, we have "Red color is more expensive!....Except when it isn't.....And outfits with sparkles are more expensive!....Except sometimes they aren't....".

    Package deals are also a great way to entice players to spend more than they previously would have, without breaking the price consistency of individual items. Take the new butterfly costumes for example:
    - Each color version of the outfit has a corresponding hairstyle and wings
    - They also added associated accessories, avatar and avatar frame to go with the set theme here, which would all be PERFECT for a battlepass

    So imagine bundling the butterfly costume + hair + wings + (butterfly themed Season X) battlepass ticket, with a better deal than it would be to buy each item individually (while of course still providing that option).
    It's just a suggestion. There ARE ways to increase the value of things or make a higher profit without non-systematically jacking up the price on something "just because" the person in charge of the cash shop decided that one color or aspect of an outfit is worth more than others.

    Anyway - I know this isn't your call, and I appreciate you communicating with us and responding to our concerns <3

    OR, they could just combine both into character creation as CN voice 1-6 and EN voice 7-12. So everyone would get their original voice back, and players can choose an English voice from options 7-12 if they wish.

    This is probably ideally what is easiest and what I'd like to see.

    It probably seems like I'm complaining about nothing, but I am assuming that at some point moving forward more and more combat noises and sounds are going to be replaced with English VA's and it's going to be pretty disconnecting from a character customisation standpoint.

    People's character choices will literally be changing before their eyes, without their consent, on a patch to patch basis

    The complaints and concerns are warranted. Now we'll just have to wait and see how they handle this going forward.

    And thankfully there's always the Chinese VA setting to have the original auditory experience, regardless of how it turns out <3

    They wouldn't remove something the players begged for and that the devs were kind enough to implement for us. It's also not the Chinese VA's availability that's the issue here - it's the delayed implementation of English voice overs, which would have still occurred either way. We'd still have the original character voices before they implemented the English. It all comes down to poor planning and execution of localization.
    (Edit: Unless you were specifically referring to the non-intention of keeping CN character voices within the English VA setting. Sorry if I misunderstood >< lol)

    So in fact, it's entirely the ENGLISH dub that is causing nothing but problems lol
    Regardless, it's a simple issue with a simple fix. Either give English VA users a 1-time ticket to change their character voice within the new options, or players can go with the Chinese VA settings instead to get their original voice back.

    OR, they could just combine both into character creation as CN voice 1-6 and EN voice 7-12. So everyone would get their original voice back, and players can choose an English voice from options 7-12 if they wish.

    (Edit for mods: I don't understand why this thread was moved to "Technical help & bug report". The "Localization Feedback" section would be more appropriate.)

    I also mentioned this issue here: Voice Acting: Alert new players to their options (CN or EN)

    I was personally never affected since I've only ever played the game with Chinese VA, but I 1000% understand the frustration of those who play with English (......though I can't imagine how anyone can possibly tolerate or even prefer that train-wreck <X).
    It's unfair that English VA users get their character voice messed with without any choice in the matter. They chose a complete, Chinese voice beforehand, and now it's in English with an entirely different personality and tone from what they originally picked.

    I feel players should be given a free, single-use ticked to change their character voice, at the very least - especially if this means they're going to be "localizing" the combat sounds as well to match the English voice.

    On the bright side, this has motivated even more people to switch to the original Chinese VA - so now they can allow their ears to recover and experience the story and characters as it was originally intended xD

    Well it is what it is i guess.. I decided to trust Gameforge one last time considering their track record in the other games i've played under them as publisher, and i'm dismayed to see they haven't changed a bit. They obviously don't expect this game to last long term, so it seems to me they're just going to roll content out slowly while constantly adding these outfits to appeal to the whales.

    I regret dropping a few hundred £ on this game now, since it's just a shallow daily grind at end game. I'm actually starting to develop the opinion that the low cash shop prices at launch were just to bait players in, and now the real prices are going to make an appearance.

    So sadly i think i'll be uninstalling the game now before i get more invested monetarily, good luck to anyone that plans to ride this out but i can see this ending in disappointment guys.

    I'm certainly not at this point yet, but I do understand where you're coming from.
    This is my first experience with Gameforge, and it has been far more positive than it has been negative - especially considering what I've become used to from other publishers. I give credit and praise where it is due, and same with criticism.

    I sincerely hope they prove us wrong and/or learn from this with future cash shop updates and general game treatment. SOLO is a fantastic game overall, and I have high respect for the developers. I hope you give the game another chance if this turns around.

    To be fair:
    1) The majority of outfits are account-bound, but gender exclusive. This is the way it has always been in the Chinese version, and is no different here. I have no problem with this.
    2) The swimsuits from the event are also time-limited in China. In fact, I believe the time-limit for ours was extended compared to what China has (1 month CN vs 6 months NA/EU, I think).
    3) The cash shop swimsuits are account-bound and are available for both genders, which I believe is the case in China as well.

    With these things in mind, the only thing Gameforge is guilty of is jacking up the prices to ridiculous amounts, and inconsistent pricing of recolors.
    I also agree that this swimsuit being "available for both genders" is a poor justification for the price. I can almost guarantee that the majority of the playerbase plays only 1 gender, exclusively (which is generally the case with most MMOs). So if we want this outfit, we have no choice but to pay DOUBLE the price that the outfit is supposedly worth, regardless of whether we play only 1 gender or not.

    For example, I only play male characters. So if I want a swimsuit for my male characters, I have to also pay for the female variant that I would never ever use? I could spend those additional coins on another outfit I actually want and would actually use instead.
    We already have a system where nearly all outfits are gender-exclusive and account-bound. This system works. So why should the swimsuits be any different.
    They should be split and sold separately like everything else.

    The gender issue aside, these swimsuits are incredibly basic and don't even come with a hairstyle or emote or anything else. It's a bare-bones outfit listed for nearly $40 worth of coins. It's absurd even with the "both gender availability".

    The mermaid/man outfits are listed for the same ridiculous price. But at least they are intricate and come with a major emote and player card feature. However, the playercard thing was SUPPOSED to be just a "bonus" and not an excuse to price gouge. Other outfits ALSO come with major emotes, but are listed for reasonable prices like 1.9-2.75k coins (roughly $15-$25).
    In this case, they also used the popularity of the outfit as an excuse to price gouge, instead of keeping the price consistent and letting that popularity speak for itself via purchase numbers.
    It's no surprise how many players wanted that outfit, but immediately wrote it off once they saw the insane price. I was one of them who went from; "Sure, I'll buy it when they put it in the shop" to "Absolutely no way in hell".

    Ultimately - players understand and appreciate the non-P2W, account-wide, cosmetic-focused monetization. Players understand that it could mean slightly higher than average prices for account-bound outfits. Players want to support this game and this type of monetization. But most players don't appreciated getting ripped off and taken advantage of.
    It's bad for reputation, it's bad for business and it's bad for morale.

    Since launch, ingame, in Discord, and on Youtube - I have seen players and viewers expressing their severe distaste for the quality of the English Voice acting. Some find it laughable, some turn it off, while others consider quitting or not even trying the game because of it.

    I see this every single day. And every single day, I am having to inform people that we have the option to switch to Chinese voice acting via the settings, and guiding them through the settings to find the option. It is amazing how many players have absolutely no idea this option exists.
    I am beyond thankful for the option to play with Chinese VA. I wouldn't even be able to tolerate playing the game without it. But new players seriously need to be informed of their voice acting options BEFORE they start playing.

    My suggestion: Create a simple prompt / pop-up window for VA settings, that appears upon logging into a new character for the first time - just like what is done with the Tab Target vs Action combat settings. Present players with the CHOICE before they start playing through the story.
    Voice acting is crucial to one's story experience, and I feel that such information should be presented to the player right away.

    However, now you've "localized" the player character voices - completely overriding the original voices players chose for themselves. Of course this isn't an issue for those who play with Chinese VA, but many players who use English VA are upset. Some have switched to Chinese VA because of it, while others have turned off voices entirely.
    With this change, a VA settings prompt upon logging into a new character is a little too late since changing the setting would alter the character voice the player chose beforehand.

    Easiest solution: Add BOTH the CN and EN versions of the character voices into character creation, so players can preview what their character voice would sound like under both voice acting settings.

    Regardless, this is a problem. English VA is making the game look (and sound) bad, and players need to be informed of their options.

    I've spent $200 on Crimson Coins prior to launch, and I had planned on topping up more as time went on. There are MANY outfits, weapon skins, accessories, mount skins and housing items I want to buy. SOLO is like a cosmetic playground for me.

    I WANT to support the game. I WANT to spend money on things I enjoy.....but not when I feel like I'm being ripped off.
    Why is it so hard to understand that Gameforge will earn way more money from MANY players buying multiple outfits at affordable prices, than they would ever gain from a smaller number of whales buying a single, ridiculously expensive outfit?

    The initial cash shop pricing was fantastic. I would buy multiple outfits at 2750 coins - even some recolors. SOLO offers a lot of amazing designs and emotes and I want to build a collection. But seeing outfits at 4.1-4.9k immediately turns me off. I fear that this will continue - and if it does, I really can't imagine topping up again.
    This IS indeed a greedy business practice, and it drives more players away than the few whales it milks.

    Byokko said it best:

    I am always baffled on how companies prefere to get money by frustrating their costumers instead of getting the same money by making them happy

    Make players WANT to spend. When they do, make sure that players feel good about their purchase and like they've gotten their money's worth.

    Well, I'm really glad I don't like the swimsuit. I feel for those that do. This is ridiculous.

    Hm well ...

    I need the following information:

    • Server
    • How many character are affected
    • Problem is permanent or sporadic
    • Member of an alliance

    Haocang US1 (NA)

    Characters affected: 1 (I have not yet played any alts)

    Frequency: Permanent (Though I JUST tried going back to character selection and logging in again as Phaendar suggested, and it did temporarily fix the issue)

    Member of Alliance: No

    Basically since this issue began, it has been a consistent issue every time I launch the client and log into my character. Going back to character screen is the first method that actually made a difference. However, I've only tried this once, so I'll follow up on this if I'm unable to replicate this temporary fix.

    Bugs have to come from somewhere. Is there any other (intended) instance in the game where the dungeon codex would naturally be greyed-out? Like a character being too low level or not having completed a specific quest or tutorial? I think that would be a good place to look for clues.

    Edit: This is what the menu looks like on a fresh, Beginner 1 character:

    This is why I'm suspecting the reason(s) why it is greyed out on a new character is related to the bug on eligible characters.

    To be honest; that sounds so weird :D

    So, Toraseishin, you aren't in a alliance?

    I have not joined an alliance yet, yes.

    I can't possibly imagine how the dungeon codex bug would have anything to do with being in an alliance (or not). The two systems have absolutely nothing to do with each other.....this is bizarre xD

    Edit: I found the issue - autoplay was checked in the upper left corner. I had absolutely no idea this was a thing....and it must have been turned on automatically after the patch for some reason (just like my battle music issue which still hasn't been resolved).

    Issue solved. A mod can delete this post.
    Thank you.

    Very simply: I am having an issue where the (voiced) quest dialogue automatically progresses to the next part after the voice acting is complete for that section.

    I am used to listening, reading and then pressing F to continue once I am ready. Now if I press F, it skips multiple lines of dialogue due to this new auto-progression issue.
    - I am using Chinese VA
    - I did not have this issue prior to yesterday's (7/29) patch

    This is very frustrating. I am now having to press escape to back out of quest dialogue, just to go through it again to catch what I missed. Every time.

    I agree - generally such "temporary" stuff should not even be a thing. That also includes titles etc~

    Tho personally for this specifically I am not too hyped anyways because:
    Male version is fking plain. It does not have any bling bling or anything special like the female version. The female version doesn't look like a plain normal ass bikini, like male swiming trunks look.
    I hope next event looks, can have more fancy male costumes than females D:

    *rant rant*

    I do agree. I like the colors, but the design itself is incredibly basic and boxy. I was just excited to be able to bare my character's abs once in a while ;) (and especially considering we still don't have an option in character creation to actually see our character's body when trying to adjust the sliders :rolleyes:).
    Hopefully they'll make another set of summer wear that is more sexy/stylish for males next time~